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  2. The problem with living in the east is that, if you fancy a trip somewhere and consult the weather forecast, you generally find that you're better staying where you are! I've lived on both sides, the west can be warmer, but it's almost always wetter. I've a son living west of us and made up a hanging basket for him earlier in the year. When I asked if he kept it watered he just said this is Manchester! It became cottonopolis for a reason. Sadly none of this is helping Ed, I suspect that the rental problem will pertain throughout the UK.
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  4. Three from the southern hemisphere! Corals bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef due to climate change (Feb/Mar 2017) Drought in Western Australia Autumn leaf (Nothofagus) on melting surface of glacier, Argentina
  5. iQ sale: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years Welford Park country house, well known as the location for The Great British Bake Off TV show Would appreciate a 'heads-up', if anyone spots it - thanks!
  6. Agree. Would be great to be able to manage from my computer & not just iPhone. Would be nice to get the same info re: views zooms etc. Enjoy being able to upload right from my iPhone. It’s a great way to shoot on the fly & love the freedom to be creative. One by one keywording is tedious & it’d be nice to go back to add more from an easier interface. All in all really love S.
  7. The Way We Were (4), UK print magazine, ISSN 9 772515 803018 from the publishers of Classic Car Weekly...... H4NTB9 Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK - street scene with parked cars, business premises and shops - 1995 Graham Morley Historic Photos page 93 AWN398 Hastings old town England Sussex England HOMER SYKES Homer Sykes page 87 several others from the collections with old stuff from the 60s/70's...like Mirrorpix etc.
  8. USA, National Geographic History magazine, Sep/Oct 2019 issue Pg. 4, Orkney Islands, Doug Houghton Pg. 5, Orkney Islands Cuween, David Lyons (both below) Pg. 5, Bones of a sea eagle (cut out), Less Gibbon Pg. 15, An Anti-vampire kit at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, Royal Armouries Museum Pg. 48, A sculpture depicting the warrior queen Boudica of the Iceni with her daughters, near Westminster Pier, London, England. Anthony Hatley Pg. 87, Maggie Wall Memorial, Dunning, Scotland, Geoffrey Davies There were two photos credited to just Alamy that I could not find.
  9. Thanks Chuck. Let's hope the customers think so too. Phil
  10. USA, AFAR magazine, Sep/Oct 2019 issue Pg. 120, Koh Tao, Thailand, Alexander Duffner On the same page is a shot of scuba tanks with a credit to Westend61/Alamy but could not find the photo
  11. Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. 5 years, low $$ Student stuff, this. A pub in Lambeth, round the corner from the LCP. 1979, seems like a different planet.
  12. Thank you very much for your comment and for your time. I will follow your advice. Indeed, my English is very basic, the good part is that this will help me improve the language.
  13. Personal Use, low $$ Copala, a sleepy old mining town in Sinaloa, Mexico
  14. I don't shoot the weather. It is what it is and has done me no harm. Allan
  15. A few thoughts… ‘Crow’ (but what kind of crow? Latin name too. Same for ‘seagull’, ‘sparrow’ and ‘little bird’)… I’d expand the captions… so it’ll be the ‘Blue Mosque in Istambul, Turkey’… You might need a bit of help with tags, since English is presumably not your first language. If your pictures are to be seen, you need to get them right. Some of the tags don’t really describe what I’m seeing in the pix. Good luck!
  16. For Alamy, the question of people is easy. If a person or any part of a person (however little) appear in an image, you must obtain a signed release if you want to sell the image for commercial purposes. This includes distant people who may seem unrecognisable. Other agencies operate different policies but at least with Alamy, you know where you stand. The verbal consent you mention for some magazine presumably is in the context of an editorial use of an image, for which no release would be required. If the use were commercial it would be dodgy to rely on verbal consent as such consent could always be denied later on if some dispute arose.
  17. Uploading lots of images is my main goal. I understand it's a long-game here. I figure uploading a handful of images a week might get a sale in two to four years. Which is fine because I'm here more for the practice: practice taking better photos, practice learning how stock photography works, and practice with keywords. My thought is, that it would be easier to get all the boxes checked correctly while there are only a few photos. Going back over hundreds of photos to make sure everything is correct seems like a lot more work that getting it right from the start.
  18. I originally wondered if copyright could be the guide. It's impossible to copyright the concept of bowls or even wooden bowls, but I understand some bowl designs or colour patterns are copyrighted. But that criteria doesn't really fit for this because it's one bowl. At this time, only a handful of people could recognize who made it and it would be hard to distinguish between this and hundreds of other handcrafted bowls from apple-wood with a waney edge. Is that still recognizable property? ... My background is artisanal, so it's important to me that I respect the person who crafted an item if I use it in my work. If I know the artisan that made an item, I'll get a release from them (thanks to this conversation for helping me discover this). But I also use a lot of vintage or second hand props, so I'm not sure what to do about those. Maybe for those it's better to click that I don't have a release? I broke my tradition and took some photos of humans over the weekend. Now I need to know how much of a person is in a photo before I need a release. It's mostly hands and feet. I'll be talking with the person for verbal permission to upload the photos (or not depending on her decision). Most magazines I've worked with in the past only required I get verbal consent from the individual in the images so long as the person is over the age of majority. Minors needed complicated paperwork.
  19. In a way, I'm glad it is confusing. I would hate to be this confused about it if was simple. But it's becoming clearer. Thank you so much for your help. The biggest question in my mind is if I have to make my own release form or if the Alamy one will work. Cloth is an interesting area. We can't copyright designs nor specific yarn/design combinations (with a few exceptions like some tartans that it's better not to weave unless your family name begins with Mac.). But the text and images used in a pattern that describes how to make the cloth are heavily protected by copyright. This is good to know. It gives me the most joy to take photos of things I'm doing. Images that could fit into a story. The winters are really dark here so I going to spend that time playing more with my light box and taking photos of individual items on a white background. I'm guessing that's more editorial?
  20. Thanks for the spot Cassius!! Cheers Nigel Asda recently increased the cost of their plastic bags from 9p to 15pCredit: Alamy PURPLE MARBLES D03YTT (cropped)
  21. Good morning, I would like to receive some criticism from my portfolio. I still have very few images, so that I can remedy my mistakes better
  22. Attica


    Hello from Spain. , i have been in Alamy for a six months and usually read the forum. I don´t lnow if a can participate much because my English is very bad but i will do what i can
  23. Pleasure Kumar Nigel Guardian Online 20/08/19 https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/aug/20/scottish-storytelling-centre-edinburgh-review-spoken-word Ian Rutherford John Knox House & the Scottish Storytelling Centre in High Street The Royal Mile Edinburgh Scotland. - Image ID: RPMKG1 Anthony Coleman-VIEW SCOTTISH STORYTELLING CENTRE, MALCOLM FRASER ARCHITECTS, EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM - Image ID: BAJYAX Guardian Online 21/08/19 https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/aug/21/social-media-pressures-driving-up-exam-stress-in-girls Richard Chegwidden Student walking in library - Image ID: BGMFAW
  24. Edo I think you have picked the wrong side of the country. All the British weather generally comes in from the cold wet Atlantic and of course the west side of the country takes the worst of any storms. YEH! I know the from the east was a bummer for us on the east side but that don't happen so often. Anyway head eastwards over the hills and start basking in the warm and generally drier weather. I was once told that if I was considering the west side to live that I should ask where the obligatory damp patch/s were in any property I was considering purchasing. Now I am going to be in the doghouse from those that live in the west.😉 Allan
  25. Good one for this month. Here are my three, all snowy images. Mmm! hot chocolate. Its Spring and the grass needs cutting. Dig me out.
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