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  2. i just uploaded a 2:1 ratio image and it went through no issue, so there must be another variable creating problems
  3. Must be all those Shutterstock contributors uploading their collections to Alamy 😀 Mark
  4. Well I'll start the ball rolling, I know the Sony RX100 range is excellent from what people say on here but be aware that in the main these are experienced professional photographers who know how to get the best out of it and avoid stretching the boundaries of what it is capable of. Couple that with the fact that wildlife and macro photography are both pretty demanding areas skill-wise and so it's going to be down to you to learn those skills with a camera system that is flexible enough to accommodate them. I think I might be looking at a Micro 4/3 camera system from Olympus or Panasonic, I've seen great wildlife pictures taken with them, but APS-C 'crop' sensor cameras would come a close second. A single lens that is good for long telephoto (bird close-ups?) and macro is asking quite a lot.
  5. Hey, it's annoying your existing gear isn't up to it, but fun to get a new system. Certainly take your time to choose and take information/advice from a variety of sources. It won't be a true macro lens as you can't reproduce at 1:1 on the sensor, but that's a bit academic, you've got an 8cm close focus distance which should be good enough. The specs look very good. Hopefully some actual users can weigh in. Steve
  6. Thanks, I'll work on uploading the rest of my photos, I'll see how I do once I have a couple thousand. Thanks, Doug
  7. Hi All, Given that this is centered around a general industry discussion, I think we can forego the code words for now in this thread. I appreciate the desire to stick to the rules but for the purposes of this thread I think it's of benefit to the conversation that you can talk freely and clearly about the industry. What we don't want to see is the promotion of our competitors here for obvious reasons, aside from that all is acceptable. Cheers James A
  8. I've had an image used in the Guardian reused on several sites - with the same text..... All have copied the image and re-hosted it. Will check with Alamy once lockdown is over - and then will ask CopyTrack to see see if they can pursue. (They are all outside UK/US which I think are the main countries Alamy chase)
  9. That's good to know, I was going to upload some 2:1 images so I'll do the same, might be good to email them again with your findings if you haven't already.
  10. Hello all, After discovering Alamy doesn't like my current camera I am looking to upgrade. I have seen that the Sony RX100-6 seems to get recomended on here a lot but I was unsure about the range of zoom it has and unfortunatly I find all the technical details beyong baffeling. I am particularly interested in wildlife photography so most of the things I photograph are either very small and close up or a long way away. I am very much at the novice level so I dont need anything with too many bells and whistles. Key point Good zoom for distance and macro shots single lens (as its simpler) Price range up to £700 ish Something that will easily pass quality control Some reliable/doesnt break easily Any suggestions?
  11. and I see we also have "The Original One"...... guess who!
  12. I have the wrong 'A' then? You are all talking about the mud building one.
  13. Detail of the 1979 photo I have, and 1978 pic of Darin castle showing the same mosque
  14. Hi, Looks like it might be a bug in the upload software - I've just tried changing the aspect ratio very slightly so they are not exactly 2:1 and they went through okay. Thanks.
  15. though many have mentioned another one that starts with "A" that did reduce commission last year, and many don't seem to understand is a different type of fish, which would worry me if it was to affect client experience at said agency. I hope QC will be aware of this. Checking only image Exif and image technical content may not be enough for a while (actually a 4-6 week turnaround may be a positive for a change)
  16. I am so relieved. I've been dreading turning into a settee. Paulette
  17. Thank you for the reply, that was helpful. Unfortunatly it seems that my camera was not up to the stardard so thats a shame. I will have to get an upgrade!
  18. Guardian online UK 29th May 2020 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/may/29/b-and-m-diy-sales-uk-lockdown-home-improvement-gardening B&M has traded throughout the UK coronavirus lockdown. Photograph: Rachel Husband/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/may/29/quarantine-cookings-seven-biggest-trends-power-ranked-by-adam-liaw Clockwise from top left: Alison Roman’s #thestew, garden focaccia, ramen, Ikea meatballs, sourdough, Arnott’s scotch fingers, spaghetti bolognese and Dalgona coffee. Composite: Getty Images/EyeEm/iStockphoto/Alamy https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/may/29/pilgrims-by-matthew-kneale-review-a-slyly-comic-medieval-journey ‘The characters all share a down-to-earth, proto-Canterbury Tales worldview.’ Photograph: Mary Evans Picture Library/Alamy
  19. So the theory is that Shutterstock is trying to get rid of lots of its less successful contributors and those contributors are planning to move over to Alamy in protest. Alamy as a kind of Shutterstock B team? Great 🙃
  20. the best source would be the contract you made with them. What did you agreed to?
  21. I have occasionally thought this was happening (with Safari) only to discover that I had been enlarging something as I worked and everything has gone out of whack. Scrolling down has revealed the right side and playing around with the size has fixed it. Paulette
  22. Today
  23. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12736-the-importance-of-being-accurate-with-marking-images-as-exclusive-to-alamy/
  24. When I started off I was well above average on CTR, but now I'm on a 0.54 rolling monthly average (depressingly below Alamy's 0.59 average). I probably need to go back and look at some of my earlier captions and keywords at some point. It's probably very difficult to compare contributors because you can't look at the stats for a start off. Plus it's all a function of how big your collection is, how often you submit new material, how often you sell, CTR, subject matter, location, image quality etc..... Steve
  25. I'm going nuts (again!). I know there was a sticky about the importance of accuracy when labelling files as exclusive, which I wanted to link to for someone - but I've lost it. I think I've checked each forum twice, and I'm sure it was at the top. Can someone please save my sanity and point me to it? Thanks.
  26. Lots of talk on here about CTR, my CTR hovers somewhere between 0.45 - 0.65. Average CTR on Alamy often seems to be about 0.59 ish. As a matter of interest what CTR do regular contributors experience? Obviously above average is good but what type of CTR makes a difference? Any ideas? BW, John
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