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  2. IPTC= all the captions, keywords that you enter in Photoshop, Bridge or Lightroom. Pretty much any image editing software has IPTC fields.
  3. Wow, that long? Huh. Well, I think I'm going to continue channeling my energy towards Shutterstock & Adobe, both of whom payout regularly.
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  5. Thank You I appreciate it
  6. At the moment June 2018 is my oldest uncleared I think. However it's only 6.95 gross. wim
  7. Try not using the same contributor name as on your other micro sites. Your name is searchable and a link to your images on other sites can be found that way. Just make something up and it can be easily changed in AIM.
  8. Thanks for including one of mine Alan. Love the topic!
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  10. Found in the Sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/8750851/weight-loss-how-fast-sleep/ Photograph of Still life photo of a large broken chocolate easter egg full of mini candy covered eggs in various pastel colours. Photographer: RTimages / Alamy Stock Photo Found by Adie Image ID: CFJ471 https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/8919685/woman-reveals-her-fiances-parents-gave-her-7k-bribe-to-break-up-with-him-and-she-took-it/ Photo of Hand fan of banknotes Photographer: Image Source Plus / Alamy Stock Photo Found by Adie Image ID: BJT83G Picture of a Woman talking on cell phone at laptop Photographer: caia image / Alamy Stock Photo Found by Adie Image ID: E59T8N
  11. Difficult to say, but it looks like a Honda CR-V https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&biw=1920&bih=944&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=6tzAXKSzBuuj1fAP0cup4Ag&q=honda+crv+profile&oq=honda+crv&gs_l=img.1.0.35i39j0i67j0l2j0i67j0l5.2380.2380..3870...0.0..
  12. Many thanks John .... I will go with Japanese quince rather than Maule's quince then !
  13. Looking at a miniature car 😉... It seems like a SsangYong Rexton first generation - Rexton W second facelift. Detail: Boot spoiler, rear quaterpanel, C-Pillar, rear light, front grille light. Alex's image: https://c7.alamy.com/comp/T5C7BG/car-driving-on-a-road-beside-a-frozen-lake-in-iceland-T5C7BG.jpg I have used Firefox, Ctrl+ (Maximum zoom level until 300%), helps to look at the details more quickly. Compared with: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SsangYong_Rexton -> Rexton W, second facelift (Rexton 2016) Andre
  14. Brizbee is right on the celandine. Not sure of the cultivar but #1 and #2 are a form of Chaenomeles x speciosa, Japanese quince. I could wish my 'Crimson and Gold' flowered as well as that one - but it is still young and needs further wall training.
  15. I use a Canon 5D Mark IV, currently with a Manfrotto 410 geared head, but I'm not completely satisfied with the Manfrotto, it's heavy and sort of clunky and the knobs aren't very smooth. As I'm in Denmark, one of the advantages of the Cambo is that there's a Danish distributor, which isn't the case with Arca Swiss.
  16. The spring sunshine is finally shining on Lake Ontario in Toronto and the populace is out and about. For the full bridge shoot go here: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?&xstx=0&userid={F0453AA0-D41A-421F-B4D6-F125791B632D}&name=bill-brooks&st=12
  17. Another old but gold shot taken on Pinney's Beach at Nevis in the Caribbean in 1984. The image continues to sell today because it was shot on higher resolution future proof 6X7 film instead of the usual 35mm film. Although today I would not use the polarizer. Wild unpopulated 9 mile long beach in 1984, but today a Four Seasons Resort at this site. The stock shoot was very profitable over the years as we kept costs down by housesitting for our 2 weeks stay. Private house, maid, cook, gardener, food, use of a car, all at no cost to Betty and I in return for housesitting. RF $$ at 50% exclusive to Alamy commission.
  18. I looked at the Iceland car hire website lagooncarrentals. Renault and Dacia have similar 5 spoke wheels, a few more hours searching will solve the puzzle, off you go!
  19. Not so. Tuesday morning, 6:35 am. I followed the police vans down the road to take the photos. There are other UK news stories too but I'm not going to do a detailed search as I'm not the one saying that there aren't any! Oh, and I was out an hour earlier to get weather pics, which is why I came across the story!
  20. I don't know how big your handbag is, but I'll put in another word for the Sony a6000. I use it pretty much all the time now. It's a very versatile little camera -- a real bargain IMO, much cheaper (but not as compact) than the RX100, which I don't have any experience with. The a6000 also has a larger sensor than the RX100 cameras. Noise is not a problem at all. As Bill mentioned above, the very compact 16-50 kit lens is fine for Alamy. You just have to be careful how you use it.
  21. Thomas, Gambo makes solid kit, I used their old gear head back in the day with a 4x5, it worked well and was rock solid. The PCH looks very interesting. What camera are you using it for? Medium format? Please lets us know what you think about if you get it.
  22. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Lumix LX3. For me the LX3 is the perfect size for backpacking and it has a filter adapter ring so I can use a polarizer filter, a must have. Granted I only use the LX3 on sunny days but once you profile the sensor using a Color Checker the output is quite good. I have many sales with the LX3 here on Alamy. I have been looking for a replacement for the LX3, but all the very compact cameras don't have a filter adapter ring to mount a polarizer filter and protect the telescoping lens elements. I can highly recommend the Fujifilm X100 now replaced by the X100F. A fixed focal 35mm equivalent FOV with very nice analog controls and great user interface.
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