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  2. I understand you, Adriana. Consider that, when I do keywording, I sometimes spell Italian names uncorrectly, on purpose. For example I write, along with "Giuseppe Verdi", also "Guiseppe Verdi" because I am aware, from my esperience, that many English-speaking people write and search it that way. It hurts me a bit to do that, but, in business, many times taking into account your potential customers' ignorance rewards you.
  3. Peugeot car dealership. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Image Size: Any size Start: 01 January 2020 End: 01 January 2025 Romania, Editorial website, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate
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  5. Cheers Nigel, Rob and Kay ! Times online 21st Bricks and Mortar Matthew Williams-Ellis Regents Canal at Haggerston, near Broadway Market, Hackney, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe - Image ID: FK692J Marcin Rogozinski Curtain Road in Hackney with the Broadgate Tower in the background, London England United Kingdom UK - Image ID: E87C6E Business Justin Kase River Thames & London Docklands Canary Wharf skyline of banking HQ modern skyscraper buildings with Thames Clippers fast river bus service passing - Image ID: K653E2 Jason Batterham Lots of people Christmas shopping on Carnaby Street, London. In London, England. On 17th December 2016. - Image ID: HEHA1H Hong Kong, China. 20th Feb, 2020. Flight attendants wearing protective mask at the arrival hall at the Hong Kong international : May James/SOPA Images/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2B0B4GP Plus500 Athletico Madrid and Liverpool footballers - can't find it Justin Kase Ely Cathedral beyond train departing Ely Station Cambridgeshire boats on River Great Ouse below railway bridge East Anglia Fens landscape England UK - Image ID: 2ABBFJX Stephen Faulkner Northampton - Image ID: RXWNGX - ? a crop of this? Sally Anderson Yellow flatbed lorry delivering coal sacks with Malmaison Hotel, Tower Place, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - Image ID: R1G258 motorolka petri dish with bacterial colonies in the hand, on blue backgro - Image ID: EKNT69 Andriy Popov Close-up Of Businesswoman's Hand Refueling Car's Tank By Holding Petrol Pump Nozzle - Image ID: KF3NM5 Angela Hampton unhappy geriatric lady being pushed in wheelchair by woman - Image ID: BCABC icona Richmond House, Whitehall, London, UK - Image ID: PY53X8 Jeff Morgan Officers handcuff and detain man on suspicion of selling forged tickets for FA Cup Final in Cardiff City Centre South Wales UK - Image ID: A5Y06C Penelope Barritt Cambridge, UK. 20th Feb, 2020. Picket line outside the Hadden Library, University of Cambridge, as lecturers begin a 14 day strike over pensions, pay and conditions. Penelope Barritt/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2B0EXB5 Closeup of chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in colourful foil from various stores in a basket collected by a child on an Easter egg hunt UK KATHY DEWITT - Image ID: PF8RHN Piotr Adamowicz VOD service on television. Man watching TV, streaming service, video on demand, remote control in hand. - Image ID: 2AW5062 Sandro Di Carlo Darsa Toddler touching father's cell phone - Image ID: C41KDB Oscar Elias Bust of Queen Nefertiti, Altes Museum, Berlin. - Image ID: BDKW7N Dusseldorf, Germany. 04 October 2018, North Rhine-Westphalia, Duesseldorf: The Chinese artist Cao Fei Christophe Gateau/dpa Credit: dpa picture alliance/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PRNFM2 Richard Becker Garden Bumblebee (Bombus hortorum) adult male feeding on Buddleia (Buddleja X weyeriana) flowers in a garden. Powys, Wales. - Image ID: FDTGW9 Ireland Susan Kennedy Howth Head, Dollymount Strand, North Bull Island, Clontarf East, Dublin, Ireland - Image ID: C9CHM1 Scotland Glasgow, Scotland, on 31 July 2018. Rally in Buchanan Street, in support of refugees facing eviction by private housing company Serco: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/ Alamy News. - Image ID: PC66N0 Combine Harvester Heels of sexy woman pole dancing or striptease. Pylon in night club. Stripper girl background - Image ID: 2A4PKM6 Edinburgh, UK. 20th Feb, 2020. Pictured: Fergus Ewing MSP - Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy. Scenes from First Ministers Questions at the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, Edinburgh. Credit: Colin Fisher/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2B0DEJ4 Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 1st December 2019. Surfers along the beach at Aberdeen. In the distance are wind turbines of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre wind farm. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: 2AC7MT3 Edinburgh October 23 2018; Scottish Conservative MSPs Murdo Fraser steven scott taylor / alamy live news - Image ID: PXJRGA John Peter Photography M&S Aberdeen City Centre entrance in St Nicholas Street off Union Street in Aberdeen Scotland UK - Image ID: WB9EW8 Business Design Centre, north London. 16 Feb 2020 - Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy MP for Wigan speaks at a hustings event hosted by the Co-operative Party held at Business Design Centre, north London. Credit: Dinendra Haria/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2AYPFFB Riccarton, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 14th Feb, 20. Guinness Six Nations matches vs Italy Scotland Scott Cummings signs on for young fan. Credit: eric mccowat/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2AY4YE3
  6. Low $$ , presentation or newsletter Third sale this month now, which is good for me.
  7. SOME HELPFUL SITES AND I COULD USE SOME HELP WITH A QUESTION, PLEASE: I didn't want to start a new thread on DACS so here's some helpful stuff first - when google and amazon let your down - try these sites - you will need some info but these at least have all the ISSN and/or ISBN numbers: This site (which I believe I found via a link on the DACS site) has magazine ISSN numbers: https://portal.issn.org/ This is the CLA site which lets you check if copying of work is permitted using the title, author, ISBN or ISSN -- and of of course you can also use it to find an ISBN number if you know the title of the book or the magazine your photo has appeared in: https://www.cla.co.uk/check-permissions/search-publications?query= (I wrote to DACS this morning and got a reply that they'll get back to me in three working days - I left it too late) Now, here is my question -- this year I found a lot more of my images that have been published in educational books. Some of them were published in the US but according to the CLA site they are available to students and educators to copy in the UK And they are also available for sale on amazon.co.uk So, can I claim for them in DACS? Or am I out of luck? Any ideas? I may just try to call DACs in the morning and see if I can get through. Wish I'd gone online to do this sooner. Up until now, all my listed books were published in the UK, so I think that the day I spent tracking down all those photos was a waste. A lot of them say worldwide on Alamy so I hoped for the best ...thoughts?
  8. Country: Worldwide Usage: Travel client. Marketing Package Use. 10 years. Industry sector: Travel & tourism High $$ Loh Bagao Bay - Koh Phi Phi Don - Thailand
  9. Ok you may have spilled some of your drink on the way down....but looks like you have landed on your feet with four sales to cushion the fall....Cheers 😀
  10. Out of pure curiosity -- in 14 yrs how many times did this image sell? If I had to guess, I'd say 8-10 Alamy only
  11. ok so she was mourning the death of a friend who was abused on social media to the point of taking her own life, and her was of handling it is to make sure the photographer is abused on social media? i am not excusing him, and i wouldn't take picture of celebrities at a non event, but she could have done the same without posting the video.
  12. Thank you, Estrella was just wonderful (and as we wrote in other thread, i did struggle with terms to use beyond Muxe, but Vogue used Trans in their article so i went with it). That event was just so special, and in fact validated my decision to focus on editorial part of stock within my meandering. Before i would have taken to image, and that's it. Now i have probably spent a couple hours after reading of the whole Muxe, Third Gender, acceptance within the community, as well as article on Estrella, who does know how to play the camera. Much easier than reading on all the source of the protests i saw... made my north today to Tlaxcala, because i wanted to see a more traditional Carnaval. Now reading on all the HueHue dances of the area.... Fascinating .
  13. but KWs are about getting your image found. I sometimes put some that i don't believe are correct, because people use them. For example if i had images of Guatemala i would put Central American even though it's in North America geographically speaking. An example in Mexico, the Capital of Oaxaca is called Oaxaca de Juarez, at some point i had a search where my best images were not included, because someone used "Oaxaca City" (i guess to exclude images from the rest of the State) as their search. (i would have some issue if i had images of Québec, as i would forget anglophone call it Quebec City). Yes we need to avoid wrong and misleading terms, but sometimes it gets gray/grey. That said i would bury it in the KW, not in the description.
  14. Prefer solitary, but often find myself out and about with my wife, who's view of photography was "a good walk spoilt" but now, understanding that money can be made, tends to look out for possible shots. When visiting a new town or city we normally go our separate ways agreeing to meet up for a coffee. I can enjoy time spent just waiting for the light to change, or for the pattern of people to take a better form, but this is not acceptable behaviour in company. Some years ago I visited a local camera club, but quickly decided that it wasn't for me, I'm sure that I could have formed new friendships had I stayed around, and probably learned a thing or two, but I wasn't comfortable in that environment. It's not that I am antisocial, I've some good mates around at the allotments, where sharing ideas and plants and communal effort is the norm, but it doesn't work for me when carrying a camera.
  15. True. Happy I was solitary in a crowd, though. I sat on the floor of a hangar-like building to get an upshot of the face of an Eurasian Eagle owl at a raptor show. Nailed the shot. Couldn’t get up thanks to my bad back. So I sat on the hard cement floor and watched the crowd until I spotted a nice, young strapping young man coming my way. Very pitifully, I asked if he’d help me and my Nikon up. Most people are thrilled to help. This was taken early days of stock. (2006) Either D70 or D200. Hopefully I could do better now.
  16. My thanks to all for their suggestions. Perhaps 5% of those 400,000 images are scanned; I did all of these myself with a Nikon scanner and used the resulting images for our website and submissions to our own clients and agencies. Essentially all of these images are travel; many U.S. states and over 100 countries from the late 1960's until we converted to digital around 1998. Given the quality difference between a new digital file and a scan of an image that is now at least 20+ years old, I simply don't think the investment in time and effort would be worthwhile to scan any more. Some may have some historical interest, but again it's just not worth the time and energy to go through them. I continue to shoot and contribute, but even that has slowed down as royalty prices have fallen and since the economic crisis of 2008 what was once a thriving business through the 1980's, '90's and into the early 2000's is now almost moribund. And as I now move through my 70's I've got to prioritize how I use my remaining years, and somehow trying to hawk old slides just doesn't make the cut. I'd much rather spend these years with our continued travels (and the several months each year we now live in France). We throw out old clothes we've not worn in years and the some 17 filing cabinets of old slides do take up quite a bit of room in our house that we could use for other things. Time to clean obsolete things away. Thanks again to all! John
  17. I've forgotten how I go about adjusting which regions I allow. Can anyone point me in the right direction please Thanks
  18. Both sides of this one appear to have been less than diplomatic based on her video, but if she had been less aggressive and condescending about telling the photographer to stop and if the boyfriend had quit videoing when he walked away, that might have been that.. She was landing in Cape Town, South Africa where the show is being filmed in the future. I wondered if this was staged for PR purposes, but maybe I'm too old and cynical. The series has been made for streaming release, looks like, so how popular is it?
  19. Update: Alamy has saved me just before I landed on the rocks - 4 sales have come in 🙂. Zooms have stopped dropping but still still sitting at a low 20. John
  20. Yesterday
  21. It's a difficult situation, Adriana. You're right, of course, but when tagging (keywording) I try to also take account of the fact that those searching can sometimes be just as ignorant (as in 'unaware') of geographical location! This can also apply to spelling: I will sometimes include common misspellings in my tags and have licensed at least one image owing to searches and zooms on a misspelled word. I even had one licence of an image of a very specific local pastry from Catalonia, which I researched and keyworded very carefully, only for it to be used in a Russian magazine in an article about regional Spanish cuisine as a totally different pastry! You can't win! You have to *very* careful, of course. Generally speaking, it's best to be as thorough and correct as possible. I would never use any 'incorrect' information in captions, descriptions or news photos.
  22. I am taking around 30 mins (max 1 hour) I guess to process in total. I have changed my method a bit from the discussions we have had and am spending a bit more time on each image but, even with spotting and careful localised noise reduction, I can't imagine this taking more than an hour. I don't see any need myself in general for multiple scans as the dynamic range of the D810 is astoundingly good but it might be a good idea for some really contrasty images. However, It all comes down to what detail there is in the slide itself. If there is no detail in the highlights or shadows of the slide, then there may not be a lot there to recover. Negative film may have a much higher dynamic range than slides depending on the scene, the film and how it was exposed and processed so taking several images might work better..
  23. Don't mention it David. I have had the ES-1 copier for a few years but hardly used it much until this thread got me going to see what would actually work. The Tamron 90 is now going to be my lens of choice for copying, as the AF works well and makes life a lot easier than trying to manually focus. There have been several versions of this lens. I still have a really old manual focus Adaptall one which is optically very good as well. I am keeping it in case I ever get my one surviving Nikon film camera out again as the newer lenses without aperture ring won't work. Great shots of Hawaii by the way. Looks like a fantastic place.
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