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  2. Looks like €157/month for convenio especial after a year's resident registration. http://www.andaluciaspanishhomes.com/blog/article/683/ I suspect an awful lot of expats are winging it on an E111. Including the turkeys who voted for Christmas, of whom apparently there are quite a few. Cognitive dissonance or what?
  3. Still in, I had two tiny ones today as well, 2 years old so could have been the same deal. First sales from this set of images, though, IIRC, so hey ho.
  4. You've probably googled yourself nuts by now, but just in case: expat health care in spain for non eu. and: https://www.expatica.com/es/health-insurance-quotes/ Once a resident, you can apply for seguridad apparently. Not sure after how long. I'm guessing all those British expats will find themselves in the same boat after Brexit. wim
  5. After another sale for a derisory amount in February I opted out of distribution to Slovenia so I was surprised to get another similar sale today. After querying this with Alamy I was told the distributor had downloaded the image sometime last year!! They couldn't tell me if other images had also been downloaded and might therefore show up as sales.
  6. I see, sorry to pry, Ed. I suppose your UK residence is too long ago? We joined the EU in 1973. I wouldn't have a clue how to find out, but you could try writing to the NHS.
  7. Today
  8. Mark, I am a valid EU Irish passport holder. But I am not, nor have I ever been, a valid resident of Ireland or any EU nation. So I have not paid into the system . . . therefor I cannot get health insurance in Spain. I need a valid EHC but I can't get one. Yes, if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, they will take care of me. But without health insurance, I cannot get a resident visa. If I were to get private health insurance I could get the visa. But I can't afford the premiums for private health insurance. At my age, if they would give it to me, it's very expensive.
  9. Hi, Alamy Administrator, thank you for taking the time to answer my question, very kind and attentive of you Regards, Javier
  10. The Times - Online 23/05/2019 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/deaths-from-strokes-fall-55-per-cent-in-a-decade-q08vwptb6 EPF32X Puwadol Jaturawutthichai Stroke ( CT scan of brain and base of skull and Stroke ) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/britain-routed-in-humiliating-un-vote-over-islands-3h65bbjr0 A353HD John Parker/ Sylvia Cordaiy Photo Library Ltd Aerial showing roads and buildings on Diego Garcia Islands in the Indian ocean https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/busy-parents-rely-on-alexa-for-bedtime-stories-dtrm2xmhp RX0TDM Andriy Popov Smiling Cute Girl Looking At Wireless Speaker On White Table At Home https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/rural-patients-pay-100-taxis-healthcare-desert-countryside-rhbxdrzwr R088DG Clement Philippe/Arterra Picture Library Taxidriver driving King's taxi with tourists along desolate coastal road in Shetland, Scotland, UK https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/flight-tax-u-turn-will-hurt-economy-nicola-sturgeon-is-told-nm5wqh9zr KAM72M Iain Masterton Edinburgh International Airport, Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/student-law/students-gain-invaluable-work-experience-as-universities-forge-links-with-law-centres-69gh5x073 A3T3KG aberCPC A woman teacher delivering a lecture in the Law department Aberystwyth university Wales UK
  11. Hi Javier Vector files don't go through the normal QC process, so there should just be a short delay before they appear in your Image Manager. The processing time may vary depending on how much content we are receiving at the same time and can take up to a few hours. Thanks Alamy
  12. Surely you qualify under the EU reciprocal arrangements, EU tourists do, or is the problem that you haven't been EU resident for long enough. The form to get is E111. It might only be for temporary visitors.
  13. Thanks Marianne, I do hope I haven't made it seem too complicated. I was actually hoping that someone else who uses Excel regularly might come in and provide clearer or simpler instructions. Although I use Filemaker to look at the csv there is a lot of useful stuff to be gleaned from analysing it. I was horrified to see how many of my images had no supertags at all for example so I'm working through these with the aid of the spreadsheet, then I'll tackle those with only 1, only 2 etc. etc. In fact often it will be across a complete upload batch where I've simply done enough in Lightroom to get them on sale then neglected to go back in AIM to address the supertags. Then of course there's all those 'optional' details, such as categories, property, location etc. - I'll need to look at them as well. 'Filters' are very useful so let me know if I can help with those. By the way I'm certainly not an expert on spreadsheets, it's always been just on a 'need to know' basis for me!
  14. I've used FZ for years and also ignore the "insecure" warning. I don't think image data is readily hackable, or even useful if it were, but I'd accept the risk for the tremendous convenience of FTP anyway. Just make sure you drag and drop carefully- I did once drop an "archive" sub into "stock" by accident.
  15. Thanks so much! I'll give it a try soon! Very much appreciate your taking the time to help me out!
  16. Not legally on that money, and that’s Mexico, and most of the promotion of any place in Latin America is dependent on consumer protection laws being nonexistent.
  17. Agreed - Ed would no doubt qualify for a medical card here in Ireland and if he decided to live in Galway or Cork (which I think would be a better bet than Galway), he'd never stop shooting stock!
  18. Hi everyone, I have already successfully transferred and uploaded all my Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 files through FileZilla. Next, Under "Captions and tags for vectors on Alamy" Step 2 instructs "Use Alamy Image Manager in My Alamy (after we’ve processed your submission)". Does this mean that I should wait until Alamy's quality control, or can I immediately proceed to this step? In other words, does Alamy check my vectors right after I upload them through FileZilla, or after I complete step 2? Your help would be much appreciated. Regards, Javier
  19. I did wonder if we were simply being wound-up for a laugh. Being a charitable sort, I took the view that it was simply the difficulty some contributors have of moving a mindset from microstock's QC methodology where every aspect of every image is scrutinised, to Alamy's QC where the emphasis is on the responsibility of the contributor for their own QC. The two are so fundamentally different that it is easy to see why an adjustment is hard to come to terms with. The sad thing about QC in microstock land is that it produces a them-and-us mentality where some contributors see submitting images as a battle to get past QC, producing multiple re-submits where they are allowed, in the hope of finding an easier inspector. Such a mindset is fundamentally alien and self-destructive in submitting to Alamy, where QC is a light-touch guardian, and where, as John Morrison pointed out earlier, the tendency is to produce photographers with better photographic, processing and self-critical skills, to the benefit of both individual and agency.
  20. Hi imageplotter thank you for your advice, it is very helpful, and although I am usually very cautious about any technical issues, I don't think I have anything to loose, besides, FileZilla is a free software, so I will give it a try. Regards, Javier
  21. Frida Kahlo's paintbrushes at the Frida Kahlo house. Mexico City.
  22. Too bad about Ireland. It sounds like it might be a solution to the healthcare issue. I imagine that you've looked into private medical insurance in Spain.
  23. Good choice. I love Mexico and have spent a lot of time in the country. I'd probably move there myself if it didn't mean disqualifying myself for Canadian healthcare. As it is, I have to spend six months -- not necessarily consecutive -- per year in Canada in order to keep my medical coverage, something I don't want to lose at the tender age of 70. Lots of places to choose from. I prefer the highland regions of Mexico, where the year-round climate is more temperate. Lake Chapala certainly qualifies in that department.
  24. In case the OP is still not convinced, there's this. When I worked as an analytical chemist we were involved in a big study in fish lifecycles. It was studying the effect of chemical pollutants on the sex of fish, and it was a study that lasted 450 days. It was a big deal as it was the first time that this type of study had been carried out over several generations of fish. At the end of those 450 days the fish taken at different stages of the study and frozen were histologically analysed. The lab that carried out the histology was not fully used to working in a highly regulated environment and despite many entreaties to follow the required standards, they did not. When the file (when I say file I mean of course a small van full of folders) was QC'd they found a few errors in the paper trail of the histology samples. Out went the study. Rejected in its entirety. When QC find one error they are properly entitled to assume that the rest of the unchecked product/data will also contain errors. To say that the clients were annoyed is to miss their emotions by a country mile. Luckily our lab was in the clear as all my chemistry data and all the biologists data were accepted - because we were used to being QC'd. Without inspection standards inevitably deteriorate.
  25. Thats what I'm looking for somewhere less inundated where I can live out my last 20yrs . I don't think Southern California is a good place to live when you get older. Mexico will work for me, I just need a place like Ajijic was 20yrs ago I have another 8yrs to find it. I spent 30yrs in the UK and I remember the winters, so I won't be heading that way.
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