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  2. Very nice story John! loved the tie to Alamy too. Wonderful!!
  3. One of my pseuds is well above average at the moment at 41 but 20 of them are of the same location so I think that's just a blip. No sales from them yet but one of the others has resulted in a sale. If it wasn't for the 20 it would be about average.
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  5. Cool. That's a sleek looking vessel. Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic will bring a return of ocean liners. International air travel may never return to what it was.
  6. Thanks for the link. I'm amazed the ship lasted that long. It must have been well built. She apparently had quite a history. I found this tidbit about WWI interesting (from the Wikipedia article): "All vessels were fitted with defensive guns at the bow and stern. In June 1917 Manchester Port (1904) beat off a submarine attack with gunfire..."
  7. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mästarnas_Park Ungdom (Youth) by Carl Eldh. Could be it's another copy though. It seems there are more of them. If it's that park, it's in Hällefors, about 3 hrs west (by car) of Stockholm. wim
  8. I remember our boat breaking down in the demented seas of Golfo de Penas in Chile. Quite an experience. Everything was flying, a door crashed to the ground, 2 cows died. The night before, we were all dancing on La Macarena. Then everyone turned green and disappeared in the bowel of the ship, including a macho latino who had to almost be carried away. I am soooo glad I travelled when it was possible and I was fit and healthy.
  9. There's a photo of it on the Manchester Liners' Wikipedia page. It was scrapped in 1964 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchester_Liners
  10. I remember being excited more than anything else. For some reason, I seemed to be the only one who didn't get seasick. All the adults turned various shades of green. I do recall the captain saying over sliding dinner plates that the ship was taking on water, which was a bit scary. I think the old girl was scrapped not long after the voyage.
  11. I hadn’t looked for this on Alamy before so thank you John! This image shows the Reina Del Mar before her maiden voyage from Liverpool in 1956. My other half, Ian came back from Peru on the Reina Del Mar with his parents and sister on a voyage back to Liverpool in 1959. His father was an engineer working for Wimpey on building a harbour and they lived in Peru for 3 years before coming back to the UK.
  12. It must have been a very uncomfortable journey dogged by seasickness. I imagine that for a kid, it must have been a mixture of excitement and fright?
  13. It's a small world after all. The high-point of my sailing -- especially for a kid -- was encountering a pod of Blue Whales. The captain stopped engines right in the middle of them so that we could watch the magnificent creatures. We must have hit a calm spot because most of the time no one was allowed on deck because of the huge waves.
  14. I'm not really sure I see the point in any of it. It perhaps has marginal good use in the fact that clicking the up arrow or the heart saves on a small percentage of "me too" or "thanks" posts, but in any of its various implementations across numerous forums in the past I have only ever seen it end in bitter feuds, division between members and fuelling paranoia as to who the secret repper is. Never once seen it do any actual good. In more than one case I recall the feature being disabled and the board collectively ended up happier.
  15. It's a wonderful story John. My own is not that exciting. I once travelled to Guyana (1990's) where we camped on a tiny island in the rainforest. I recall one photographer being with us. Years later when I checked on Alamy what was there for Guyana, here was a picture of my boyfriend at the camp.
  16. I found a picture from the 1920s taken of the road through our small village that was clearly taken from pretty much bang on the end of our driveway. Not that much seems to have changed either apart from there being no pavements and the road verges look better maintained
  17. During the 1950's, when I was a kid, my family sailed from the UK to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on an ageing (launched in 1904), coal-burning passenger freighter called the Manchester Port (Manchester Liners). We crossed in late November, probably the roughest time of year to traverse the North Atlantic, so it was a memorable journey. As I recall, the ship took only 14 passengers. Here she is bound for South Africa. The images are in the public domain, but I was still surprised to find them on Alamy. Has anyone else come across any surprising "personal history" images on Alamy?
  18. There's a radio programme on BBC Sounds at the moment about the famous mountain photographer and perfume expert W A Poucher. Anyone going about the British hills in the 60s and 70s almost certainly had a copy of his pictorial guides stuffed into his or her rucksack. I still have my well thumbed copies. I also have a first edition of his classic 'The Magic of Skye'. He was also a a leading researcher who specialised in the chemistry of perfumes and soaps, and in 1923 published a three volume text book which is still in print today. He often wore makeup, sometimes even in mountai
  19. Yes, the same here. Wishing your daughter well. You must be so worried, Betty.
  20. Steve, i am not responsible for other people inadequacies.
  21. This pic brings back nice memories of warm evenings and fantastic meals sitting outside a restaurant called Vitaminas in Los Llanos de Aridane. Hopefully will get back that way again before too long.
  22. Cal, Mark is almost certainly right about your January jab and your flu. I had the same thing happen about 7 years ago in NYC. Flu can be a bitch. It's not a simple cold. Edo
  23. I’m in the slightly odd position that my number of views has tanked over the last few months but my zooms have stayed consistent, so good for CTR (if that makes any difference these days)
  24. Zooms have been sporadic for a long time now and that's hardly surprising considering my views have dropped to about a third of what they were a few years ago. I'd add that my sales have dropped too probably due to the increased number of images on Alamy uploaded by other agencies which I just can't compete with. So far this year I have no sales but know of one or two that haven't been reported yet. However it's not a good start and with a fairly ordinary portfolio I can't see things improving. Last year was bad, I don't expect any improvement this year. Zooms used to be a source of hope but t
  25. Betty, I practically live on small comforts of life. I often photograph people who are way better off than I am, bigger homes, fancier cars, fatter bank accounts, but I never feel envious. I have great friends and family, roof over my head, food to eat and a career that has made me feel like I never really had to work for a living. About all I can ask for! So, yes! Life is good you when appreciate what you have! I have had my lumps...been through a divorce, lost a brother and both parents, but you have to keep your head up and move along.
  26. I have four pseudos -- one mainly for travel-related images, a second one for more generic (mixed bag) images, a third one for "design" images (mainly RF), and a fourth one for historical/archival images. There is of course a fair amount of unavoidable content overlap among my pseudos. However, they do help keep me more organized (not my strong suit). Be careful with choosing names for your pseudos if you decide to create some. I have one pseudo name that I don't particularly like, and I'm more or less stuck with it. A lot of contributors don't bother with pseudos. Nothing wrong with that.
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