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  2. Thanks Jaime, I will check from time to time where that image has been used.
  3. Congrats for the license, Jorge. If you ever find the magazine, please let me know. I have got two licenses yesterday with the exact same details (and I'm pretty sure, price). Or maybe it is not from the same magazine, but a generic monthly license nonchalantly reported by one of the spanish distributors. Thank you and best regards!
  4. I fear that you're going to find that the latest Adobe DNG converter won't run on 10.9.5, needs 10.15 I think. You need the latest version for Z7II files. If so then look at Iridient nTransformer (n for Nikon), which I think won't have a problem with 10.9.5 and certainly works with Z7II files because I've tried it with the demo version. https://www.iridientdigital.com/products/ntransformer.html Think of it as an advanced customisable DNG converter, but not free, $39.99.
  5. I made an appointment for my Pfizer booster shot. I decided not to wait for the big rush. They have just approved it for 65 and over plus a lot of other people. The schedule allows me a couple of days home if I don't feel well afterwards. Paulette
  6. So either James didn't understand Betty's original post when he posted his first reply or there's been a policy U-Turn? Anyway, whatever, it's good that common decency has now prevailed. I suspect the problem is the Alamy software that calculates our commission was programmed to apply the new rates to any invoices generated from the 24th July onwards. The special case of refunds being re-invoiced wasn't taken into account and so has to be handled manually. This takes effort and so was initially resisted or was just overlooked. Personally I think the software should have been progra
  7. considering these 90,000 contributors (so 99.6%) seem to be much less affected by issues, for example only 50-60% of the cases of these refunds, it probably leads to less complaining. but who am i to know, i get red arrows for pointing out Alamy left areas of contract vague so they can use it against contributors, probably one of these 90000 happy campers...
  8. What PaLamy has managed to create even from its most loyal, active contributors is distrust and suspicion. I am aware that will be immediately knocked back that there are 90,000 contributors who don't complain. And hit with some percentage or other. If you don't want to take notice of your forum contributors then why have a forum? You can't have it both ways. Portray as photographer friendly and then rip off you photographers to increase company profits.
  9. I agree that Alamy probably let the fox into the hen house by allowing microstock images through the door, but I don't see how this could have been prevented. Alamy would have had to revise its entire "open-door" policy. As far as "exclusivity" is concerned, it never really existed. The move was mainly to appease us after the first commission kerfuffle. If Alamy had been truly serious about offering exclusive imagery, they would have devised an exclusive contract option for contributors in addition to the existing non-exclusive one. The honour system was bound to fail IMO.
  10. my images from 20th finally made it today so it seems 4 days. for some subject may warrant again uploading it through stock immediately to not have gaps.
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  12. All this stuff is beyond me; however, I wouldn't be surprised if a certain huge microstock agency doesn't jump on the crypto bandwagon soon. Intuitively, I can't help feeling that the two models have a lot in common.
  13. Mid low $$ Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 250,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 24-September-2021 ; End: 24-September-2026 ; Additional Details: Book and Bookazine use. Repeat use included in a single project
  14. I am the Queen of struggles, Carol. I think you are smarter than I. But maybe….it’s because you pay such close attention to Michael’s & Mark’s solutions for me, then you use that knowledge. Smart is smart no matter the path. 😉
  15. Cheers Steve. I had to visit the surgery today for another purpose and was able to book flu jabs for my wife and myself. They aren't being done at the surgery, but at a public hall in a nearby town, so not as bad a problem as I had envisaged.
  16. Just got email from infringement chasing team that they charge minimum 5X normal rate. This is good news & I hope they aim at industry standard of 10X... Now I need to post over at "Bad News that 5X $Y.YY < $50US...
  17. News images taken on 21st September remain in news feed for 2 days. Then they fall into a black hole and not visible on 24th September. Where are they Alamy?
  18. I agree and am indebted to Michael and the others who take the trouble to help out.
  19. Didn't know it happened as a regular occurrence Hope it gets resolved soon Still no data and photos put up on Wednesday and Thursday still not gone through QC
  20. I completely agree. Mathematically it just doesn't make sense.
  21. Thank you, James, for responding to our concerns. Although I can’t help but feel there are way more contributors affected by this mistake than what you reported. Considering only a minuscule of contributors participate in this forum, considering how many of us here have reported the mistake, it’s rather difficult to believe your reported number, so few, affected unless forumites were targeted. I realize you have employees coming up with that small number to report to you, and I suggest somebody is covering their backside by minimizing the number of us affected. I didn’t fall off
  22. I am sure the date was 23rd September early on this morning - but now it's the 22nd!! Are Measures in some dystopian back to the future?
  23. Did you take pictures of the queue including BP signage? Wondering when there will be a run on loo rolls again.
  24. Another "rare" case where I agree with you 100%. The original post is in my humble opinion "Utter Rubbish." Chuck
  25. Who knows when Measures will be working again. If it was an issue effecting sales it would likely have been resolved by now. As mentioned above, Alamy Measures is always falling over and likely the core issue causing it is never resolved. Wether due to technical issues or budgetary restrictions who knows.
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