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  2. Yep, just had one of my own today. My net: $0.07. Probably not enough to pay for the electricity consumed by my computer while composing this message.
  3. Yes - it's flashed through my mind too. Although, as you know, my camera (Lumix G7) is nowhere near as good as your Nikon kit for digitising slides due to its limited dynamic range/noise issues, so I'd have to invest quite a bit. I suppose if the "deal" was to supply RAW files only (no retouching) with only basic dust removal (blower/brush) then it would be pretty easy to digitise a slide/minute with the DSLR route. Whether the end result would meet Alamy QC would then be down to the purchaser to assess and retouch the raw file as needed. No warranties would be given and damages limited to a f
  4. Just to add, Based on my own experience, photographing 35mm slides or negatives has not worked well for me. 2 1/4 and up has been fine, but I've not been happy with the 35mm. The CanoScan FS 4000 along with VueScan 64 has worked well for me. FYI I am using a middle-aged PC running Windows 10 64bit. Another very important solution for film is: PEC-12 for cleaning film. I do not use any auto retouching during the scanning. Chuck
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  6. Sorry to hear about your knee problems. They can be troublesome joints, especially as we get older. I've been lucky so far. I should no doubt do some curating, especially since I'm not feeling very motivated to generate new images these days. Then again, you never know what someone might be interested in. Every once in awhile I get surprised.
  7. The time-share cat tripped me on a rise from one level to another. I was most concerned with protecting my skull. Hitting something left a huge bruise on my left arm, and possibly a damaged right shin bone (didn't get x-rays when I had the ultrasound of the right knee but will if this doesn't improve). I take Aleve and massage the knee with a gel with the active ingredient of Aleve in it. Left knee was the one with problems in the past. It's apparently okay now. This time, it's the right knee. Will be driving La Colonia's electric wheel chair on Friday. Hit my helper with it
  8. $ Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Start: 19-January-2022 ; Duration: Unlimited ; Additional Details: Global Capital website, Emerging Markets Printed Magazine & Printed Supplements UK
  9. The upper level for very professional scans that I'd seen in the past was something like $50 and up for drum scans, and that was a while back. I have massaged some scans to get files accepted by Alamy in the past.
  10. Yup, I've become a student of history lately.😉 I'd say my best selling subjects are architecture, street scenes, ancient artifacts, history, travel, and plants. I haven't licensed a Nicaragua-specific image for awhile, but I do have some dependable resellers. Do you need a knee replacement?
  11. My plants and fish seem to do better than anything touristy. I even licensed a cat photo from my first portfolio. My knee is making it difficult to get up the iron stairs to the room over my kitchen, so my helper is going to bring some things downstairs so I can do tabletops without having to have a spotter make sure I don't fall going up and down. He thinks the glass topped table fits in with the sala furniture better than the bigger white plastic table. I'm going to redo the book covers as sets with writer appropriate props. Carefully curated collections do seem to do we
  12. Got COVID. Fully vaccinated. Reasonably well with it.
  13. Winter around here looks like this (photographed in January 06, 2012). Last snow in Nicaragua was at higher elevations in 1912 or so. Max low where I live has been in the 40F.
  14. Anyone spraying nearby? A friend lost a macaw when people were spraying insecticides. Other thing -- check the bodies for signs of a heron. A thing here is neuroleptic wasp venom -- a wasp drowned in a small tank of mine and killed a number of smaller fish and left one obviously suffering from nerve damage. Other thing to check is a change in water chemistry at the water plant unless you're on a well. Also, check for dog foot prints. Or something rotten in the bottom of the pond. If you replace with fish that are large and friendly, you might want to put in a web cam to wat
  15. 19/01/2022 Daily Mail (print) Anxious older woman looking through door using safety chain. FA4MC8 John Birdsall Red brick buildings around the quad, Winchester College, Hampshire. C363D4 Michael Wald Daniel Craig as James Bond in the 2020 film No Time To Die. 2BW4P4R Pictorial Press A tank at the Hezbollah Resistance Museum, Lebanon. CY5TY8 Idealink Photography Skyline at sunset, Melbourne, Australia. 2EHBYHE Rawdon Sthradher
  16. It actually snowed in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. I'm not doing much photography at the moment, but I did manage to get out into my neighbourhood to take a couple of shots before the rain returned with a vengeance (it didn't take long).
  17. Calgary is usually cold but sunny in the winter. This one is from a couple of weeks ago.
  18. This has made me really conscious of the hum of my drive now. I've had to switch it off. Driving me nuts 🤣🤣 🤣 Actually I tend to use an SSD as a working drive these days, either an internal or external. I move the files when I am finished working on them and just relink them to the Lightroom catalog.
  19. I did another review and signs are my biggest earner. I went out late at dusk today and captured 20 more. 🙂 Of course shooting signs is not highly creative, but I make sure the composition and design is on the money. Go get 'em, Marianne!
  20. Cold, gray and dreary here - processing old shots from warmer days. But Ed, your recommendations are excellent. I have few signs but some have licensed multiple times, highest high $$, so I should do more (when the sun comes out - even if it's cold). Get in some steps too. Too easy to stay indoors when it's cold and gray.
  21. I don't know any politicians or famous people, am not a sports fan, and have no staged shots of perfect looking people doing trendy things, and I continue to do surprisingly OK (touch wood). Alamy is a big tent, although it has gotten very crowded and sprung a number of serious leaks in recent years.
  22. Yes I hate those type of ads - they seem to appear on certain channels when I'm watching certain programmes - I find them totally inappropriate ! Carol
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