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  2. but i think viewfinder would mean with the adjustment i could function with on near-sighted correcting contacts. so that would be an option...
  3. yeah, it works for short period but still fogs up after extended period outdoors plus due to astigmatism it plays with the angle so not optimal. i have found masks that pinch nose work ok, but get uncomfortable after a while..... our guidelines are iffy on outdoors, plus i have found many people still are not serious about the pandemic, was told by 3 people yesterday it was all a scam yet again....
  4. My closeup vision is good enough to use the camera menus and dials without needing glasses although it can be a bit of a strain. I usually wear shades when outdoors taking pictures. I expect you might want to do that as well - as mentioned in the other thread, probably the biggest change along with the new excellent vision is the brightness. I take them off when shooting and have lost count of the number of pairs I have lost from putting them in my pocket or damaged from putting them in my camera bag and then putting the camera in on top of them. I am down to my last pair right now and reluct
  5. +1 IME, for more than a year, Google has proved pretty poor - apart from Google Books. Tin Eye has only ever found one that wasn't easily found elsewhere. Bing occasionally finds images not to be found by Google - and Yandex has been the engine which comes up with most unique finds. As Allan B has mentioned in another thread, Google often tries to be too clever for it's own good. His example being that it separated allanbellimages into 3 separate words. When I search for my surname, I get lots of results for Alfred Hitchcock - because it splits Callcut into "call c
  6. Thanks for the links. Math textbooks often use images like these -- so always a good idea to use some math-related keywords like geometric, geometry, etc. with these types of images.
  7. I also had one later today - a UK PU sale. Maybe it's worth moaning!
  8. They can report at any time, but frequently crop up towards the end of the month, often in the last week.
  9. I wore progressive lenses for several years and always took them off when taking pictures. I did have to put them back on, though, to make camera adjustments. Now that I've had cataract surgery, I only need glasses for reading. Fortunately, my closeup vision is now good enough (just) to see the camera screen and dials. Fogging-up when wearing a mask was a real problem for me as well. There's a marketing possibility for some smart person who can design an inexpensive "fog-free" mask for people who wear "specs" (as my British parents used to say).
  10. Sorry to hear that. A small sale popped up today, giving me only four for the month so far. I usually have a dozen or so by now. A flurry would be nice for sure.
  11. do newspaper sales not report until later? i've seen a lot of reference to this lately
  12. Ok. I interpreted the question differently as he said he only uses the near sighted part of his glasses in most photo taking and he asked about disposable contacts for near sight correction. If that is what he meant then I was saying they are unnecessary if there is a viewfinder dioptre correction on the camera. We shall see when he returns.
  13. Today
  14. I'm confused now. I understand that we can now add URLs to our Part 1 DACS claim showing UK website uses, but I'd assumed that we shouldn't include websites of UK Newspapers? Mark
  15. well, this extension searches for the identification of photos or images and not for keywords, I think it is by artificial intelligence, where a lot of screws can be interpreted as pasta! I dont know how to help you
  16. JFP, Wow, having the same problem, with glasses fogging up. I now carry microfiber cloths everywhere I go... It is a pain, but the options are worse. I have heard about rubbing shaving cream on your eyeglass lenses keeps them from fogging? I've not tried it yet. Chuck
  17. Google reverse image search used to work really well, but lately it rarely finds anything. I never had much luck on Tineye to begin with so gave up on that one a long time ago.
  18. I find GIS works but finds barely a third of my uses, Tineye hardly at all. If you add -alamy.com (along with as many of the national sites as you can be bothered with) to the search string you can exclude a lot of the Alamy site results. I did find an older use on Twitter today, licensed last year but only used recently (though it could be a reuse). So it may be worth waiting a while.
  19. I think emu is having problems with the mask, not the viewfinder. He's trying to avoid glasses altogether. I wish I could.
  20. I might have mentioned this before. Have you tried putting the nosepiece over the top of the mask? It helps a bit. Like this. Less in the cold weather. We don't have to wear masks outdoors, though.
  21. Most modern cameras have dioptre adjustments for viewfinders so there is no need for closeup glasses unless using live view.
  22. Curious. I have progressive glasses, but i am pretty sure i only use the near sighted part in most of the photo taking. Why i am asking is since I have a feeling masks are going to be a reality for a while, and i am struggling with the fogging up, if i should pick up some disposable contacts that correct my near sighted part (i used to have some for diving) for long outdoors photo excursions.
  23. same here, 5 licences in first half, and now zilch, plus zero known/found licences that I am expecting...
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