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  2. Good point. I guess they could always use a tough-sounding or male alias instead of their real names. At a couple of local restaurants I've been too, the servers ask you for your contact info, which seems like a better idea than having a sign-in book on display to other customers. Our privacy is compromised in too many ways already.
  3. i thought so too, until a few female friends of mine told me why it wasn't such a good idea. Such difficult time, everything is balance.
  4. sorry a bit late, wasn't paying attention.. Thanks for this. 👍.. (sad the guy needed to get Covid for me to get a sale 😷)
  5. Yes go and get tested sounds reasonable except you can't easily get tested and some people have been asked to travel from London to Aberdeen to get one. So you have to self isolate. Of course people aren't going to do that so they give false names and avoid co-operation. The failure is that the testing is not there. Unfortunately our PM who often likes to show off his Latin seems unable to say 'mea culpa' and so the blame game goes on.
  6. In BC, you wouldn't be forced to self-quarantine for two weeks, so I guess things are different here. It's more of a public service than a government dictate. If I were contacted by a restaurant, I'd go and get tested right away, as I imagine most people would. Most shops -- other than some clothing stores -- don't take your contact info here. They just limit the number of customers allowed in and sometimes ask that you wear a mask. I don't go into a store without a mask on.
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  8. Google Images is something of a hodgepodge. However, I notice that the "Licensable" badge is appearing on my PS images that do come up in Google image searches since I asked PS to add the necessary URLs to my metadata. It will be interesting to see if all this goes anywhere. No flood of inquiries to report yet. 😉
  9. Why would I want to go to a bar and give my details then find somebody out else goes there and reports Covid symptoms. I get traced though quite likely nowhere near the person who reported symptoms, could have been completely different times, and lose my liberty for two weeks? They don't do that in shops. Like most of this it does not make sense. The government running schemes to get people into bars and restaurants and then blaming them for being irresponsible. Trouble is government here in UK does not want to take responsibility, especially our ' leader' and always looking for someone else to blame. More 'punishment' is imminent I suspect.
  10. In Vancouver, some restaurants ask you to leave your name and telephone number for purposes of contact-tracing, which is a good idea IMO. There is usually a bottle of hand-sanitizer next to the sign-in book so that you can clean your hands afterwards. I haven't had to fill out any official-looking forms yet. However, they could be on the way as the predicted fall COVID "surge" seems to be starting here already, and the provincial government will probably have to start imposing tighter restrictions on restaurants. They have already had to clamp down more on bars. It's a weird new world out there. 🙄
  11. A nice $$$ license for this one. USA editorial use. A Laos cookery class. .
  12. I think the caption plays a heavy role in the searches so if they are good and accurate then all is not lost. However, I have had to go back over a lot of live news images and take stuff out which is throwing up irrelevant searches. So worth editing the captions at least as they go into stock as the captions one writes for live news are not necessarily the same as are good for stock images..
  13. You can use Alamy Lightroom Bridge though to import your keywords into LR and take it from there.
  14. A first for me in National Geographic - spotted though not reported yet. Someone please tell me why they chose this image though when I had others without the cutoff background. I'm not even sure why I uploaded it except it was a nice low angle. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/2020/09/libraries-respond-to-coronavirus-with-book-bikes-and-virtual-festivals/ Edit: I guess this ought to have been in 'Have you found any..." rather than sales since it is not yet reported.
  15. I'm exclusive with Alamy too, Kumar. Been home most of the day. So far, I've not got a single image tagged. 🤒 I went to Pret A Manger yesterday and Rudy’s today to get a coffee. They wanted me to fill out a form. My full name, telephone number, and email, and two other items of info. What? A new government policy, they say. Policy? They want to hand me a possibly germ-ridden pen to write on a germ-ridden sheet of paper to buy a coffee? How does this help control the spread of Covid-19? It’s nonsense!
  16. I do the same Edo - always have. It is probably not the most efficient way of doing it, but I find it easier to do in AIM, and I am not selling my images through any other outlet so that benefit of tagging before uploading is not relevant to me Kumar
  17. It's Pegwell Bay, Ramsgate and the Belle Vue is now the Belle Vue Tavern. The big clue was 'Banger's Potted Shrimp Factory' on the sign at the back on the left.
  18. @Bob Wick As a fellow American, the issue with Live News is also that we are hours behind so that we start out at a time disadvantage (5-6 for me in NY and even more for you out west) as it is not really 24 hours, but simply a day. On the other hand, once you are approved for Live News I think you will find them quite helpful and responsive. That has been my past experience, although I have not shot any news images since Covid began. It never hurts to reach out to local & regional publications on your own. Alamy has licensed stock for me to some very local markets here in the US, but with time constraints, taking advantage of your own contacts can't hurt. And most important - Welcome to Alamy! They are a good market for the regional stuff you described (regional/national parks) particularly when there is not much competition. Alamy is known for the breadth of its library, and editors and web designers seem to seek them out when they can't find very specific images. I just had a sale today based on a search of a small town on the east coast that is relatively unknown but slowly becoming more of a tourist destination, and it is not the first time I've sold images from there - both editorial and to local businesses - via Alamy. So, good luck!
  19. I was notified this morning that I've been approved for Reportage and Archive. So the question is answered, how long that process takes. 🙂
  20. Glad it's not just me then! It takes me awfully long to go through some sets of images and after the hours spent I often tell myself I must speed up the process... but I know it just means I'd let silly things slip. One of the last things I do before hitting the export button is a final sweep at 1:1 for dust spots and I almost always have to go back and make corrections. Now that the nights are drawing in I've also taken to waiting until morning to do an export as editing under artificial light can cause funny things to happen.
  21. Always tag before uploading, so prep in AIM is minimal. PP and tagging 10-14 images takes about two hours roughly. Painful. I try to take care with each image. Never batch PP, but will tag a few of the same subject together.
  22. Beautiful country. I love mountains, but no longer can go up in them. Actually never should have. But I was a sponsor for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop twice on ski trips. I learned to ski there, and went on another 6 or so family ski trips. My irregular heart beat was made much worse by the thin air and I always had altitude sickness. I loved skiing so much that I soldiered through. I finally, after some pretty severe chest pain, realized I could no longer do that if I wanted to survive. There are two things I adore. Mountains and beaches/sea. I do well snorkeling or beach combing!
  23. As I plan to keep a viable archive even in this digital age I always do basic keywording in Photoshop adding © credit so that set of files could be a coherent source in the future. Some of the images go back 50 years and are still selling to-day. There is always the chance the images I create to-day may have a good long life. One of the photographers I used to represent had such appalling handwriting that after too many attempts to get him to help me identify some of the subjects, I just sent it all back. Good photographs but, in effect, unidentified so useless.
  24. If that's the case, will one of these bring the camera back to life?
  25. Hello, Pete Yes, I have an account with them, but for this match they say: "This match is not a viable case. Pixsy has detected that this domain falls outside of the jurisdictions we currently support." The domain of the possible infringer is Greece. I have contacted by two different emails. Got no response yet (as Alamy did). If they don't reply in a couple of days I will try to contact them via social media. Thank you and regards
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