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  2. Super black leopard photos

    And the second image has the rock detail bleeding through the cat's legs. Perhaps it's just the nature of using that kind of equipment that images require manipulation
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  4. Images sold in February 2019

    "Some Fern". Outdooor sculpture by Kerry Morrison, 1997. Grizedale Forest Park, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom, Europe. - Image ID: AR8W9W Walks of art: six of the best trails in the UK. The Guardian.
  5. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Today, February 17th is the first anniversary of the fire on Mulberry Street in NYC that made me homeless. I don't know if the building is open yet or if Angelo's has reopened. If any of you happen to walk by 146 Mulberry, please let me know. I would like to take a minute and again thank the forum and Alamy and Ian and the others who stepped up to help me in those scary first months. Thank you so much. For the moment I've landed on my feet, if on a rather slippery surface here in Seville. Poco a poco. Gracias, amigos Edo
  6. Exclusive and Ranking

    It will weaken Alamy's negotiating position. They won't even have to find the image elsewhere.
  7. Die schönsten Bahnstrecken Deutschlands The most beautiful railway lines in Germany The Mouse Tower (Mäuseturm) and the castle Ehrenfels at Bingen, Germany. C156BC Mauritius Images / Tom Uhlenberg / Alamy RM
  8. Have you found any Alamy images in February 2019?

    *You’re welcome Stan Guardian Online 16.02.2019 P6RD6D CW Images Pilgrim Statue on the hilltop at Strata Florida Abbey Pontrhydfendigaid Ceredigion P90JNR Irina Poliakova Seven Sisters Cliffs, South Downs National Park, KPXJGX Peter Cripps The sun shining over the Cuckmere Valley EYF54B Ian Dagnall The historic clapper bridge over the East Dart River in Postbridge, Dartmoor P7724W Simon Dack Brighton & Hove city council rubbish bins waiting to be collected on streets of Hanover area
  9. Sunday Times 17th idp manchester airport collection British Midland Airbus A320-232 Airliner G-MIDO Taking Off From Manchester International Airport England United Kingdom UK - Image ID: C83EM3 Roberto Herrett Northcliffe Drive in Totteridge, London, UK. - Image ID: HM68TJ Lordprice Collection Metro Land London Underground 1914 poster for the Metropolitan Line railway opening up suburban living - Image ID: B92CEG JOHN KELLERMAN London at twilight. County Hall, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. - Image ID: HDFGD2 Roger Bamber Two Roedean schoolgirl pupils compare notes in between lessons on the grand staircase at Roedean school. - Image ID: CEEJPW Tero Vesalainen Man using smartphone home at night. Addicted to mobile phone. Awake late, insomnia. Online dating app. Light from screen. - Image ID: PDRRAM Darren MEDLAND EUROPEAN COMMON FROG RANA TEMPORARIA - Image ID: MEKK5W Scottish Edition Westminster, London, 09th Jan 2019. Lesley Laird, MP and Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party. Politicians are interviewed on College Green to give their reactions to this afternoon's amendment vote in Parliament, which was lost by the government. Credit: Imageplotter News and Sports/Alamy Live News - Image ID: RBD787 LightField Studios Inc. unhappy child holding delicious ice cream cone and healthy asparagus - Image ID: PXKT8Y Mark Pink Scotrail Class 380 115 train standing at platform 4.Waverley station. Edinburgh - Image ID: F570ND Irish Edition Daniel Krasoń WROCLAW, POLAND- APRIL 10th, 2017: Woman is installing Airbnb application on Lenovo tablet. Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service - Image ID: J1CGYX fullempty Slime, green pate elastic and vicous on child's hand - Image ID: J5PBED George Sweeney First Trust Bank £20 notes. Issued by the First Trust Bank in Belfast, Northern Ireland. - Image ID: CFCGT2 UK Timber - Chris Ridley Modern treated wooden fencing in stacks at timber Merchants, England - Image ID: BGG8F8 Stefan Fierros Planting vegetable seeds in prepared soil - Image ID: CBDDP2 Business Passengers resting legs on luggage - can't find it Home Photimageon Raised bed vegetable plot set into lawn with bamboo bean poles and potato plant seedlings. - Image ID: HA0XH4 Gary K Smith Crab Apple, john downie, variety best for preserves, - Image ID: BDR9NP Picking gooseberries - can't find it John Glover leaf mold - Image ID: BWPXR4 John Glover Fennel Foeniculum vulgare flowers herb perennial summer green yellow July kitchen garden plant - Image ID: DBM9RP Collection of herbs against a wooden fence - can't find it Commission Air An aerial view of the Essex County Cricket Ground in Chelmsford - Image ID: FEWPXY Travel Andrew Pearson Galápagos fur seal underwater - Image ID: F3TBHH Norbert Probst Dead Galapagos sharks (Carcharhinus galapagensis) in orphaned fishing net, Wolf Island, Galapagos Archipelago - Image ID: R1H8B3 Backyard Productions Amager power station and ski slope in Copenhagen in Denmark - Image ID: KHNA1G Robert Smith Basement of Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs, a restaurant and bar in Riga, Republic of Latvia, Baltics, December 2018 - Image ID: RC3DHT Reinhold Tscherwitschke Three Brothers, A Cluster Of Medieval Houses In Old Town, Riga Latvia - Image ID: R6DHF0 Peter Forsberg Freedom monument at the end of Brivibas bulvaris boulevard in Riga Latvia Europe - Image ID: B360HW travelbild Lincoln Cathedral, in the old town, is a historic Anglican cathedral in Lincoln in England and seat of the Bishop of Lincoln in the Church of England. - Image ID: KYEMAK Paul Vidler Steep Hill in Lincoln with Cathedral, shops and Jew's House Restaurant, Lincolnshire, England, UK - Image ID: BFKW2J
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  11. Found in the Mail by Adie Photograph of Travel Aviation Insurance Website Concept Photographer: Rawpixel Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: HN91FJ
  12. Press IPTC looks like a useful tool but I can't get it to run on my new phone running Android 8.0 It doesn't "see" any pictures and looks like it is asking me to give a file location. It works fine on my old phone :-(
  13. Exclusive and Ranking

    They can do this just now, if they're very price conscious. Alamy has said they don't see it happening much. Anecdotal info from suppliers is 'mixed'. Although much is made here of low prices elsewhere, you need to make a commitment to buy a lot of images to get the low prices. At some of the 'other places', if you just want a single image it can cost more than on Alamy, in some cases.
  14. Exclusive and Ranking

    But this is a double-edged sword.. it means that a clever customer will realise that any image that they find in the 'normal' tab but not the 'exclusive' tab is likely to be available somewhere else so they might well go and look for it. This would result in Alamy (and contributors) losing money so I'm not sure I see it happening.
  15. Exclusive and Ranking

    It's called 'walking on very thin ice' IMO.
  16. Depressing story

    It seems to me that our mindsets and business plans are being adjusted for us.
  17. Depressing story

    Well, it definitely won't make you rich. No print run numbers given, so on microstock you might have literally walked away with pennies if it had been a standard license. I get your point, though.
  18. Exclusive Images - Downward Spiral

    You are far from being the only one.
  19. Depressing story

    Just for clarity. Microstock is RF, but both Alamy RF and Alamy RM are not Microstock. Yet.
  20. Depressing story

    I would want to know the economic model under which the image was offered up on a microstock site. Did the talented photographer take the image on paid assignment? Is the talented photographer a paid leader of photo tours? Is the talented photographer a paid ambassador for a camera manufacture? Did the talented photographer, or their estate, sell the image copyright outright to the microstock site for an upfront payment from the microstock site? Did the talented photographer have a profitable picture book published on Maya culture. Is the talented photographer also a paid writer? Is the talented photographer a social media influencer? In other words, did the photographer make a large profit on the image before it started making an even larger profit from microstock sales? Not so depressing, if you are in both a position and a mindset to adjust your business plan. More of a pointer to the future of profitable stock photography, Microstock or not.
  21. Depressing story

    I think that means that it's a quarterly magazine. How can the placement be inside and inside or cover on the same licence I'm guessing that the licence allows the file to be used for either use. But actually, the placement is specified in this case as being inside (I didn't notice that at first).
  22. Depressing story

    Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size:1 page Start: 01 February 2018 End: 01 February 2023 Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. $12.57 Gross direct sale many of these in last 12 months but this licence(1 of 3 in april last year) is somewhat misleading. How can the placement be inside and inside or cover on the same licence. How can the duration be 3 months when the period is feb 18 to feb 23!
  23. Exclusive and Ranking

    Indeed. Exclusive on Alamy means the photographer is only selling this image on Alamy. There's no guarantee that another photographer isn't selling an almost identical image elsewhere. Mark
  24. Depressing story

    And this is one of my Alamy sales in October: Country: Worldwide Usage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, cover and/or inside, repeat use within a single issue Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 25 September 2018 End: 25 September 2020 $ 52.41 (gross) ... I could go on. :-(
  25. Exclusive and Ranking

    However, offering images as exclusive is not without risk for Alamy -- e.g. customers' definitions of "exclusive" will no doubt vary .
  26. Depressing story

    Just checked, and extended licenses at this popular micro agency seem to run from approximately $68 to $100, better but still a bargain -- especially for a cover -- for the magazine and not much for the photographer. Hmmm... why am I not surprised that Time would have been caught cheating.
  27. Exclusive Images - Downward Spiral

    When I started with Alamy years ago contributors were receiving 60%, then 50%, now down to 40%. I think we all know where this will go eventually. I have moved more towards photojournalism from general stock and make my living I photography and have many images on the news wire so I can not make all images exclusive. I have been reasonably happy with my relationship with Alamy with weeks sales - some for decent money - but am now reconsidering. Now actively looking at alternatives
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