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  2. Yes that guy has some amazing photos. Incredible that he can do them handheld. Looking forward to seeing more. I have nothing much to offer myself yet. I am pretty exhausted - the Covid-19 acting up again πŸ˜ŸπŸ™‚
  3. Green Violet-ear (Colibri thalassinus), Costa Rica The 'a' are my raindrops Betty πŸ˜„
  4. looks way closer than 2m, call the police
  5. That is an exceptional image for hand held. I notice he has an image of a wolf spider with young, believe me that would take the patience of a saint to produce. I have hundreds of there spiders running around my feet in the garden and know how timid they are. They are about half the size of a 5p piece. Here's one I did ( a dead One). Again a female carrying her egg sack. It's getting late now, I will go into more detail tomorrow.
  6. I have an acquaintance (VIA Facebook) who does handheld stacks and seems to have mastered it. Here's an early one of his. https://www.oliverwrightphotography.com/portfolio/view/five-times-magnification-portrait-of-a-marbled-white-butterfly/macro
  7. I haven't done much, but I would certainly agree that for closeups, moving the camera causes far fewer problems than refocusing the lens, which can change the size of the in-focus part of the subject, causing huge problems especdially when you are using more than two or three images.
  8. Cat’s have such character. Our Rita, as a tiny kitten, came to live with us in Oxford in 1987 and lived to 18 years of age. We named her after a waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe in London. She had five kittens , two of which we kept but sadly she outlived both of them. She was lovable but also very feisty. Come bedtime she would plant herself firmly on our bed and we would have to scoop her up in a towel to remove her from the room. When we took her to the vet he would put elbow length gauntlets on to give her a shot! She always knew if we were going on holiday and would go awol the morning we were supposed to take her to the cattery! We took to locking her in the night before. Still miss her!
  9. Here's interesting article -- interview with George Gao, head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/03/not-wearing-masks-protect-against-coronavirus-big-mistake-top-chinese-scientist-says?fbclid=IwAR1VC7d4zmTCDgPV-fmlyyPHDXIFRUqTO11NvEkDKn5TJneYZSJSABClZQU# Many interesting points, from effectiveness of masks to remdesivir testing to opinion about "Chinese virus" label
  10. A friend in Yorkshire posted yesterday that his mum had died suddenly and his dad was in hospital. Today his dad passed away. I went shopping today in Morrisons, Shefford, Bedfordshire keeping the best distance I could from other shoppers,and a young staff member came in the front doors and immediately hugged one of her colleagues. They just don't get it.
  11. 28/03/2020 Daily Telegraph Review (print) Just the one but it made me smile. Still from the 1968 film Carry On Up The Khyber showing Charles Hawtrey as Private Widdle and Terry Scott as Sgt Major Macnutt, both of the Third Foot and Mouth Regiment. BP2F4Y AF archive
  12. Hey, I'm not a New Yorker -- I'm a Brooklyn boy. Brooklyn, the City Across the River, where the Murder Incoperated gang was.
  13. Yes they refunded me because of gov advice not to travel to manila phil. but rebooked us for November with another airline for little extra cost and certainly not Β£200 for each FLIGHT. We could have rebooked with the same airline for no extra up to June 30 but it's now too soon with the rapidly worsening conditions. When the gov advises against travel to a certain country travel insurance can become invalid so agencies have to either refund you or re-book
  14. as a bilingual Canadian, i always said the English part in polite, the French part is sarcastic. so when in say "i'm sorry" you never know what i intended... πŸ™‚
  15. Not sure if you are serious but just in case you are, this was in an email sent out by United Utilities a few days ago... Please remember to only flush the three Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Please do not flush kitchen roll, wet wipes or newspaper down the toilet as these can cause major sewer blockages, bin them instead.
  16. Congratulations. The "All rights" thing is a bit troubling, though. I wonder what it means in this case.
  17. No problem. Everything worked out in the end. Hope your lawn mower still works. πŸ˜‰
  18. That song is actually on my playlist, sandwiched between a Blondie track and the theme from a cartoon show. Yes, I'm weird.
  19. That is a really fantastic photo. Please explain how it was done if you remember: equipment, technique (did you move the camera manually or on a motor etc). Some of the latest Nikon cameras have an automatic method (Nikon call it focus shift which is a misnomer) of taking a set of pictures at different focus distances without moving the camera. I am using a D850 with Micro-Nikkor 105 lens and have been experimenting a little to get the optimum settings but not yet getting in really close into the macro world. The shot above used 7 raw images at f8, ISO 64, combined in Helicon Focus and tidied up in Photoshop. I will elaborate on the internal camera settings if anyone shows an interest.
  20. I've been to Copan Ruinas three times, first time in 1996, when the town was very different. A few of my ruins shots have licensed, but the less-photographed subjects do much better. A couple of my Copan ruins images have done well on POD sites. I love Copan and Western Honduras in general. Beautiful countryside and unassuming people. Hope to get back there one day.
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