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  2. You are correct. Some of the images I’ve posted here are several years old. If you have something from 10 years ago you want to share, post it.
  3. I couldn't quite believe what I was reading here! It's so obviously an injustice to refund an old sale then immediately repost the sale on terms which then favour Alamy and disadvantage the contributor, that I couldn't believe Alamy would knowlingly do it. I've been confidently expecting that Alamy would make an appearance here to say, Our hands are up we made a boo boo and overlooked the fact that rectifying it it would leave contributors worse off. Sorry folks, we'll set things to rights with haste. That is what has happened and will happen, isn't it Alamy? Surely? I've never ha
  4. I don't know about others but I was very hesitant to continue with the new contract. After months of not adding photos, but instead deleting many of them, I finally decided to give it a go. That was this past weekend. I submitted a lot of photos in-waiting and then this happened yesterday. This really makes me very, very uncomfortable. Many years ago I had a blog that I worked on for years and one day I received an email stating they will no longer be hosting the blog site and all of that work just disappeared. One person on this person really helped me by finding a portion of the blog b
  5. Didn't see any talks, not really my thing. Glad you had a worthwhile trip.
  6. Did anyone visit the Alamy stand? Any useful information gained? Mark
  7. I hope people understand the potential implication of what is being done here with recalculating based on new dates, status and contract. Had these happened next year this could have had major implication for a contributor, much more then current examples. Here is the potential impact Sale on $89 in June 2022 to a contributor, raising their annual total to $300 . The contributor now gets paid $35.60. (40% under current deal) In July 2022, a nice sale of $150, receive $60, paid at end of August. Mid September 2022, the June 2022
  8. Daily Mail online : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10012951/Brits-bask-sunshine-day-summer-ahead-wind-rain-set-lash-north.html Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK weather. 21st September 2021.Temperature of 10 degrees centigrade, a young female cyclist takes yoga exercise on the sandy beach just after sunrise by the Firth of Forth. Credit: Arch White/Alamy Live News. Contributor: Arch White / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2GMTHGW
  9. Was not working for me earlier today but A-OK now. Jeff must have fixed it.
  10. Gawblimey its working. It always has... search term = %house% WHY ME WHY ME ?? Search Term : %house% Return to all searches Results per page: 20 50 100 Page 1 of 124 Go to page: < Previous | Next >
  11. Worthwhile trip then especially meeting up with the others 😄 Enjoy your new products.... Carol
  12. Damn! Wish I had checked here before as I was at the PS over Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I was also giving a talk about Mongolia so if you saw it then that was me! Was well worth going from my own perspective. Can't say why just yet ;)
  13. Yet another PR own goal by Alamy. They keep on coming......😝
  14. Don't be like that. It's supposed to be an uplifting thread.
  15. Alamy put a link in Twitter to "Animals in Action" and my jumping polar bear is included. Such a good feeling to be on the same page as Martin Harvey (and other well-known wildlife photographers). Paulette
  16. Then why criticize him for a post that made me smile. Paulette
  17. Not working at all here. Not even my own. Allan
  18. Even at that Mark; I had one picture in print (Spanish paper – one month use - thankfully flagged in "Images found" by a fellow contributor) that appeared in the paper in February 2019. It was eventually invoiced (after a chase) in September 2019 and had a licence start date of 01 August 2019, End date 01 August 2024 but the licence I repeat also said “One month” So it was physically used seven months before invoicing. The saga continued – the paper then used the image in two further articles long after a month was up. I challenged Alamy again and eventually a fiv
  19. Thank you. I learn a little bit more each and every day.☺️ Allan
  20. I click through to the image, click "share" and copy and paste the second link down ("direct link"). This one. "https://i.postimg.cc/pV5jjz6K/242207562-537796737291879-1886914869889640070-n.jpg" (quotes added so it shows as text) The top one ("link") just does this. https://postimg.cc/fkZkntZb
  21. OK Mr Magician, 🤨 how did you get the image to appear in the forum? Allan
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