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  2. I find GIS works but finds barely a third of my uses, Tineye hardly at all. If you add -alamy.com (along with as many of the national sites as you can be bothered with) to the search string you can exclude a lot of the Alamy site results. I did find an older use on Twitter today, licensed last year but only used recently (though it could be a reuse). So it may be worth waiting a while.
  3. I think emu is having problems with the mask, not the viewfinder. He's trying to avoid glasses altogether. I wish I could.
  4. I might have mentioned this before. Have you tried putting the nosepiece over the top of the mask? It helps a bit. Like this. Less in the cold weather. We don't have to wear masks outdoors, though.
  5. Most modern cameras have dioptre adjustments for viewfinders so there is no need for closeup glasses unless using live view.
  6. Curious. I have progressive glasses, but i am pretty sure i only use the near sighted part in most of the photo taking. Why i am asking is since I have a feeling masks are going to be a reality for a while, and i am struggling with the fogging up, if i should pick up some disposable contacts that correct my near sighted part (i used to have some for diving) for long outdoors photo excursions.
  7. same here, 5 licences in first half, and now zilch, plus zero known/found licences that I am expecting...
  8. Do any of these reverse search engines actually find images in use? I've experimented a little with Tin Eye, the Firefox extension, and with Google Image search. Choosing several images which I know have been published on the internet they fail to find them - apart from one time. They just find the image on the stock site where it has come from/is also available. So, I can find images on multiple language Alamy and Getty sites, my own website but no actual real website uses. I understand that this is useful if you want to find where to go to license an ima
  9. Facebook today announced the imminent launch of Facebook News - a personalised news service offering users articles reprinted fron the major newspapers including the Times, Telegraph, Mail, etc. The newspaper will be paid for the right to reprint articles. What about the photographs within them? Will we photographers be paid for their reuse? What about image theft, much easier from Facebook? How does it affect the duration of a licence? Will editorial restricions still apply? I'm sure this plan will raise a myriad of questions. I'm keen to know if Alamy has given any th
  10. You'll get a variety of sale prices. I'd expect you'll do well coming from Canada, speaking of which my cousin lives in Alberta and her name is...(drum roll) Christine Baker.
  11. Today
  12. Hadn't sold anything since the end of June, but this popped up today: bagpipes from when I lived in the Virginia DC suburbs. Bagpipes, low $$, editorial book, Up to 5,000 print and electronic use, up to 1 page, World-All Languages, 7 year duration: I don't think this was ever zoomed, and I doubt bagpipes are underrepresented on Alamy.
  13. I did the same thing when going from PC to Mac. I was afraid I’d lose some software I’d spent money on. Then I realized I almost never used Boot Camp anymore, then down to never. The software? I found other things that worked just as well or better. It was more of a security blanket for me, to do with the unknown issues that might arise from the changeover. Plus the guy at Best Buy was a great salesman. 😁
  14. Just a request that Alamy please considers if there are any ways that it can offer help to contributors trying to figure out UK URLs for the new section of the DACS claim. For example, is there any licence wording that can be easily matched with a specific uses (such as the BBC), or licence wording which identifies newspaper website use which can be disregarded (perhaps the term 'article' is only used with reference to newspapers?). As the CLA/DACS system develops it seems that yet another hurdle is thrown in the path of Alamy photographers who are being asked for info
  15. For anyone outside the UK: don’t be alarmed. This is not an animal protection issue…
  16. I did ask a guy out for a walk why the difference in speed limits " So the holiday makers don't get confused". Moving swiftly onwards.....
  17. finally broke my duck on the 26th of the month. $$ PU which doesn't really save the month. Same image which fetched very high $$$ back in August. Go figure?
  18. Here's a couple of photos of a school near me taken on my local exercise walks. These were taken a week apart.
  19. 🙂🙂 Makes perfect sense, if you drive on the wrong side of the road you should do so more slowly!
  20. The issue was resolved way back. The OP was using a 32 bit version rather than 64 bit. Using the 64 bit version was the solution.
  21. There is an Advanced search button next to the tabs New Creative Relevant in the main search page for clients. NOT on the front page of Alamy, only after they have seen the first results. The first item in the roll down menu is Search by Contributor name. That is in fact a search by a contributor's pseudonym. Not his or her real name. Unless the pseudonym is the same as his or her real name. Which for photographers traditionally has been the standard practice. Whether it makes sense for you to use pseudonyms other than your own name is up to you. I would use your ow
  22. I was getting the same issue and follow the steps form here - https://appuals.com/photoshop-not-enough-ram-error/ which worked for me
  23. And my back yard! If ever you do get this trip sorted out let me know and we can go out on a few photo shoots. I am always happy to be a tourist guide.
  24. Well this is a bit weird - not sold for over twenty years then two within a month. Another sale dropped in this morning, low $$ this time and a distributor sale to Brazil.
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