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  2. been awhile

    You’ll see plenty of other similar threads which will be helpful for you to read, rather than other contributors repeating themselves. I disagree that your captions cannot be improved eg one simply titled “car boot sale” which is appears to have been taken by a drone, so why not incorporate that?
  3. Old guy, new stock shooter

    Thanks, John.
  4. Sony Camera Unacceptable?

    I'll answer to bump the post- hopefully someone will come along to say "RX100" or "NEX" or whatever. Sensor much too small, zoom much too long. Reviews say no RAW and noisy at high ISO. jpegs from small sensors have no chance with QC.
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Guardian online 21.05.18 C5RX2M Bill Coster Common Swift CRDDAG Juliet Ferguson Sign for the Cinema Nova Brussels Belgium FB670M Wiskerke Brussels Cook & Book book store
  6. Surely it's sunny 16 (at 125th)? Shutter speed the reciprocal of the ISO rating. So 8-11 at 250th. That's what it used to say on the inside of film boxes.
  7. First sale was after 4 months and 460 images, it was of the love locks bridge in Paris.
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  9. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    201/5/2018. The Telegraph. Giant Union Jack British Dr Martens boot display on shopfront on Camden High Street, London, England, UK. Alex Segre. BM536J
  10. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    ALamy Photograph found on Nat Geo .au Photographer VLADIMIR POMORTZEFF Found by Rob Cook
  11. Old guy, new stock shooter

    In the UK/EU it's Plant Breeder's Rights that affect the sale and propagation of patented varieties of plants. There are no restrictions on the sale of images of protected plants. Other jurisdictions have similar schemes,
  12. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Australian Sunday Telegraph travel supplement May 20th. Front cover. Ron Niebrugge. Alamy credit only. The dark centre of the image has been considerably lightened by publisher. Kayaking in Bear Lagoon, Kenai Fjord National Park, Alaska.
  13. Old guy, new stock shooter

    Hi Miles, Johnnie5 has been with Alamy longer and has a much larger portfolio than I do, but so far my experience confirms what he said. My sales of American subjects are fewer in number but have brought higher income than the European ones. Cheers and welcome to the forum, Don ...or Doug. I think every male of my surname also answers to that.
  14. Patrick, It is pretty simple, on a bright sunny day at 100 ISO the exposure is 250 between 5.6 and 8. I spent decades using Leica's with no built in meter and you learn to make exposures or at least know when your built in meter is not working. the AE1 was not one of Canon's best efforts. I only used the F-1s and latter the T-90's which were great bodies.
  15. Old guy, new stock shooter

    There is a lens profile in Lightroom for the Sigma and when you create the preset include the lens profile and make sure to check the remove Chromatic Aberration and enable profile corrections under Lens Correction. I had several QC failures when I first got the lens, but I have sold many photos taken with it, several taken within the first few hours that I owned the lens. I think here in the US you may not sell the volume of photos that you could in the UK as the newspapers there use many more photos than the papers here plus TV stations and newspapers here get a lot of free content from the public. I think you generally get higher prices here when you do get sales. Many of your photos of historic sites could be sold for books which bring a higher price. Your photos don't have to be fancy or exotic to sell, just well done. I think one thing you will notice here is that we all shoot just about anything that does and doesn't move and we are all still learning.
  16. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Cheers folks! Times 21st E5T6W0 Lenscap London, UK. 5th August 2014 Used Nitrous Oxide Bulbs, Also know as Laughing Gas, It is used as a recreational drug and is not illegal for over 18's to purchase and use. DT6F56 Hugh Whitaker Mother and Father with daughter taking family portrait with mobile phone M62E1B Igor Stevanovic Alone sad man using mobile phone to send text message by the window in winter afternoon while it is snowing outside, JGB2XT Dmytro Zinkevych Positive aged woman doing squats in the park Scottish Edition BXN3PH Simon Belcher Offshore Wind Farm, UK EG51GM David J. Green BT Openreach engineer working on a broadband internet fibre cabinet in the street
  17. A Simpler Workflow

    I have both the original RX100 and the 3, and have never set aperture or SS. Always on auto and a few times one of the night modes. I have submitted hundreds that have passed easily. They are the only two cameras where I have ever shot auto for stock. But still RAW except for one of the night modes that only gives jpegs. Possibly the hand-held twilight mode. It’s been a couple of years since I used the night modes. Betty
  18. Old guy, new stock shooter

    Hey, thanks Johnnie. Crop less. Yeah, that's hard for me to do, but I'll work on it. I understand the reason. The Sigma is a good lens (imo) in many ways, but with bright white (overcast) skies, it's sometimes a bear for chromatic aberration on the top limbs of trees. I know how to use the manual CA adjustments in Lightroom, but in my experience, that sometimes leaves it obvious that it's been (what the agencies call) over-processed. Still, on a Canon crop sensor camera, it gives a full-frame equivalent of 28-80mm, which is a pretty good range. Thanks for chiming in. PS: Let me ask one other question: Do you think that , by living "across the pond" we are at a disadvantage selling on ALAMY?
  19. Old guy, new stock shooter

    You have some nice photos. I would crop less and leave room for copy space or make two versions of some photos. I think the rule of thumb here is shoot one each horizontal, vertical, and canted, think about book/magazine covers and the like. I have the Sigma 17-50 and it is a great lens, just watch for chromatic aberration and fringing. You can create a preset in Lightroom to automatically remove CA upon import.
  20. A new one on me

    Once upon a time in another life I was a watercolor artist. I often painted from photographs, but first I set out and took the photograph I used for reference. I was aware of copyright even then, and thought using another’s photo was against the rules. Maybe I was all wet. Before I started watercolor, I painted two oils. The one that was successful was my 2nd painting from a photo of an old barn taken from the highway on the way to visit my mother. The first I was just trying to figure out what the heck I was doing, since I never had instruction. Neither was mother immediately claimed the barn painting, (which came back to me at her death) and I donated the other to Goodwill. That said, I always made changes from photo to painting. If a branch stuck out ugly in front of a barn, it didn’t in the final painting. Different sky. Add a windmill. Whatever to make the painting sing. My understanding was that if one used another’s work, there had to be quite a large percent that was different from the reference, and then you could sell it. I did sell sell the watercolors. All painted from my imagination or my own photographs. Betty
  21. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Thank you. I do love, love, love the animals. Paulette
  22. Geological feature ID

    True but you never know, I managed to sell one of blue asbestos.
  23. Old guy, new stock shooter

    I have never heard it discussed here about flower patents. But you have raised a valid point. I would think a rose like “Peace” would be safe, it’s been around for a long time. If one knows that about flowers, all good. If they don’t, and new cultivars come out all the time, RM or RF editorial would be the safest way to go. For instance, “Knockout” rose bushes probably are still under patent. Doug, thanks for pointing that out. Although I have never heard of legal problems over selling photos of flowers, that doesn’t mean there have been none. Betty
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  25. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Thanks for the spot Iain. Nice to see the oldies still sell. I had three zooms on the same subject this week, the other two in in "F" range, four years later than the one that sold.
  26. been awhile

    just wondered , its been a while registered and upload my images on alamy but seem there is no movement yet on my dashboard.i mean have no image sold so far.on other site according to my experiences images sold fast and not throw a stone on me or try to bully now teaching how to tag or display my images.i think i know enoguh how to accomplish my task , but alamy did not give me any confidence so far although being on one of the image market leader site
  27. Images sold in May (one per day per contributor)

    Surprised, yes. Nice image, BTW. Rick
  28. A Simpler Workflow

    I can't open that app on a Mac, but my friend has a PC.
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