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  2. Just ask MS to do it. They're getting plenty of practice atm.
  3. Telegraph, Pictures of the Day, 19th Dec Mark Kerrison/Live News, London demo, R8TND0
  4. Cheers, I missed that bit, but we still need to see the detail, it's a step back in the right direction, but prices need to increase and maybe not let "Exclusive" images available for cheap fees Chris
  5. I will not accept this exclusivity. Simply because I don't trust Alamy like I trusted it before, there are a lot of problems that need to be addressed before cutting our commission and giving us "a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down". To have my RM images exclusive I want full transparency: I want to know how my pictures are priced, I want to know that my royalty is not lost somewhere because someone didn't notify the download. If they can fix all their problem it will be amazing otherwise I'll just treat Alamy like another micro stock agency that occasional sells also RM. Sorry for my bad English, I hope that I managed to convey my message!
  6. Edo in Sevilla . . .

    Edo, My daughter worked for ELI language school in Sevilla and they were great people so she stayed longer than intended. As Betty and John suggest perhaps they can help. She also used the language exchange (inter cambio) to help learn Spanish, but that is for down the road the important thing is to get yourself settled. Martin BTW: When we complain about the bureaucracy of countries as an ex-pat we forget that we have usually spent a lifetime establishing all the bureaucratic credentials in our native country, so it is not surprising that our new home looks to be excessively bureaucratic. I am sure new immigrants to any country will have similar challenges, but perhaps not always the language issues
  7. As important possibly more important. Without these issues sorted the 50% exclusive is pointless - 40c or 50c is just not something to get excited about. In fact, I think I have been more impressed, and certainly, it would have had a bigger effect on my trust, if these issues had been sorted first - or at least a big solid announcement that they would definitely be tackled and how. As it is I see a place where prices are falling, abuses are rampant, there seem to be several unnecessary ways contributors can be diddled, that in response to some sort of challenge, responds with taking 20% of contributors, and when this produces a totally foreseeable response, decide to toss contributors a cookie which is only half the size of the one just taken off them, but which makes absolutely no attempt to fix some of the clear foundational issues which are going to be responsible for a significant amount of the issues in the first place.
  8. Infringements - ImageRights Reach

    Imagerights worked well for me for about a year, it also happened to be while I was getting membership free through a third party. I don' t think the fee aspect had anything to do with the subsequent decline of income from imagerights. From memory they pursued about 15 cases for me and won maybe 8, the rest appear to be going no-where inspite of at least one of them being with an american government department. Payment has generally been £400 - £600 to me per infringement, so as far as I am concerned very good. However what appears to be happening now with not just imagerights but also copytrack who I have switched to is that infringers simply ignore the information sent to them from the collecting agency and I suspect that unless its for a very large sum its not worth the time going to court. If your images are registered in the US - see imageright for details, then I suspect you are far more likely to get US infringers to pay up. And to answer your initial question yes most of my payouts have been in the US. For UK infringers it may well be worth doing it yourself - assuming you are in the UK yourself. Its a lot of work initially but like so many other things in life get easier with practice I assume. I haven't done it myself though. Best of luck
  9. Exclusivity

    Yes well not all criminals are intelligent.
  10. Understanding Exclusivity

    Yes, that was quite clear
  11. Understanding Exclusivity

    Wasn't it made clear that personal websites did not conflict with the Alamy exclusivity requirement?
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  13. Exclusivity

    If I were a criminal, I could think of many more profitable activities than stock photography! Alex
  14. Changes made in the image manager seem to come into effect much quicker than the mentioned 48 hours. Yesterday evening after the video In unrestricted all may images and afterwards had a sale on the same day - so within less than four hours. It's nice that we can have sales again without selling our soul by accepting an unfair commission.
  15. Images sold in December

    An IQ sale, and the type of image I've been tempted to delete due to the far from perfect weather conditions at the time. I'll leave it for now!
  16. Have you carried out a search using the same keywords? There are over 8700 images answering to that selection. Not sure how to put this, but I don't think that your keywords are the problem, take a look at some of the excellent photos that comprise your competition. More generally you have to trade discoverability against CTR. People will have different views on this, but I tend to favour discoverability. If customers don't get to see your photos they aren't going to buy them. Avoid misleading or plain wrong keywords ( I wish everyone did) but you've got to put your pictures in the marketplace and stand or fall by the quality of your work. To clarify, you don't need to get your photos in the green zone, only a very small percentage of mine are, but you do need to find all possible ways of accurately describing your images.
  17. Images sold in December

    Annapurna Sanctuary, Book, print and/or e-book. Scanned from a 1997 Fujichrome
  18. Have you found any Alamy photographs December

    Guardian Online 18.12.2018 B3BA7H picturesbyrob recycle recycling kerbside kerb side green box bin trash rubbish bin reusable taking out the bins boxes D6G3AA Food and Drink Photos/Mark Follon Broad Beans Growing on an Allotment 19.12.2018 P4BE7M Radharc Images The lakes distillery lake district Cumbria England UK R0HA8T Iain Masterton View of Lindores Abbey Distillery in Newburgh, Fife, Scotland, UK B1E5J5 South West Images Scotland British soldiers marching arms swinging in uniform military The Royal Regiment of Scotland back from Iraqi
  19. Question to our friends from Spain

    Looks like some kind of Gourd...not sure why they'd be hanging there though? Phil
  20. For me, this is just as important as the commission debacle. Once these issues have been sorted, I think we can all then settle down and concentrate on providing exceptional images. As for the trust - well, that's completely gone and will take a long time to come back. I realise, with my tiny port, I am but a minuscule fish in the Alamy ocean, but I make regular sales so I contribute a little to the bottom line. Keeping the split at 50% for exclusive pics is, I think, a desperate attempt to shut us up. As others have said, non-exclusivity is the only way to earn a decent income. I did join another agency after the initial announcement, but I have no pictures on there, I'm not sure what road to go down. As David states, all those issues need to be addressed before exclusivity can be decided upon. Selling my pics for $1, $5 etc is just insulting, as is the presentation thing (I opted out of personal in my first year I think). Happy Christmas...
  21. Hi Guys I need help identifying those things hanging on the tree. Anybody know what it is? Thx for Your help
  22. I've been around for some time now and still don't really understand how the KW are optimized. I've read that the color bar in the AIM is not only unimportant, but even harmful. Instead it is always pointed out to look at the CTR and remove "inappropriate" KW. But what does that mean? Does a CTR of 0.00 mean that the KW were bad? Example: This picture was viewed by customers, with the KWs construction site aerial view The picture fits perfectly to the KWs. But the customer didn't zoom in, so the CTR is 0,00. What should I do now to improve the KWs? I am a bit helpless with the whole topic and would be grateful for any support. Translated with
  23. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    I guess I can legitimately post here. I've 75 sales so far this year, which may be rubbish to some, but I'm really happy with it. It's a big increase on 39 sales last year and only 5 the year before (my first year at Alamy). Revenue-wise, this year's income is 250% up on last year, which I think is quite good. My first year isn't worth talking about lol. Let's hope next year shows the line still rising.
  24. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    It was a long wait to post on this thred. 2 sales $ popped up yesterday...bulk discount, flat rate but welcomed. Khan.
  25. Please review my portfolio and give some advices to improve it

    Thank you, I appreciate all of you for sharing your experience and giving constructive critiques on my works, I need to go through the keywording, so far I've been using keyword suggesting tool and it's not as accurate as I wish it could be.
  26. I love night shots! If at all possible I use a tripod and shoot at ISO 100. When that is not feasible I will up the ISO, 12800 is the highest I would normally go (depends a lot on your camera). I make sure the images are exposed well (ETTR is really helpful here) and then I use noise reduction in LR, for the whole image and if needed more in specific areas. When used correctly the LR noise reduction preserves detail well. Some reduction in image size also helps, depends on how high the original resolution is. I do often shoot with my lenses wide open but these are high quality lenses that are sharp wide open. When shooting at wide angles and with the subject not too close depth of field is not a problem at f/2.8 or even wider. Do not be afraid to experiment to find the limits of your equipment and learn new PP techniques.
  27. Understanding Exclusivity

    Does it count our personal photography websites?
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