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  2. Thanks everybody for your advice/Input - I will avoid the upgrade for the time being! Cheers Kumar
  3. I was seduced by the frog. Life On Earth.
  4. Great effort John! Nailed the subject! Kumar
  5. You’re welcome, Jorge! As a curiosity, do you know if in this kind of uses (editorial through distribution, bulk discount, flat rate…) each use in different articles of the same website are different licenses or just one? I ask this because I have got a recent repeated use of the same image in the same client…with the first license in 2018 as: “5 years license. Spain, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate”…and I’m not sure if the second use (last month) would appear as a new sale or is included in the first license. Thank you and regards from the hottest Spain
  6. Luckily, there is 0 covid case in the Territory where I'm in now. There hasn't been one for the past 2 months until an isolated case cropped up a few days ago. Salties might be the biggest thread. We went bush camping two days ago. There was a lovely plunge pool there. We had a chat with the ranger who said swimming was alright but they can never vouch 100% for it being croc free. So hubby went in. I didn't, not because of the crocs but I'm not a water person. Next day, sure enough, a croc was spotted. Swimming closed until they catch it.
  7. Ed, my guess would be a Norwegian Forest cat too - looks very similar to ours (a tortoiseshell), now sadly gone.
  8. I'll take a look later, Gen—going out now. Wear a facemark and watch out for those giant Salties. Oh wait! I use that controller. But the Normal is too small and the Large is too large now. And I would love to change the size and colour of the subtitles. Edo
  9. Today
  10. Edo, I also have a blog on Blogger (blogspot). I haven't tried the new version which luckily hasn't been imposed on me yet, but regarding the size of the text, in the current version in the toolbar, there is an icon looking like 'tT'. This is where you choose the font size. Is it still there? Would that help?
  11. Love that John. I wasn't around at Renaissance, so I'm sure that Mr. Wright is right.
  12. “I went to a restaurant that serves 'breakfast at any time'. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance” (Stephen Wright)…
  13. Took this last year but only just uploaded it. There was a golden light that lasted well past sunrise. A man conveniently rowed into the scene in a rowboat, making it a bit more interesting.
  14. Love this one Kristin! Cats always seem to find the prime position for warmth and light.
  15. Just before I published my last blog, there was an update on Blogger (blogspot). As with all updates, and new apps, and changes of any kind, this one left me in a puddle on the side of the digital tech road. Now, I can't control the size of the text or see how many readers I have. There is a new menu on the left with an enormous list of controls, most of them not understood by me. This would be a great time not to be such a dämlich. Unfortunately, I am. I shall push forward, regardless. Edo
  16. This license just dropped in and I'm chuffed about it. It won't mean much to anyone, but means a lot to me. It's a trip I did on my own for 4 months in my campervan. I thought twice about driving this particular road because of its remoteness. I didn't have a satellite phone at the time, so if anything had gone wrong with the van... Anyway, I made it and it sold for: Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing - Mid $$ Thank you Alamy, twice happy!!
  17. Well done John, there was indeed some stiff competition and excellent entries. John.
  18. I didn't expect to do well given the stiff competition so my thanks to all who voted to put me at the top. I'll set the July challenge later today. I haven't finally decided the theme - but it won't involve flowers 😀
  19. I'm sure you know that lot of products have protected geographical status in the EU- a product has to be made in its traditional region. So you won't see Polish parmesan or German gorgonzola. But some products were too widely made before the system came into existence. So, unfortunately, Brie like Cheddar, missed the PGI boat. A few dozen British producers have PGIs. But we're leaving the EU. ahem, so much for that then. The international treaty protecting the Champagne name is much older.
  20. Oh my. Probably today, I'll stop by that shop and ask about the cats in residence. I'm in Liverpool and so are the cats. Thanks, MizBrown.
  21. I think the terms however or wherever merit clarification. The customer is bound by the terms and conditions of their Alamy License Agreement (“LA”) In Sections 3.1 and 7.1 (which apply to all licence types) it states the following; 3. Grant of Rights and restrictions 3.1 For all licences 3.1.12 Not all of Alamy Limited’s Image(s)/Footage have Releases. It is your responsibility to check that all necessary Releases have been secured (see clause 7.3 below). 7.3 You must satisfy yourself that all Releases as may be required for Reproduction of the Image(s)/Footage have been secured and are appropriate for your intended use. You are solely responsible for obtaining all such Releases and the Licence is conditional in each case on your obtaining them. If you are unsure as to whether any Releases are needed for your Image(s)/Footage usage, then it is your responsibility to consult with relevant parties. You shall not rely upon any representation or warranty given by Alamy employees or representatives save as set out in this Agreement. There are also other restrictions in Section 3.1 So RF isn't however and wherever... Mark
  22. when I operated as an agency in a very small way, pretty well the only reason for issuing a refund was a way of claiming back the VAT on a sale which had turned into a bad debt. Tony Stone's accounts used to show refunds from time to time and I came to reckon that was salesmen perhaps making some sales to meet targets and showing them sliding away later. I had an Italian agency certainly operated that way occasionally. In an earlier life I worked in sales for a specialist oil company and would have to admit to similar practices once in a while. I'm not suggesting any of that at Alamy, there would be no point in doing it on lower value sales and there is no indication of any trend in that direction. Refunds always leave a bad taste somewhere
  23. Country: Spain Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book
  24. Hi Roger, sorry it's taking so long. I don't think you've mentioned your QC rank. Have you had any recent failures? I'm 3* and it's nearly always next working day for me. I have read from some contributors that they think QC might go faster if you regularly upload. Steve
  25. Well done, John, and thanks to Colin for overseeing the challenge.
  26. Royalty-free. Finland, Editorial website. $ 5.40 gross, $ 1.08 for distributor and $ 1.62 for me. Little red hut or cottage in Vallila allotment garden in Helsinki, Finland. 2019.
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