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Sally    23

A great theme for this month.   But difficult to choose only 3 photos!  


However, my favourite is these Jackass penguins who had just come out of the sea at Simon's Town in South Africa, and obligingly lined up in a row to preen their feathers.



Here is my step-grandson playing on the beach at North Berwick.  He has hemiplegia and is the youngest person in UK I believe to wear a snazzy carbon fibre brace that allows him great movement



And finally an iconic view of the Bass Rock and Craigleith Island in the Firth of Forth




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Bryan    6,890

Some tough competition this month!


Young people riding bikes near Amble with Coquet Island in the background, Northumberland UK




Not quite so peaceful, a crowded beach on Gran Canaria




and now for something completely different, a bent fork lying on a beach




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Betty LaRue    1,052

Three from me, very hard to choose. The first, a full moon over Sandcastle Beach, St. Croix, USVI.


Beach chairs and bright umbrella overlooking a tropical storm offshore. St. Croix.



A small 4 year old girl running with abandonment toward the Caribbean Sea. St. Croix.


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Abiyoyo    201

Refreshing topic...



Playa de las Catedrales. Ribadeo, Spain




Lytham st Annes. England





Carmel Beach. California





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ColdCoffee    29


Two from me, although not exactly camels at sunset ... 






Laguna beach, CA







Kure beach, North Carolina







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TeeCee    214

OK, three from me, two from my travels, and one from home here in Sidmouth.

(Bet no-none can guess which is the Sidmouth shot ....  :)  )








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