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Found 22 results

  1. Check this out! And he feels hard done by! Posted by Rob Cook
  2. Found in the Guardian 28-2-17 Photograph of Mary Kingley's expedition on the Ogowe river in 1895. Photographer: Granger Historical Picture Archive.
  3. 7.76% growth in the stock picture market

    This makes interesting reading
  4. Found in the Sun, Xmas Crisis Photograph of a hostile couple. Photographer: Image Source{8C78C4FD-7BB6-436B-AD77-53187E2ED0E0} Photo of a young lady using a mobile phone. Photographer: Juice Images{4D9CFABB-1560-4862-ADF6-F925D0A6F9C8} Picture of a young couple. Photographer: Mediablitzimages{BB21AEA6-2C52-4A3F-8A1A-58BB2949BCED}
  5. The Grand Tour

    Just spotted in the credits of the Grand Tour, Alamy listed as a supplier, dunno what the picture was, but cool all the same PS The show was great, better than any old Top Gear
  6. This image of ecstasy tablets embossed with a love heart was taken by David Allan. The image was found in a Guardian article about MDMA. The piece written by Suzi Gage explains the short term effects, long term effects and myths about MDMA{211E4AA7-E74F-413C-8652-A1E452DD4040}
  7. Have you found any alamy images June 2016

    Photograph used the the Guardian Newspaper on 1st of June 2016 by Kumar Sriskandan
  8. Have you found any alamy images July 2015

    Photographer Vincent O'Byrne
  9. Article about the sale of the Peroni beer company appearing in the Guardian: Contains a photograph taken by Edward Simons
  10. This has been on the cards for a while How long before there is an 8k version in a phone? Why would you shoot stills? Sports, Weddings, PR, Press, Portraits etc etc will all be frame grabs before long, and lots of stills uses will be replaced with short clips. Then the deskilling of the profession will be complete!
  11. Photographer pictureproject
  12. Have you found any alamy images August 2015

    Photographer David Mark
  13. New Look Front page

    All change for the new year, looks good, can anyone figure out how you now do a contributor search? So its displays all images by a contributor regardless of keyword?
  14. Have you found any alamy images April 2014

    Photographer Gady Cojocar
  15. Amazon Subscription

    Anyone seen this? Anyone like to predict the percentage of the monthly subscription, that a photographer will get per image per book rented?
  16. Cool Pictures

    Drone Photography competition results, some really cool photographs
  17. Amazon patent

    Check this out and why didn't I think of doing that!
  18. Summary of items sold?

    I get a blank page when I go to Summary of items sold. Anyone else?
  19. Anyone know anything about this mob?

    Just found a couple of my alamy Photographs on these sites They appear to be scavenged from various Newspapers and Blogs, judging by some of the spelling, its based outside the uk, Seems to be acting a free resource for pictures
  20. Online "Copyright Hub" Pilot Scheme

    This is worth a look Might be a good place to point people who've nicked images and use the defense that they found them on Google
  21. It was Ten Years ago, today

    When I made my first sale! Nearly 12,000 images and several thousand sales later, We're still going strong! This was my first sale Country: Worldwide Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses Media: Web - editorial Industry sector: Non Profit/ Education Sub-Industry: School/College Placement: Secondary screen Image Size: up to 1/4 screen Start: 20 June 2003 End: 20 July 2003 $ 99.70 While that was a nice way to start, what really got my attention was my 5th sale a few weeks later Country: United States Usage: Consumer goods Media: Packaging - boxes and containers Industry sector: Cars/Commercial Vehicles Sub-Industry: Car repairs/garages & parts Print run: up to 1 million Placement: Front Image Size: 1/4 area Start: 18 September 2003 End: 18 September 2006 $ 1544.78 Which came in very handy as I was travelling around the states chewing through cash at the time! Things have changed dramatically since then, but Thanks to all at Alamy for finding customers for my images and keep up the good work
  22. Today in your Super Soar away Sun

    I've spotted a few alamy images recently in the sun and on their website (including one of mine, it'll be interesting to see the fee for that one). One interesting thing is that if you right click the image the normal options are disabled (save as etc etc), instead of getting the normal options it reads Copyright 2012 News Group Newspapers Ltd and/or its licensors. No use without permission. Contact Which hopefully might stop the story being ripped off and appearing all over the shop on blogs etc etc, I'd be interested to know if the article is legally licensed by another website, how the fees to filter down, or if the price they paid includes the right to sell it on as part of the article. Anyone had a Sun sale show up yet, how was the License worded?