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  1. Uploading IPhone Photos

    I was wondering if photos taken on an IPhone should be exclusively uploaded via stockimo app, or can you also upload them via alamy on the computer ?
  2. Found in the Guardian Photograph of The John Lewis store in the new Liverpool One shopping area. Photographer: Dave Ellison / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: BH5DJR
  3. Hello from Shreyas, Seattle

    Hi all, It feels good to be here. I am hobbyist photographer and own a Canon 1300D. I love to travel places and capture photos and showcase to people. I would love any reviews or suggestions of my photography. Regards. Shreyas
  4. Alamy Photograph found onör-nya-blufföretaget Photographer Förenade Bolag/Alamy Found by York Photographer
  5. Found in the Guardian 1-7-17 Photograph of a 5rhythms dance class. Photographer: Jeff Gilbert
  6. Found in the Guardian 28-2-17 Photograph of Mary Kingley's expedition on the Ogowe river in 1895. Photographer: Granger Historical Picture Archive.
  7. Guardian and Observer to go tabloid

    Sign of the times printing outsource to Trinity Mirror Group
  8. Image optionsin out?

    Just been and checked my opt ins, and outs, under additional revenue options, following a doubtful personal license. There is now the option to opt in or out of something called images options. Wasn't there a few weeks back when I opted out of the Press Scheme. What is Image options? We’ll offer customers variations of the images you provide to give them a greater choice, for example creating an additional black and white version of a coloured image could be an image option in the future. Must have been in the initial contract, as it says I opted in, back in 2003. Looks like customers will have the choice of an automatically desaturated image, in the future.
  9. if anyone is interested... km
  10. Telegraph Syndication?

    Anyone on here had a telegraph story appear on Yahoo? My picture appeared in the Telegraph on Feb 1st The story also appears on Yahoo here It's not an RF image and Yahoo are displaying it on their site, and not just providing a link to the story. Interestingly the Yahoo version of the story contains the full picture credit picturesbyrob / Alamy Stock Photo whereas the Telegraph have only credited alamy It would seem to me that as Yahoo is presenting it on their site, to it's readers, it's a separate use of of my RM image.
  11. Oh dear!

    Can't see this helping!
  12. Found in the Sun, Xmas Crisis Photograph of a hostile couple. Photographer: Image Source{8C78C4FD-7BB6-436B-AD77-53187E2ED0E0} Photo of a young lady using a mobile phone. Photographer: Juice Images{4D9CFABB-1560-4862-ADF6-F925D0A6F9C8} Picture of a young couple. Photographer: Mediablitzimages{BB21AEA6-2C52-4A3F-8A1A-58BB2949BCED}
  13. If anyone is interested, I have a major retrospective exhibition at the National Library of Wales opening on March 4th. to June 17th. It features a large selection of my work from across six decades, plus new work made specially for the show and a wide selection of my notebooks, contacts sheets, research material and equipment etc. There's an opening, by Prof. Paul Hill MBE and a private view on Sat. March 4th. at 2.30. All welcome. The poster is here:
  14. Hi all, I'm new here! I've had a look around but was wondering whether there was a regularly updated list/ article published of desired photographs/ trending topics? e.g. current stories would most likely be around; Brexit (Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Michael Gove) Wimbledon (people queuing, players, celeb spotting) Does a list like this exist as far as anyone is aware? Thanks! vixff
  15. Photography found in newsweek by Travstock
  16. Words fail me!

    Just found one of my watermarked alamy images used on a Twitter Feed, check out who is using it!
  17. Greetings, Which license would you say is most effective to use on your photos when selling wildlife photos? I am talking about mostly factual, unedited wildlife photography. Many thanks
  18. Hello from New England!!!

    Hello everyone! I recently joined Alamy to sell my pictures online! I am completely new at this. I was just hoping if anyone had any tips/pointers they could give on selling their pictures the best way??
  19. Hope for the future

    With lots of doom and gloom around in the market maybe a glimmer of hope. Yesterday I found myself on a big blue jet coming home to some decent cheese (hurrah for cheese!) from a trip to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Quite a few striking things on that trip. But one which may hold hope for the future. Whilst a number of years ago it seemed that everyone one met was a photographer... now, the only photographer I met was the lady who rented me a room in Lima. SLR's? I saw a couple... but very few and far between. That may be camera snobbery on my part... and I know that some agents do accept images taken on a telephone... but only a few. And it seemed like the vast majority were taking photos on their phones. There is also the fact that price developments have made many professionals risk averse in making such investments. But could it be that a large part of our competition has ebbed away? And whilst the images which they took before are still on the shelves ... the world still turns and those images become dated. Or maybe I am just kidding myself to justify my risk.
  20. Greetings from Venezuela

    Hello everyone, i'm starting in this site. I hope to be an contributors and sell great photos
  21. Photogrammar

    It thought it would be nice if I share this link with you . So you can browse and enjoy! Cheers,
  22. A must read for everyone. Taylor Swift has just won a victory over Apple, but at the same time she (or her management) restricts photographers at her concerts. A must read.
  23. Just a quick 'heads-up' about a weekend portrait photography workshop that I will be running at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in August... km