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  1. Why oh why oh why does Alamy completely lose all my supertags from some of my recently uploaded and keyworded images ? I remember actually tagging them all recently and saving but now all gone. no wonder my sales have slumped. It's bad enough that we have to re-tag our older files uploaded but to find that recently tagged images have defaulted back to zero supertags is astonishing and very frustrating. Now I have to go through every image to check. It's absolutely ridiculous and needs addressing as soon as possible. Rant over.
  2. Hi I’ve read an article by an Alamy contributor who includes in tagging words such as “copy space left”, “copy space top”, “DPS” (double page spread). The idea is that makes it easier for picture editors to find what they need. This is the first I’ve heard of this approach. I’m not sure I’d want to attempt it - how do I know how my picture will be used? I’m not a picture editor. I think i’ll just stick to tagging for the picture subject. What do you think?
  3. Keyword agency

    I recently started sending my pictures to an agency in India for keywording,the agency I found (recommended on the Photoshelter site) is keywording for Alamy, Getty etc. Having received several batches back that they had worked on I found quite a few mistakes which made me check very single photo, spent a whole weekend going over one batch of about 50 pics correcting them. Hoping someone can recommend an agency that I can rely on to get it right.
  4. Sync keywords?

    When captioning and keywording, is there any way of syncing various photos. I know this is possible in Lightroom and Photo Mechanic, but I can't see a way in Alamy's native system. Maybe a workaround? Thanks.
  5. Is anyone else frustrated with the lack of development in Lightroom when it comes to keywording? LR has been out for ten years and there has been next to no development in the area of keywording in that time. I have written an open letter to Adobe outlining just ten things that would make a huge difference to us as professional or stock photographers - you can read it here: I'd love to get this open letter in front of the powers that be at Adobe - if you agree why not tweet or share in social media tagging adobe and lightroom. Thanks Ian.
  6. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    I thought Adobe would improve this latest version of lightroom with a better keywording system, alas, no. So, I am going to start keywording in Bridge. Here's what I have so far Created several folders who what people where, etc within those folders a large amount of words If i click on an image and apply 4 or 5 keywords why do i get the folder names as well when I lightroom asks me to overwrite the data can show some images later if it helps
  7. Keywords/search result

    Could someone explain why this file (mine) showed on a search for Just Eat? I know it has Eat in the caption and keywords, but I can't see 'just' anywhere. TIA
  8. New dedicated language sites

    Has anyone else noticed this: Alamy promises four dedicated language sites – Spanish first Spanish Alamy site now up and running. Good news! Will this mean more direct sales in foreign climes?! Should we (where possible) be including European tags in our images to take account of this (i.e. not just names of things/places, but direct translations of keywords - could then justify using up the 50 tags and turn everything green!)? I have had a quick look at one or two of my images and the translation of the captions is reasonable, but not perfect. Is there anything we can do about this? Alamy?
  9. I have a wee Acer One 10 netbook running Windows 10. Does anyone know of any (preferably free) software that would enable me to caption and keyword images on it? Thanks in advance Linda xx
  10. Hello everyone I am new here (Passed QC about a week ago). I have prepared more images, but I'd like to make keywording as easy as possible. I have keyworded some of my images in Lightroom and would like to know if Alamy reads image metadata, that I see in LR (keywords, title, description) and will apply them after upload? Michael
  11. So the new image manager seems to involve twice the work in order for an image to be discoverable. It looks as thought every image needs 42 keywords to get the green bar at the top. This is a lot of key words for one image. Other stock libraries use a lot less and I get sales. Please Alamy can you explain why so many?
  12. Now that with the new image manager, we are limited to 50 keywords / tags, I just wanted to remind everybody about this lovely little application that counts words and characters, removes duplicate words and shows and corrects spelling mistakes. You can also drag and drop the words around Take a look at And now on a special summer sale (50% off) for a few more days
  13. Use of plurals in keywords

    I have a number of images of street food vendors in Bangkok and was curious to see where they appeared in a search. I entered "Bangkok food vendors" and was initially happy to see 10 images of mine on the first page. However, searching further I began to wonder what had happened to the rest. I searched in AIM using the same search term and 22 images were displayed so I changed the search to "Bangkok street vendor" and up came 75 images. I think it is quite natural that someone searching for an image of a Bangkok food vendor would actually use the plural version just as I think it is quite natural for me when keywording to use the singular version. I am sure that most of the "old hands" will be aware of this but for me it is a lesson learned!
  14. Tag question in the new Image Manager

    This has probably been asked before but... When I look at my tags from images submitted a while back; I see there are several words which I submitted separately which now appear as one tag. For example one tag that reads "portrait face skill talent concentration" Is this because I did not separate the words with commas? Should I go back and separate these multiple word tags as they may hinder searches? Thanks, Chuck
  15. Best Keywording Tutorial

    Aside from Alamy's own instructions, what would you say is the best Alamy keywording tutorial? Is there anything special out there?
  16. names as tags

    I would like to have the option to designate a keyword/tag as a name so that it would bypass the translation software.
  17. This might make a few people laugh on a dark grey Monday morning So I've been a member of Alamy a few years now, started as I covered some live music & occasional live news with a little bit of stock, gradually adding more images and I now have 2000 images up, but the pain of adding keywords etc and not understanding them, the search engine, what sells etc, All this meant I wondered how people with much larger collections spent the time editing & adding keywords etc as my way was very slow, going from image to image copy and pasting, permissions etc But...I've Just discovered batch edit!!! Doh!!
  18. Hi, would any of you US-based smart folk be able to identify the rusted car in this shot? thankyou Kate
  19. Does this really help in your experience? Is this allowed? I could write in Italian, german and english. Google might help with other languages if they were relevant. Would I see any raise in sales using all of them, if not for all, at least for the most meaningful words?
  20. keywords and commas

    Hi Just joined Alamy and have a question about keywords. In the help it says not to use commas to separate keywords that's fine but how does the system now how to differentiate a phrase from an individual word eg "bird in long grass" does it see it as 4 separate keywords? Its just that I'm used to using commas to separate keywords and phrases and it doesn't quite feel right to only leave a space. Thanks
  21. I am trying to understand the translation process that will allow me to set my keywords in the IPTC Stationary pad and have them in the right format when I go into Alamy. I have them currenty as keyword, keyword1, keyword2 etc. When they come into Alamy I am finding that the commas seperating the keywords are missing. I am basically trying to get to the point where with Live_News I ftp from photomechanis or using filezilla and the keywords work straight away without editing. Any help appreciated.
  22. Keywords

    Can anyone advise me how many keywords to use as i have added a few keywords, but the don't appear to be reconised as alamy are asking me to add keywords before the images can be made ready for sale...confusing.
  23. Having just had my first batch of shots pass QC I set about separating the key words between essential/ less essential - but soon discovered that I'm unable for some reason to cut and paste relevant words from the collection of keywords uploaded with each image. Without the C&P facility separating and correctly allocating the key words will be a laborious chore, so can anyone out there tell me if I'm omitting to do so something really obvious? As far as I can see the only means of cutting and pasting is via the Safari Edit menu, which, as I say won't allow me to actually paste any of the words that I select. If someone can help I'd be really obliged!
  24. If you submit photos with English keywords how does someone (who doesn't know English language) in, for example Asia, search for images? Are the keywords that you enter translated into other languages for sales in other countries? If not, can you enter your own keywords in a 2nd language? Thanks.
  25. I'm new to Alamy. So any help with this would be much appreciated. I uploaded a bunch of images onto my account. When I went to My Alamy to Manage My Images, I noticed that the keywords associated with each image were imported under "Comprehensive Keywords" but each word was separated by a space instead of comma. Do I have to insert a comma for the keywords and then move them into "Essential" and "Key"? Also, what's the difference between "Comprehensive" and "Key" ? Thanks in advance.