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  1. DACS payment lower this year?

    DACS payment via Alamy has appeared for this year, but is anybody else seeing it drop for the first time? I had been applying directly to DACS for years and it always increased each year, but missed the email from Alamy saying I had to advise them not to apply for me. The payment last year via Alamy was consistent with my expectations, I've sold a good number of UK magazine images thus year, but my payment is down 25%. So just wondered about others that get their payments through Alamy?
  2. DACS

    Hi, Do Alamy still help photographers to get money back from the DACS Payment scheme like they did in the past ? Not sure how to apply for it myself. Deadline is May 1st, I believe. Thanks.
  3. When you are preparing your DACS claim and your image has been used in both hardcover and paperback books with different ISBN numbers, do you count each as a separate use or as one use? I've been counting them as one, but I think I'm wrong. With the deadline approaching hope someone can help. Thanks!
  4. Just received an email suggesting significant changes to timetable and information required for DACS claims. See DACs website here.
  5. DACS opt out of Alamy claim

    I've had an email from Alamy saying that I'm opted out from Alamy claiming payback from DACS on my behalf. I'm perfectly happy with that as I've done the claim work myself for the past two years and bagged the whole amount for myself, not just 50% of it. However, Alamy are asking if I would like to opt in for DACS payback on TV usages of my images only. Does anyone know of any good reason why I should take up this offer? I've never previously had TV usage but this year I have one such sale. Is there a particular difficulty with identifying qualifying TV usage which would give an edge to Alamy doing the work on my behalf? Also, is there a risk of confusion if Alamy makes one claim for my TV usage and I make another for print items?
  6. Possibly a stupid question but...... Can I claim and Alamy on my behalf too? I've always claimed for DACS myself. I just send them a spreadsheet of Alamy sales and they do the rest. John.
  7. DACS Payout

    Looks like Dacs will be rolling out from tomorrow, there's a nice little sum waiting in my account to go in on Monday. Pretty sure I stayed in the same bands as last year but the amount is up.
  8. Seems like another agency has been caught with their fingers in the DACS till... km
  9. I always assumed worldwide usage to include the UK. At least that's how I always presented evidence for book sales for my Payback 2014 claim. DACS however are no longer counting 'Worldwide' or 'Worldwide English Language' as evidence on the summary of sales I present them. Sales must indicate a book was published specifically in the UK. This is fine and rules is rules though confused why now and not previously.
  10. Okay last year I downloaded my sales report and submitted it to DAC'S and received my payment. This I followed the same method but when I try to download my sales report for 2014 it gives me an error statement. Has anyone else run into this problem? I have contacted tech services but just wondering if anyone had a solution. txs.
  11. Anyone Else Get The DACS Email?

    Anyone else get the email from DACS saying the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is trying to reduce it's payment to DACS? How much further can photographers be squeezed?