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  1. No of sales counter on each photo

    Personally I would find it useful if there was a field associated with each photo that recorded the number of times that the photo had sold and, ideally, its max, min and average price. That way it would be easier to remove photos that were not selling from each portfolio. :-)
  2. Found in the Sun, Xmas Crisis Photograph of a hostile couple. Photographer: Image Source{8C78C4FD-7BB6-436B-AD77-53187E2ED0E0} Photo of a young lady using a mobile phone. Photographer: Juice Images{4D9CFABB-1560-4862-ADF6-F925D0A6F9C8} Picture of a young couple. Photographer: Mediablitzimages{BB21AEA6-2C52-4A3F-8A1A-58BB2949BCED}
  3. Hello everyone, First of all I'd like to thank you for your attention, your patience and your comments about my doubts. I am a newbie here, created an account about more than 1 month ago and uploaded a lot of photos (over 600). QC it´s been very successful, most of the pictures have been fast accepted and ready to be sold BUT, at the moment, I have sold NOTHING. I mean, it is not like I am expecting to be rich, but something testimonial. Same portfolio works in other places about 20 dwls/month (I am newbie too), so I thought, Alamy would be more or less in the same line. I am also putting efforts on keywording, taking care of it, of course, but I do not know why my portfolio is not working. By the way, here it is:{97BE7DBE-DA15-4B73-BC7A-4B8569C16A25}&name=Lobro&st=11&mode=0&comp=1 I´d be veeeeery happy to hear from you guys, from your advices and experiences. Thanks in advance Lobro
  4. How to upload pictures

    Hi there, I'm having a hard time submitting my pictures. I have done couple of times, but I'm still not sure about how it works exactly. Some of my edited pictures went to "on sale", some just won't even go to "ready". I have tried FAQ, but there is not much about this exact part of the process I need. That is all it says about it: "Choose how you want to send your images to us – online upload or FTP Once your images are uploaded, our Quality Control team will check them" I'm good until editing. After that is the problem. I'm not sure what to do exactly to have the submitted pictures to be reviewed. Can you help me with that? ​Thank you for your help,​
  5. I'm fairly new to Alamy and was wondering how I could see all my images on Alamy. And if I have done anything wrong, because when I search for my pseudonym only 87 pictures come up when I have 300 for sale.
  6. Could the layout of the image pages (when zoomed) be changed please? How about this: 1) Put all the image info together. See below Stock Photo - Two pumas / mountain lions / cougars (Felis concolor) at entrance of cave, native to the Americas File size: 4288 x 2848 px | 36.3 x 24.1 cm (300dpi) | 34.9 MB Image ID: FD2N05 Copyright: © Arterra Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo Model release: No Property release: No Contributor: Clement Philippe Date taken: 25th April 2007 Digitally altered: No Edit image Description : Two pumas / mountain lions / cougars (Felis concolor) at entrance of cave, native to the Americas 2) Add a kind of filmstrip with similar images of the same photographer (so the buyer sees other compositions in the SAME STYLE) Stock photo keywords america, american, animal, animals, arizona, arizona-sonora, canada, carnivore, carnivores, cat, catamount, cats, cave, concolor, cougar, cougars, couple, desert, entrance,fauna, felid, felidae, felids, felis, lion, lions, mammal, mammals, mexico, mountain, museum, nature, north, pair, panther, predator, predators, puma, pumas, rock, rocks, shade,sonoran, south, tucson, two, united, us, usa, wild, wildlife, zoo 3) And only then add "similar stock photos" Cheers, Philippe
  7. Stockimo upload problem

    Hi everyone, Ive had an odd problem uploading to Stockimo on and off over the last year. Sometimes if I edit a picture using standard Apple iOS software (open from pictures and hit edit) Stockimo can no longer see the modified image. My workaround has been to open in photoshop or snapseed to resave but sometimes it decides these are the ones it dosent like today, an today is one of those days! Anyone else had this? Im on an iPhone 6 Thanks Matt
  8. QC test-how long????

    Hello,i am new to the site(28.11) ..i post too many pictures the first time ,i get the answere 2 days after and then i send the 4,,this was on 2of december!..still no answre,i see the QC saying that i am waiting but its now 8days...So,how long i need to wait?A month?..Because i already deleate my account in istockphotos about this!They sad clearly that i have to wait 2weeks to 30 day(!) and not only for my first submission but for each time i want to upload pictures!And i think its stuped because i cant make a crhistmas picture one month before christmas... So ,anybody knowshow long it takes???
  9. Common snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) in flower Bearded tit / reedling (Panurus biarmicus) male eating seeds from spike of common bulrush / broadleaf cattail in reed bed Here are some from the Cabarceno Natural Park, largest wildlife park / zoo in Europe: Click on pictures for details and larger views. Cheers, Philippe
  10. Picture needs

    Can you post all picture needs in a topic on Alamy forum so contributors can keep track of all requests?