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  1. Hi everyone, over a several months I have uploaded almost 500 images. I thought I had carefully tagged, keyworded and filled in all the information required by Alamy to list my images. But after a few months away from the site I see a lot of my images have still a way to go for 'discoverability' but when I revisit my dashboard I can't find what is missing, there does not appear any notes or suggestions on how to improve my listings. And no matter how far I search 'my dashboard' I can't find anything to read up on. Has anyone got any suggestions or had the same experiences please?
  2. Vibrancy of images

    Colours of images appear very vibrant, saturated, punchy to me this morning ....anyone else notice this change? Kathy
  3. Optimizing images

    Has anyone found that optimizing their images actually help? I have been trying to improve on the discoverability & hope that the green line progresses, sometimes yes sometimes no. I do have a lot in the "amber" zone so is it worth trying to help them or do they get found & sold without the extra work involved with images already posted previously? A fellow photographer did tell me recently that she sold a picture of a really weird sign that was only in "amber"!! However there were not many with that particular caption, so that may have helped her. Any imput you have on my questions would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Red deer (Cervus elaphus) stag bellowing in grassland in thick fog during the rut in autumn. Arterra Picture Library / Arndt Sven-Erik Leucistic greater rhea / American rhea / ñandú (Rhea americana), flightless bird / ratite, white morph with blue eyes. Arterra Picture Library / Arndt Sven-Erik Cheers, Philippe
  5. Solitary gray wolf / grey wolf (Canis lupus) walking in deep snow in winter and looking backwards Solitary gray wolf / grey wolf (Canis lupus) hunting in deep snow in winter Cheers, Philippe
  6. Image Searches - Images per page

    Previously we could vary the images per page on searches. My preference was for 120. I cannot find this feature in the new search function and the default appears to be 100. Am I missing something? dov
  7. Found in the Sun, Xmas Crisis Photograph of a hostile couple. Photographer: Image Source{8C78C4FD-7BB6-436B-AD77-53187E2ED0E0} Photo of a young lady using a mobile phone. Photographer: Juice Images{4D9CFABB-1560-4862-ADF6-F925D0A6F9C8} Picture of a young couple. Photographer: Mediablitzimages{BB21AEA6-2C52-4A3F-8A1A-58BB2949BCED}
  8. This might make a few people laugh on a dark grey Monday morning So I've been a member of Alamy a few years now, started as I covered some live music & occasional live news with a little bit of stock, gradually adding more images and I now have 2000 images up, but the pain of adding keywords etc and not understanding them, the search engine, what sells etc, All this meant I wondered how people with much larger collections spent the time editing & adding keywords etc as my way was very slow, going from image to image copy and pasting, permissions etc But...I've Just discovered batch edit!!! Doh!!
  9. Common starling / European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) looking for grubs in cavity on moss covered branch Cheers, Philippe
  10. I can't find my images in advanced search, or when I click on images counter under my avatar. The images were showing previously
  11. European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) buck foraging in wheat field in summer. © Arterra Picture Library / Arndt Sven-Erik Cheers, Philippe
  12. Dallas Police killings

    I just searched the July images found thread and unfortunately didn't see any of mine. The images I subbed were news images from the aftermath of the Dallas police killings. They were in the news feed for two days and then I subbed some more last night. So if they will ever be sold and published, I figured that would be happening immediately. There were about four or five photographers who subbed images from the events that took place here. So I'm wondering has anyone seen any Alamy images from Dallas in any UK papers or via their online versions? Or is it just too early to know? I've searched some and couldn't find any. I've heard that sales reporting sometimes lags behind publication, so hopefully no sales now doesn't mean they didn't happen.
  13. 360 degree images and video

    As part of the Dutch EU presidency we have had a number of innovation conferences in the past months in the country. I attended one last week and had the chance to try on some VR glasses. WAUW! First wauw at what I was seeing, which was a view from the top of a wind turbine... but then the mind reels with the other possibilties... and not just for the wauw fun aspect. Just off the top of my head I was thinking of remote exploration, medical training... for much of which you need 360 images and video. I see colleagues experimenting in this area, six gopro's on a stick or a camera from sony on a stick... but I haven't see any action from agents or other middlemen looking to get product to market. Has anyone else?
  14. Two male Alpine ibex (Capra ibex) fighting by clashing horns in mountain rock face in the Alps in spring Two male Alpine ibexes (Capra ibex) traversing mountain rock face in the Alps in spring Male Alpine ibex (Capra ibex) eating grass on mountain slope in the snow in winter in the Alps Cheers, Philippe
  15. Hello all, I was trying to upload pics to aterras "favorite pictures that you have uploaded may 2016" but can't figure out how to do it. I tried bringing up my media and it said to pick which category to share but none came up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jacob Y.
  16. Anatomy of Neanderthal man in the Gallo-Romeins / Gallo Roman Museum, Tongeren, Belgium Neanderthal hunter in the Gallo-Romeins / Gallo Roman Museum, Tongeren, Belgium Cheers, Philippe
  17. Quality control issues

    I have contributed to Alamy almost 10 years now and have well over 15,000 images online. I average a minimum of several image license sales every week of the year. I have been shooting professionally for over 30 years, using digital capture and Adobe Photoshop for almost 15 years, and have never had a digital image rejected for quality reasons by any other stock agent, including Getty, except by Alamy. In recent months I have experienced what I perceive to be inconsistencies in the Quality Control measures. After going years without a QC Failure, I have had two batches of images fail in recent months. The images were captured with a Canon EOS 1DX and Leica M9-P. In both cases I made (from the original files that Failed QC) beautiful 16x20” prints and sent them in to Alamy for further consideration. In both cases Alamy QC said the images were not up to their standards. I completely disagreed with their assessment, but to no avail. I am seriously considering pulling my images from Alamy. The amount of time spent properly preparing & submitting images against the increasingly low fees is not providing a very good return on investment. I am wondering if anyone else is having similar, inconsistent, problems with the quality-control group? Mark Weidman _______________________________ H. Mark Weidman Photography 24 Trailside Circle Salida, CO 81201-7011 USA Studio: 719-207-4713 Mobile: 719-221-5585 email: web:
  18. Happy English Cocker Spaniel dog (Canis lupus familiaris) running in garden © Arterra Picture Library / Johan De Meester Dotted stem bolete (Boletus erythropus / Neoboletus luridiformis / Boletus luridiformis) / © Arterra Picture Library / Marc de Schuyter Cheers, Philippe
  19. Multiple Versions of Images

    Can I offer here in Alamy a BW and Sepia (or Creative) version along with the original Color version? Should I mark both BW and Sepia as Digitally Altered? OTOH, If I already offer here in Alamy the Color (Original) version of an image as RM, can I offer somewhere else the Sepia version of the same image either as RM or RF?
  20. Article about the sale of the Peroni beer company appearing in the Guardian: Contains a photograph taken by Edward Simons
  21. Close up of red deer stag (Cervus elaphus) with antlers covered in velvet in spring Red deer hind (Cervus elaphus) and stags resting near manger filled with hay in forest Cheers, Philippe
  22. French Polynesia : 3 images from paradisiacal Tuamotu Tikehau : corals and maxima clams in the lagoon, just below water bungalows Fakarava : young Polynesian sharing the remains of his meal with blacktip reef sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus) Rangiroa : pontoon over the lagoon
  23. Can you imagine a better place on earth for a picnic? Denali (also known as Mount McKinley) from Reflection Pond - Denali national park in Alaska. And another nice place. For a sunset beer this time… Water bungalows at Tikehau Pearl Beach in French Polynesia.
  24. Some ordinary flowers Red clover (Trifolium pratense) in flower Wood violet / sweet violet (Viola odorata) in flower Greater knapweed (Centaurea scabiosa) flower and bud Cheers, Philippe
  25. Although this is Alamy-related, it is more a technical query about Google. The pseudo I use for news pics is Pjrnews. If I type that into a google search for images, nothing comes up. If I ADD 'Alamy', I get lots of results. I would have thought that adding search terms would narrow the results, not bring up new ones. Anyone know why this happens?