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  1. Converting slides

    I was thinking of one of those old Russian cameras with a Jupiter lens. Alan
  2. Converting slides

    As long as they meet the QC criteria, yes. You will need to use a good quality scanner, or a slide copier or similar setup on a god quality DSLR. Many of us have older photos on Alamy converted from film, and they still sell. Alan
  3. Those missed photo opportunities

    Not something I'm particularly bothered about. As far as I recall, I've only ever been challeneged once when taking photos (by an irate shopkeeper who demanded I stop photographing the front of his shop from a public street - my response was Alamy image E3RM9N). I've often photographed children in public places and I will defend my right to do so if challenged. Alan
  4. Images taken on National Trust land

    I spent a day at Canary Wharf last year and wandered all over taking photos with a prominent large DSLR, staying in some locations for a considerable time in order to get the right shot, and not once was I challenged. I don't know whether I was just lucky or whether my personal magnetism shielded me from scrutiny. Alan
  5. Despite not seeing my first sale this year until Jan 24th, I've now had more sales in the first 36 days of the year than the same period in all previous years put together (2009-2017). On the downside fees are considerably lower than any previous year. Is this maybe a sign of where we're heading - more sales but much lower prices? Alan
  6. This may alter what you photograph

    That wouldn't in itself stop the photographer getting sued though. Alan
  7. This may alter what you photograph

    If you see the way some of the Maltese drive, you would assume there are no traffic regulations in the country. Mind you, it's like that in Halifax these days. Alan
  8. This may alter what you photograph

    So all photographs that show identifiable people, whether taken in a public place or not, render us liable to prosecution under the DPA unless we either obtain consent from every person in the picture or blur all the faces. This effectively kills most photography stone dead, does it not? Alan
  9. Tags and plurals

    Brain: "I think I'll go to Alamy and look for landscapes". Fingers: "landscapes". Easily done if you're not thinking clearly. Or not thinking at all. Alan
  10. I've edited my tags and where are they?

    They become visible when the database is updated, normally once a day. Your photos are on display now. Alan
  11. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    I'm seeing a trend at the moment: every sale I've had this year has been from my local area. I'm starting to think of all that petrol I've wasted over the years... Alan
  12. Hen ID Please - What the Cluck?!

    My guess would be young Rhode Island Reds. Alan
  13. Releases for my own paintings' photos

    It can't do any harm. I always upload a release if I put any photos of myself on Alamy. Alan
  14. Newby from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Lots of old people too Alan
  15. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Having a lean time at the moment. Had to wait until Jan 24th before my first sale this year:
  16. How to travel light?

    I take a quick snap of any plaques, information boards, town signs etc. Alan
  17. Discoverability

    When I join a new forum, as a matter of courtesy I check to see whether my question has been answered recently. Particularly when there is already a topic asking exactly the same question only halfway down the first page. Alan
  18. Discoverability

    As a new member to any forum it's generally considered a good idea (and by some, good manners) to search first to see if your question has already been answered a thousand times. Alan
  19. Scary Computer Problem

    I'm running a 15-year-old PC that still performs flawlessly and meets a lot of my day-to-day needs. Its only fault is that it's too underpowered to handle tasks such as video editing and music creation, so I have to have a second machine for that. Alan
  20. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    I suspect that you're not deselecting images in the Image Manager before selecting the next one to tag. If you select one or images and tag it/them, then select some more, all the images will then receive any further tags you add. You have to deselect the first batch before tagging the second. Alan
  21. Short term memory loss

    QI is one of the brightest sparks on UK television. It's been running for many years now and I don't think there's ever been an episode that disappointed. Alan
  22. New Year, New Lens

    I've been using the Mk1 version of that lens for a few years and it's very good for the money. Alan
  23. Short term memory loss

    I play FreeCell for the mental activity. I also regularly recite the entire Monty Python Word Association sketch to prove to myself that I'm not losing it. Alan
  24. Short term memory loss

    I don't even need to go up the stairs. I can click to open a browser window and as soon as it's open forget what I wanted to browse. Alan
  25. This is not new. Others, including myself, have reported similar findings over the last few months. For example: Alan