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    5 sales, $229 gross.
  2. Post your positive results here :)

    Sultanpepa, that's awesome news! I had a $1,600 sale in January and the first thing I did was send an email to Alamy making sure it was real Then I held my breath for weeks until it cleared, certain every day that I would see a refund come through (it cleared, yay!) So glad to hear about these large sales and to know that others are getting them occasionally as well. Congratulations!
  3. Slow month?

    I had 13 sales last month; this month only one so far. Though zooms and CTR are high (for me, anyway). So. . . hopefully next month is better.
  4. How was your August 2017?

    Not bad - 13 sales for $533 gross.
  5. Street Art Images

    I received the email also and am so confused. My images are all Rights Managed and I always check "No property release" if I don't have one, so wouldn't that mean they could only be used for editorial use anyway?
  6. How was your July?

    3 sales, $119 gross.
  7. Questions about first news sale to Telegraph

    That's great!
  8. Questions about first news sale to Telegraph

    Ouch. Ok, thanks for the info, spacecadet.
  9. Questions about first news sale to Telegraph

    Thanks SpaceCadet - I only know that it's online - I'm in the US and don't get the print version.
  10. Questions about first news sale to Telegraph

    And follow up question: I see that when I do a google reverse image search of the photo there are literally 12 pages of sites from around the world that are using the same photo - could these all just be reposts of the Telegraph article? Is that normal?
  11. I just found one of my recent news photos in the Telegraph. It hasn't been reported yet (and I know it can take months), but I have a couple of questions, if anyone can enlighten me. I noticed that the same photo was used in two separate articles, 2 days apart, so am wondering if that counts as two sales? And also, any idea how much the Telegraph pays? Thanks for your help!
  12. How was June?

    7 sales, but only a gross of $51.
  13. Hello from Minneapolis

    Hi Katie, I'm also in Minneapolis Nice to meet you! Gina
  14. How was your May 2017?

    2 sales - $122 gross
  15. Slow month?

    Only one sale so far this month