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  1. Have you found any Alamy images in March 2018?

    Thanks for that. Do you happen to remember what the context/story was? It's one of my 'generic' pix that can be used in many ways.. km
  2. Alamy Stock photography workshops

    Nothing planned in June..... Contact me via my website to discuss private workshops km
  3. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    Most of mine were for 'extra-mural' adult education classes km
  4. Alamy Stock photography workshops

    well.......I have made (quite a bit) over £1million from my photography over my career.......(but it wasn't me that wrote that blurb.....and the only thing i've ever won was a voucher for a tripod back in 1987.....) k
  5. Alamy Stock photography workshops

    And's some info (in Italian) on my 2 day workshop that I'll be running in Tuscany on the 21st and 22nd km
  6. Alamy Stock photography workshops

    Just about a month to go until my annual Alamy Stock photography workshop in Cirencester... As we did last year, we will be having a couple of people from Alamy itself there to answer any questions and queries it won't just be me giving help and advice! This year we will be hearing from Corin Lawfull , part of the Contributor Relations tweam and welcoming back Jessica Mann from the Live News office... In think there are some places still available......but don;'t leave it too late km
  7. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    My photo......
  8. February over already?

    103 sales for the month....which is about par for the course, and not too bad considering that there were 2 or 3 fewer working days .. km
  9. Live News Captions

    For speed? have them all the same...get them up and out quickly.. tweak them later, if you need to km
  10. Zooms working?

    Yes... 97 here since the 13th Feb km
  11. A stitch in time

    My regime is based on having three copies of all data, on different brands of media , in two seperate locations.... km (if you must use the same brand/type at least buy them from different places so that they don't come from the same batch)
  12. How would you keyword this image?

    work, worker, working, female, woman, girl, hi-vis, PPE, personal protection equipment, airline, airliner, airplane, aeroplane, aviation, job, skill, at work, in work, support work, support worker, airside, airside worker, airside clearance, airside cleared, airside security, airport, aerodrome, airport work, airport worker, female airport worker, airside staff, etc stuff like that and the plurals: women, girls, females, workers, jobs, etc Which, with yours, gets you to the 50 tags, all relevant, without too much bother
  13. Just seen Red Snapper on national TV

    And to piggy back on this exposure... Remember i'm running my one -day workshop/seminar on stock / live news work in Cirencester on April 7th .. more details here: km
  14. Just seen Red Snapper on national TV

    It's the 200-500mm.....really not that heavy....which is one of it's great advantages km
  15. Just seen Red Snapper on national TV

    thanks..... my few minutes of fame..... If you want to watch (from 21.05 onwards..) km