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  1. Have you found any Alamy images December?

    do all three...takes a matter of seconds... km
  2. Have you found any Alamy images December?

    online stories change their images frequently..... km
  3. checking online takes only a few minutes.....and it's just another part of the workflow For example, I have a browser shortcut that takes me straight to the Sun's site, with a search for 'Aberystwyth' pre-configured. If they're using one of my weather pix then that search will pull up the story in a second or two. You can amend that to your usual location and use it yourself km
  4. Sometimes you can bust a gut working on a story, and the pictures do nothing.... Then you can do some quick shots in passing and they go global km
  5. The screen grab is important, because, especially with weather stories, the pictures used can sometimes be changed (not simply added to) over the course of the day. If you're doing that sort of news it's always sensible to check the various tabloid online pages a couple of hours after filing the pix, just to see if anything has been picked up... (The Sun are voracious users of images, as are, to a lesser extent, The Star and Mirror) km
  6. Another two of mine there too. Unusual, because The Sun are usually very good at self-reporting (from my experiences here at Alamy and at other news agencies that I work with) And, yes, LiveNews is a totally different thing to the Newspaper Scheme....and the rates you get are significantly higher km
  7. ah, nice to know someone was paying attention..... km
  8. hmmm..good point.....can't seem to see that one in my reports.... km
  9. I left that part out of the illustrative example...since the question was about the difference in content / structure of the headline and caption km
  10. Yes.....I pre-caption using the Shuttersnitch app on my iPhone, and then send the images from my cameras to the phone using their wi-fi networks (two nikon D4/D4s bodies both equipped with WT-5 wi-fi dongles). The phone then sends them out with headline/caption/keywords from the location as I work km One of my images filed in this way this morning is being used in this on-line story
  11. From my work today: The CAPTION: Aberystwyth Wales UK, Thursday 07 December 2017 UK Weather: The southern edge of Storm Caroline, with winds gusting between 40 and 60 mph, brings huge waves crashing into the sea defences in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion , west Wales UK. Very cold and wintry weather is forecast for the coming days, with heavy snow and icy conditions spreading down from the north. Met Office ‘yellow’ warnings have been issued, and there is a risk of disruption to travel in many areas The HEADLINE UK Weather: Storm Caroline brushes Aberystwyth Wales km
  12. Slow month?

    And you've done some research to see if there's a demand for these? No point filling a gap if no-one wants them (sometimes gaps are there for a reason...) km
  13. Slow month?

    I'm at the moment sitting in my house, that Alamy in effect has paid for. No mortgage anymore, thanks to paying it off with the income from my sales here. All my equipment, computers, car and studio, paid for from Alamy revenue but it takes time...... km
  14. Slow month?

    Making images in a place, not of a place, will give you plenty of scope, wherever you happen to live km
  15. Post your positive results here :)

    1,016 sales for the year so far. km