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  1. Help upgrading camera

    Edo and Allan, Death or Stock........LOL
  2. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    Alamy is "Chugging along" just fine for me, I am not happy with the license fees that I am seeing but I can live with it. Two years ago I came out of retirement and am now doing commissioned corporate work and make more in an afternoon than I do from Alamy in a month, but I don't have to pack 400lbs of lighting equipment to the location to do that. Over the years I've been with all of the major photo agencies, most are no longer with us and of all of the agencies I've worked with Alamy is my favorite. Just wish I had more time to scan chromes to upload to Alamy and shoot more news for them.
  3. Help upgrading camera

    Edo, Can count just fine. It's just me and RBG doing our pushups every day........ I'm doing corporate work again with old NORMAN 2000 packs (32lbs each) so I need to be strong. Turning 60 next month, OUCH... Not familiar with "Tai Foo Poo" did I miss the joke? Chuck Sorry should have been RGB, always get her mixed up.... Nope it was correct the first time RBG.....
  4. Help upgrading camera

    Edo, That is why I do 250 pushups a day..... I am often using the 800s with a SIGMA 120-300 2.8
  5. Help upgrading camera

    Edo, I am a NIKON user all the way back to the SP and was a beta tester for the F4s and N90's and I have had CANON G series cameras since the G2. I still use my G9 as a pocket camera and to carry while skiing. Alamy has licensed many of my images shot with G series CANONs. PS the only 35mm film scanners I use are CANON FS 4000's, great scanners and were way a head of their time. Yes I am now using NIKON D800's exclusively, I just buy lots of external drives...... I had a very bad experience with SONY and will never buy another SONY product.
  6. I was planning on making to switch to MAC a year ago, DELL support SUCKS, but I have LENOVO's going back decades and they have been great. I ran into a HUGE problem with my DELL 8300 and upgrading to WIN 10. Then I found a shop to put a new video card and a second SSD drive into my 8300, $320 USD and now it is running great. I worked for MACweek for years, Know Woz and Steve (RIP) I've also know Bill since day one of Microsoft. I use PC's Just wish I all LENOVO equipment.
  7. London Fashion Week

    Thanks Tony, Really like your old (God, I hate saying that) motorcycle B & W's Like a lot of you "file" images, Steve Baker was my neighbor in Bellingham, WA, USA in the 80's. I wish Alamy would put more into promoting some of the great historical images that Alamy has. Just remember my motto: "Old age and Treachery always wins over youth and impruousness" Best, Chuck
  8. London Fashion Week

    I have to disagree with a lot of what is written here. I was a news agency photographer for decades and early on I would only shoot stories after my agency got a magazine assignment for me. Then I realized that we could make much more money shooting stories that my agency would sell or license over and over to the magazines worldwide. Keep in mind that if you are working on assignment for a publication there is an embargo period where you cannot license images shot while on assignment. Alamy now licenses images every month that I shot on my own dime and time. While most of the major News Photo Agencies are gone, I’ve been impressed with Alamy Live News. I also disagree with the statement that : “Thats one reason that the stock industry is in the poor state it currently is. Too many photographers willing to work at a loss because they "enjoy it".” There have always been people who give their images away because they just want to see their name in print. The first problem with “the stock industry” are agencies or libraries that have not held licensing prices and micro stock.
  9. In answer to your question, Yes, BUT.... I come out of decades of doing corporate photography and I have never released an image I shot while working for a large corporation (client) for stock. in the 1980 I picked up a great client, did their annual report photography for a decade, because the photographer they were working with put images that he shot for them in London into stock and it was licensed and used in a two page ad by a competing bank...... If I want to put images that I create on commission into stock I clear it with the client first. Many of the images I have on Alamy were shot for corporate clients, but those companies are long gone so there can be not conflict.
  10. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    On my 3rd year with Zenfolio and for delivering to clients it is wonderful. I can shoot a corporate job post the previews and once the client approves the previews, I send them an invoice for payment via PayPal and have money in the bank within 24 hours. BTW PayPal takes a lower percentage than anyone I can find and it is 100% secure, I have a business account. Also I do not send the invoice via PayPal. The upside to digital photography...... I have not looked at Adobe Portfolio, but I do not want pictures floating around on the web.
  11. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    In my opinion, it is all about the image. I am a huge fan of Alamy and again in my own opinion it is all about the image and the IPTC information. "Stock" is not an easy way to make a buck or a pound or a yen. Stock is a way to see a return on work done over decades.
  12. 35mm slide noise reduction

    Just to add another note about finishing film scans. I use Noise Ninja (old, I know) to clean up noise in the out of focus areas. Works great.
  13. Jeff, Sorry my friend, but I always work at 100%, just upgraded my desktop to speed things up. I am also now doing corporate work and my clients appreciate the quality of the finished images I produce and yes it is painful working on 7360 by files at 300PPI, but at least I quit doing everything in 16bit......
  14. Is Less Really More?

    Since I now work almost exclusively with D800's, I do downsize finished images to 7200 by at 300DPI. I downsize to keep the files manageable and also to give it a bit of edge for sharpness.
  15. 35mm slide noise reduction

    Thanks Alan, Have not warmed up my CanoScans in years, but if I was going to scan a chrome I would remove it from the slide mount, clean it carefully with PRC-12 using PEC-PADS and then turn off all auto retouching and scan it to 16bit TIFF's in aRGB color. I've scanned a lot of Kodachrome and never had a problem. For the record I do use CanoScans FS4000's to scan film, I do not use the USB, I have an ADAPTEC 16bit PCMCIA card that I use to connect the 4000 to an old LENOVO T-62 laptop. I also do not use any Canon or third party software to do the scanning. I do all work on the image after I have moved it to a desktop with CS. Chuck