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  1. Falling sales values

    Bill, I've been contributing to Alamy for a bit more time than you and over the years I've been annoyed by the occasionally low license fees and pleasantly surprised by the larger ones. FYI I have seen the fees rising in 2016 and 17, but still not close to the fees from a decade ago. regen, I do take offence to your post, I do not take pictures of butterflies or flowers. I have spent 30 years working as a photojournalist for the worlds largest magazines and thanks to Alamy some of those images still appear in many of them. Alamy has been one of the most honest agencies I've worked with and I am offended by your post. So which one of the 5 in your list are you? To all the rest who know me, It is my firm belief that Alamy has attempted to do the best that they can for their contributors. The stock business has been very difficult and many of the major agencies and libraries are no longer doing business, many have reduced their contributors percentage to a level that I would not agree to. I still contribute to Alamy, nuff said....
  2. Scans of old photos

    I would say that 75% of the images I have on Alamy are 35mm chromes scanned, using a Canon FS4000. I do not use the auto retouching during scanning and I have never had a QC fail. It is a lot of work doing the scanning and I clean all chromes with PEC-12 before scanning. It simple, but takes a lot of time to finish images.
  3. For the last several years I have been only using NIKON D800's and 700's and shoot at 5.6 to 16 and I have not had a problem with dust. For my commercial work I am outputting 7360 by and I see very little dust.
  4. How was your July?

    2017 appears to be improving, considering the last five years. Licenses are way up for me, but fees are still lower than I would like to see. I've gone back to doing corportate photography and make more in a morning than from my licenses from Alamy in a month. I do look forward to working on more file images for Alamy, when I can afford the time. I will add that during the last six months I have seen some encouraging licenses from Live News.
  5. Bryan, When my Outlook was down, three weeks, I just used web mail. It worked fine, I would never, ever, ever, change my business email. I am looking forward to complaining about Mac support not Microsoft's.....
  6. First I do not appreciate the " chuck out." On another note, I've been running PC's for decades and right now I would like to throw them all out the widow and go Mac. I just had a problem with Outlook, running Win 10 64bit and all Microsoft wanted to do was charge me $99 for a one time fix or $149 per year for a service contract. I called my ISP (Comcast) and a very good tech showed me how to fix my problem, N/C. This is a rare moment that I say a good word about Comcast, but Microsoft made them look good. Bill really needs to get his creation together. Talking about film scanners, I keep an old Lenovo T60 running XP Pro to connect to my Canon FS 4000
  7. Is this site alive ?

    +1 to Philippe and GS, Don't forget that the "waterproof bags" need to be lead lined....... Mila, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  8. d810 file size

    I now work about 95% of the time with D800's and I get a 204MB 16bit TIFF to work from (7360 by at 300DPI) I process all NEF (Nikon RAW) files in Lightroom. I do downsize a small amount for upload to Alamy. Steve, I do not know what glass you are using, but the D800 series are great DSLR's and you owe it to yourself to at least understand the equipment that you are working with.
  9. ilzho, 1040 is web size, or 7 inches by. Many times an editor at a publication would ask for a smaller image, for whatever reasons, but I would never work with an image of less than 3,000 by at 300 DPI. I am now working with 7360 by files. I would politey suggest that you read the Alamy submission guidlines. I printed them out in 2003 and I still have the print out, even though it is now out of date.
  10. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Wonderful Friday thread. Enjoyed the photos
  11. Keeping in mind that I am in the U.S. I have done my own and everyone in my family passport photos for years and never had a problem. My wife likes my retouching so much she tried to talk the department of Motor vehicles into letting me take her drivers license photo, not allowed.....
  12. Shooting in the US; are we allowed?

    While I always agree with Edo. The first thing I will tell you is to NEVER use the word "shooting." NEVER. I've traveled the world without much of a problem and my "kit" can be pretty extensive. While I do have press credentials I have never once shown them at a border. Another rule is that you never tell anyone with authority more than they asked or need to know.....
  13. Captcha has got to go.... VERY BAD idea.
  14. Whats Good Fellow Photographers?

    Bre, I've been a "working" photographer since 1974, small daily newspaper using Spotmatics and TRI-x. I've come up in the world from shooting K-14 and E-6 to $36,000 DSLR bodies, 2.11 and 6MP's. Now I shoot on 36MP NIKON DSLR's and I start with a 40+MP RAW file producing a 200 + MB 16bit TIFF file to work on in Photoshop. In my opinion "pretty pictures" are nice, but they don't license often or for high fees. I am, was, a magazine photojournalist and I have been very happy with Alamy, best online agency I've ever found. When it comes to "Stock" photography I am no expert, there are others on this forum who know more, but in my own opinion, shoot what you love, caption and keyword very very well and it will all fall into place. Good Luck
  15. Downsizing

    I often downsize, mostly when I shoot NEF (RAW) with D800's at high ISO's and it appears to work really well, specially when you start with a 7360 by file. Even with a D800 at 7360 by, if the image is not sharp it will not be sharp at a smaller size.