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  1. Verify to enter dashboard?

    I had pants today as well. The whole thing is PANTS!!! Pearl
  2. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    I prefer to thank them personally if they have reported one of my images found. They don't know where the greenies have come from. Pearl
  3. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    That's interesting, thanks for reporting back. I can't see the point of having both then. At least now we can remove the reaction if we have done it accidentally. The whole thing is getting rather pointless as contributors reporting found images end up with huge numbers compared to the rest of us. I thought the idea of them was to indicate reputation i.e. to show that someone knows what they are talking about but hey ho.... Pearl
  4. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    I don't think the likes add up whereas up votes do. I prefer that there just be likes. Pearl
  5. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    This morning I think Pearl
  6. They were always there under the Filters tab but are not there under the search tab unless you zoom the image. Nor are they there if you enter AIM from measures or edit image. At least I'm not seeing them Pearl
  7. Cant login

    Now I can't log in on my Mac. Just going round in circles all day. What a nightmare Alamy is becoming. Pearl
  8. No more PMs

    Why could they not just ban those abusing it? Shame. Pearl
  9. Truncated screens

    The screen is fixed on my iPhone and iPad. Thanks Alamy. Pearl
  10. Download Packs

    As a result of this I have just submitted an application to join another library which, I believe, has good relations with it's contributors. Pearl
  11. Cant login

    I had this same problem on my iPhone last night. I just had to shut it down and start again with a new browser page. It is a real pain just trying to work here these days. Pearl
  12. Download Packs

    Another nail in the coffin for contributors. Pearl
  13. Truncated screens

    I may be imagining things as I can't find it now but I was sure Alamy said that it would be fixed by Wednesday (just gone). As of yesterday it is actually worse on my iPad and iPhone as it is also on the vertical screen where it was only on the horizontal screen. So far my Mac (Safari) is OK though. Why can't they just sort these things out? Pearl
  14. +1 I fully agree with everything Kumar has said here. I much appreciate the effort that so many put into reporting images found I just prefer not to make plagiarism too easy. Pearl
  15. Also makes them much easier to plagiarise so I don't like it. Pearl