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  1. I don't stress too much about CTR as sales and their value have a much greater influence on rank. CTR is just an indicator that you are on the right track with tags IMO. Pearl
  2. RM vs RF usage...again!

    The four figure sales I refer to above are restricted now for that particular use for a period of time but can be sold for other uses during that time frame. In other words the buyers wanted exclusivity for those uses. Pearl
  3. RM vs RF usage...again!

    What I really don't like about RF, apart from the unlimited use issues, is the £255.00 ceiling for the maximum size download. I have sold RM images for 4 figures which weren't particularly special or unique so why would I want to put a ceiling on potential sales? If a buyer wants an exclusive license, which may bring in a high fee, they would not choose RF. Pearl
  4. CTR looks a bit more respectable now. Thank you for fixing it Alamy Pearl
  5. RM vs RF usage...again!

    All my RF sales, of which there aren't many, tend to be for peanuts so I'm not encouraged to go down that route unless I have several similar and very generic images which are nothing special. Pearl
  6. I fully agree with what Kumar has suggested. The results are often unsatisfactory using the present search engine with many of my best sellers appearing well behind my less popular shots and it seems almost impossible to change this. With the old MI and previous search engines it was possible to bring certain images nearer the front of my own collection. Pearl
  7. Hopefully they are trying to fix it. Pearl
  8. We have had this problem before and zooms tended to come in a day or two later. Out of three pages of search terms for one of my pseudos only two searched terms had any zooms recorded and they weren't mine. Something is broken again. Pearl
  9. If this can get through QC, why do we worry ...

    Search the image number then click on contributor's name underneath it. Pearl
  10. DACS

    The 10% pot only accounted for 6% of my payback and that was mostly magazines. I had nearly four A4 pages of ISBN/ISSN numbers. I don't know what that means for the future but I'm guessing it's not good. My payback was £200 down on last year even though I am maxed out for mags and books. Pearl

    Yes. They can even change their mind after the payment has cleared and it's in your bank although this doesn't happen too often fortunately. Pearl
  12. How to improve image ranking

    Sell sell sell... Pearl
  13. DACS

    I wish. I am maxed out on books and mags, submitted 3 x A4 sheets of ISBN/ISSNs and had some TV claims (although DACS never confirmed they had accepted those) and I got £500 which is £200 less than last year. A colleague who sells a lot less than me got almost the same amount. Pearl

    45 sales which I'm happy with but not happy with the low prices. Pearl
  15. Thanks for reporting Clare. It was zoomed recently. Pearl