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  1. Log in just going round in circles

    I had the same problem earlier today but it seems OK now. Ridiculous that it should be so hard just to get into a forum. Pearl
  2. Thanks for reporting mine here Steve and another couple in the supplements. It's very time consuming going through so many images so your efforts are much appreciated. Pearl
  3. Good way to start the month

    They were probably used on different calendars by the same publisher. Pearl
  4. Older Images selling very well.

    Those of us who have been here long enough probably have more A, B and C images because it took a lot longer for numbers to build up in the early years. I always sell more of the older images but it has been more noticeable since the search engine change last December. My older images tend to come up before the more recent ones in most searches and it's not because I have gone back to re tagging etc, quite the opposite in fact. Perhaps I did a better job back then than I do now. Pearl
  5. Good way to start the month

    If you look at sales history you'll see the small ones are one pic a day Pearl
  6. How was your November?

    40 sales. Highest $200 gross, lowest $5.74 gross. A bit below average monthly income. 6 sales so far for December. Pearl
  7. Has there been a re-rank?

    There has definitely been some change but may be more to do with the search engine than a proper re-rank. Hard to tell for certain now that bhz doesn't really work like it did. Pearl
  8. Net Revenue Sales Report changes

    You can still search ALL but they come up on different pages which you then have to go through Pearl
  9. Net Revenue Sales Report changes

    Yes you can. It's even better as you can search by date range as well Pearl
  10. Net Revenue Sales Report changes

    Yes you can
  11. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Sorry I thought you were talking about the Sales history. Pearl
  12. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    The image is clickable so why does the ref need to be? It would be great to be able to search by ref, both Alamy ref and our own as this would make it so much easier to deal with infringements. Pearl
  13. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Hitting GO does the job on the computer but the page often re loads on my phone and iPad so the dates get reset to default. As you say Phil it's very fiddly having to put the dates in again. Not a well thought out "improvement"! Pearl
  14. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    You could only chose 1 or 2months, a year or all as far as I recall. Pearl
  15. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    My thoughts exactly but I do like the new sales history which is long overdue. Pearl