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  1. Tablet for on the road

    I'm one of those the real career photographers hate. If I weren't in stock, I'd still take pictures. I began taking them to use as inspiration for my painting. Then funny thing on the way to the watercolor paper, my photographs made me take notice that the painting experience gave me the eye for photography composition. Of course, that was more fine art style, quite different from the needs of stock. I figured if I was going to spend the money on the equipment, maybe I could earn some of that back. Not saying I don't work hard at stock, because I do. It's just been a long road for me to understand what stock needs are, because my creative brain wants to get in my way. I've only traveled twice for stock. I've traveled many times for pleasure, but always keeping an eye out for stock material. Betty
  2. I'll take two of those pills, please.
  3. Uploading Images with Metadata

    I believe what that link shows is fine. If you prefer to caption/tag in AIM, you don't need to have that included at upload. Although it is smart to do so, because then your tags will be attached to the image forevermore. I believe the object is to be able to see what camera you are using and the information of the settings. I think it might have been possible in the past for some people to strip the metadata in order to use an unapproved camera, or claim a stolen image as his/her own. just me facts behind it. Someone will jump in and say how wrong I am. Betty
  4. I hear you, Geoff. I'm not sure I'd call it boredom, but more like inviting an infection of chicken pox for that time. I can do about 20 at a time before losing my mind. Although yesterday I took several stabs at it over the course of a day and got more done. Just thinking about doing more today gives me the willies. That's why the oldies aren't done already. Betty
  5. Cant login

    Clear cookies
  6. Tablet for on the road

    Matt, I totally understand where you are coming from in regards to travel. If somebody travels only to add travel images to their portfolio, then it's going to be difficult to earn enough over expenses unless one really knows where to go and what to shoot to fill gaps. If one would travel anyway, without being a stock photographer, it's a different game. Loving travel and photography both is a marriage that lasts. Instead of subtracting the expense of travel from image earnings, you are subtracting the earnings from travel, which you probably would do anyway. My first trip to St. Croix was meant to be for photography only. No way will I sell enough to break even, let alone a profit. My second trip there was a family affair for pleasure....lots of snorkeling and fun. But I still shot pictures. Anything I earn off that second trip will subtract from the expenses of a pleasure trip. Betty
  7. Discoverabillity of images!

    I don't aim for green. As I said, discoverability is, for me, a reminder to see whether I've forgotten tags that are pertinent to the image, and adding them. If they go green, that's beside the point. If I only add tags that fit the image, then I won't be getting inappropriate search results that harms CTR. I do not spam. Spamming would hurt CTR. I just worked on 20-30 legacy images today. I might have added a tag or two to some, a phrase or two to others. I think I changed two or three to green, some others firmly stayed in orange, and many already had 50+ tags that I could do nothing with without spending a lot of time eliminating duplicates that happened with the changeover. Funny thing about that. Some people used comprehensive to duplicate Main tags. I never did. Comprehensive was used for # of people, location, tags like outdoors, day, daytime, nobody. No dupes. Yet when AIM went live, my images were chocked full of duplicates from ALL fields. Betty
  8. Discoverabillity of images!

    Philippe, you do all the work in the beginning, not like some of us who sometimes draw blanks at the time.
  9. Discoverabillity of images!

    I hope not! It gives those of us with smallish ports and who do the work a leg up in searches.
  10. I'm thinking it can only be installed on two. I could be wrong...but you go through the installation process on each, and if I remember correctly, it's allowed for two machines. As suggested, go to Adobe to find out, because my memory may be rusty. The rest of my body is.... Betty edit: Googled it. You may install software on up to two computers. These two computers can be Windows, Mac OS, or one each. If you install on a third computer, it will request you to de-activate on the other two computers. You can then reactivate one of the previous two computers, and use Creative Cloud apps on it.May 5, 2012
  11. Discoverabillity of images!

    That's because your mind is on concepts, Geoff!
  12. Discoverabillity of images!

    I do a fair job at that, but I'm sure I miss some. Especially on my older images. Arggh, thinking about revisiting them wears me out!
  13. Discoverabillity of images!

    Great idea, Sally!
  14. Discoverabillity of images!

    While a lot of my images don't get in the green because of a simple subject, as I work slowly on my legacy images, I find a few that are almost ready to go green. Most of these I have used, Oklahoma,US,USA,United States, in my keywords. After a thread here a few months ago, it was discussed using every possible tag for my country. I've been trying to add U.S.,U.S.A.,North America to those legacy images. No spamming, but often they do get me in the green. I doubt being in the green does anything in and of itself, but does serve the purpose to make me think whether I am missing good appropriate tags. I often find I missed adding semi-important ones, and the use of phrases. So if discoverability is worth anything, it has gotten me to use it in the way I believe Alamy meant it to be used. By putting on my thinking cap and checking that I've not missed adding important tags and phrases. Many times, after those "thinking cap" additions, I'm still not in the green and that's perfectly fine. But I have covered the image tags to the best of my ability, and that, to me, is what's important. Betty
  15. August Challenge - On the Beach

    Three from me, very hard to choose. The first, a full moon over Sandcastle Beach, St. Croix, USVI. Beach chairs and bright umbrella overlooking a tropical storm offshore. St. Croix. A small 4 year old girl running with abandonment toward the Caribbean Sea. St. Croix.