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  1. Affordable online backup solutions/providers

    Just read a good comparison review.,review-2678.html i like the looks of BackBlaze myself. $5 a month or save $10 at $50 a year. Betty
  2. Impact of Equipment Used on Acceptance

    +1 Alamy has always required professional cameras. By that I don’t mean full frame or high mp cameras. You answered your own question by acknowledging what was accepted. And of course, what wasn’t. While some Bridge cameras might make acceptable images, it’s rare. QC can’t be flooded with those images because they would have to look at each and every image to find any that were decent, when most aren’t. (If not all). QC, once you have a good QC record, only checks a few images out of a submission. Alamy has to draw a line with acceptable cameras or it would make QCs lives miserable and it would slow down how quickly our uploads get approved. As Joseph mentioned, I hope you are checking your images at 100%, because if you aren’t, you will miss correctable imperfections and will fail even from your good cameras. It’s just a matter of time before noise, a dust bunny, or CA will get you. I speak from experience. Been there, done that, have the tee shirt. Betty
  3. Upload error

    No problem for me other than a bit slow.
  4. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    So sorry for what you are going through. I don’t believe uploading every week influencing placement is a policy of Alamy’s. But considering how little we understand the algorithm of searches, who knows about under-the-table influences. I do think frequent uploads combined with one’s CTR and where one’s images are normally placed may mix in a favorable soup. This soup might be tasty for some contributors, not so much for others. Just about everything concerning searches is confusing, and anything discovered or thought by one contributor will have different results for another. I agree having a folder of images languishing on our hard drives waiting for bad times isn’t the thing to do. My suggestion was if you foresee a time, such as a planned surgery or a move, it can be helpful. If life rears up suddenly and smacks you in the head, that’s different. And Wim, if what you say about images being in the new section would only spark new image sales, how about “more images by this contributor “ part? I might see the newer image zoomed and multiple older images of mine showing below. If a buyer prefers one of those, then fresh uploads might influence older image sales. And having a steady infusion of images showing in the new section can only be good. Sure can’t see it being detrimental! But then, most of my supposedly hare-brained musings are shot down here! <says she as she puts on her flak jacket> Betty
  5. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    This has been discussed before that when one doesn’t upload on a fairly regular basis, it seems that it negatively affects one’s placement, CTR or whatever! I do know that when I have not uploaded on a regular basis it has negatively affected my port’s performance. I do my best when life gets complicated to try to upload at least five images a week. I suggested in a recent thread that if one has an idea that life is going to interfere, a move, surgery, etc., to gather some finished images ready for uploading. Then dribble a few out each week. That only takes a few minutes, although once QCd, they do need finished. Even that could be made simple. Take and process a set of 3-5 images that all will have the same tags. Select them all when preparing for sale and you only have to effectively prepare one image, because you only do the work for one. If your “stash” has multiple sets, your time spent is very minimized. Early last year I began preparing our home before we listed it for sale. That required going through every closet, drawer, and the attic. Gave things away, donated, put things aside for a garage sale. Packed some of it away to move. Then the garage sale, which organization took forever. I had family help there. Then I began fixing up the house. Hiring doors replaced, myself doing painting and repairs indoors and out, while caretaking and dealing with a spouse with dementia. And that, folks, nearly sent me around the bend. Because every job I did took 4 times as long as it should have because my husband wanted to help but messed up everything he tried to do and I had to repair/repaint. And try to convince him to just leave me alone and please let me do it. Which he refused to do. Tears, and all that. With all of that going on, I still managed to upload a few images a week. Somehow. House still for sale. Port is in good shape. Betty
  6. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    This thread is rather like comments of believing my work on legacy images have no bearing on my increased sales of older images, and increased sales in general. Many here state they’ve done no work on theirs and are doing fine, thankyouverymuchBetty. I beg to differ. And had you done the work how can you tell that your zooms/sales would not have directly increased? You can’t. You can’t prove a negative. I’m sure everyone whose port is too large to do the work, and those who choose not to will keep on chugging right along making sales. I chose to do the work, and I am seeing good results, thankyouverymuchforum! Betty And I believe what Elaine is seeing from her work!
  7. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    I got my clump a few days back. 4 in one day.
  8. Agreed. Almost all of my plant zooms were searched by Latin name.
  9. There seems to be a bunch sold to Lithuania. Bulk, discount. Pennies. I got one, too.
  10. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    If you cover all the possibles of location in images where you use location, it can help you with tag numbers. I use: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US, USA, U.S., U.S.A., United States, North America There! I have 8 tags, none are spam. I might, but usually don’t, use America, American. But if you are one tag away from green, I use one of those. (If I think of it, ) Also, don’t forget your plurals: flower, flowers, rose, roses, dog, dogs, person, persons, people, etc. Sometimes I’m within one or two tags of being in the green and have no relevant tags to add. I grind my teeth, and leave the image in the orange. My teeth don’t appreciate it. Betty
  11. Do You Snap Christmas and the Holidays?

    I have a few, most have never been zoomed, (maybe one) let alone sold. Yet I feel some must sell overall, mine just aren’t good enough.
  12. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    Top of the page: My Alamy>My Dashboard>Alamy Measures>Your Images That’s where you’ll see your zooms if/when you have some. But don’t expect any until you upload a few hundred images. Alamy is another world away from microstock. There is usually no instant gratification. Meanwhile glean everything you can from the forum threads. Good luck! Betty
  13. Attach File to Forum Question

    Dropbox works. That’s what I use.
  14. I believe you are braver than I with the highlights!