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  1. Validation?

    That’s good, John. Just remember if you eventually get down to only the boring ones that are left, you might lose interest. I hate doing the boring ones, but it’s easier if they’re mixed in.
  2. You must wait for the update, usually every 24 hours. It’s not instantaneous.
  3. RM vs RF usage...again!

    This month, my best sale amount is $250. RF. So, not necessarily cheaper than RM. And the search was for RF, so all of the RM images of this subject would not have been viewed. A lot, if not most, searches don’t specify, so RM and RF are competing. Betty
  4. Puzzled

    Anytime someone dishes out that many red arrows I’m wondering if they still have a spouse. I know I wouldn’t enjoy living with that kind of a person. I’m happy-go-lucky by nature.
  5. Validation?

    I agree, Jim. I would think that a lot of us didn’t keyword well at the start. It’s not as simple as one might think, with lots of nuance and I am still soaking up tips from the forum. It wasn’t just the keywords, but I had some bad captions. And me, too, on a couple of images never zoomed in 10 years miraculously being zoomed right after reworking them. Thats the kick in the pants that urges me to keep on keeping on. Betty
  6. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    Thank you, Bill. That looks doable. Knowing me, I’ll mess it up a few times before getting it right.
  7. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    Bill, that sounds great. Not sure how to set it up. I’ll have to take a look once I’m not coughing up a lung. I won’t be doing any keywording in LR, though, will it still work or is the only way I could find it is through LR? I won’t do that, I’ll stick to my templates instead. Betty
  8. Validation?

    Wooo-eeee-wooo-screech....must-tag-I’m programmed to tag....
  9. Validation?

    You’re welcome, people.
  10. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    I’m sorry, I thought you were giving up key wording in LR and planned on doing it in Bridge. I have never keyworded in LR, thank God! I had my system set up and used for years before ever using LR. It works, so I never saw any reason to attempt it in LR. What I like about Bridge is that all the tags remain just how you input them, not rearranged in alphabetical order. Proximity remains. Betty
  11. RM vs RF usage...again!

    You can sell an RM image over and over unless the buyer requests exclusitivity for a term, or even in a particular industry. In 10 years, I’ve never had a request for that.
  12. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    I can’t help you there, but this is what I do. Keyword an image in Bridge. If it is a subject you shoot or expect to shoot again, while that image is still highlighted, go to “tools” and in the drop down, choose “create template” You’ll get a template page. I fill out any metadata fields I want attached to the image even though Alamy strips most out. But you’ll see your keywords there. Now is where you make those tags more generic, because some of them that fit your original image, might not fit the next. So I may have an image where a bird with a beak full of worms flies to a branch. American robin,Turdus migratorus,(sp) perched,perching,tree,branch,branches,eating,worm,worms,food,gathering food,copyspace,copy space,blue sky,day,daytime,nobody,outdoors,horizontal,Oklahoma,US,USA,U.S.,U.S.A.,United States,North America Before saving the template, I would strip out perch,perching,branch,branches,eating,worm,worms,food,gathering food,horizontal. OR you can leave those in and just remember to delete them and replace them with appropriate tags when you apply the template to a future image where the bird may be foraging on the lawn instead of perched. Title your template. Mine would be American Robin, Turdus migratorus I also have a basic template, a generic one, that has my info and image location, since the bulk of my stuff is shot here. So if I have a brand new subject, I at least have the location tags covered. I apply that basic template (titled BASIC) then add my new tags. I have templates for all of my birds, all of my butterflies, some plants, and other things. It keeps me from having to look up scientific names, which is a blessing! Once you set up a template, name it and save it, to use it you highlight your new image(s) in Bridge. Go to “tools” up top. You’ll see “apply template” or some such. Click on it and you’ll get a list of your templates listed alphabetically. Navigate to the one you want, click on it, and it will apply those tags to your new image. Be sure you save. Hope you can glean something helpful out of this. Betty
  13. RM vs RF usage...again!

    Sorry, I don’t have the slightest idea about how they would sell on micros. I would, in any case never offer the same image at both agencies. I’ll commit suicide some other way, thankyouverymuch. Betty
  14. Totally Wrong Information!

    I don’t take ID lightly. I do my research. But mistakes happen to everyone. If anyone sees a plant or insect I’ve got wrong, I’ll bake you a pie if you steer me right. Since we can’t message each other now, a shame, but a polite nudge is appropriate. What’s bad about that is that we don’t always see every post made, even the forum furniture. Whereas we would see that we have a message waiting. I guess we can email CR and ask them to pass the message on. I’m sure they’d just love that. Betty
  15. Being awake since 4 a.m., who knows if my brain is working right. First day on Prednisone is a b***ch. I’m excited to see measures working. Looking at my new zooms, I see I have two that start with A, one B, and a D. Folks, these are old images that I just finished reworking tags and captions on 7-10 days ago. It’s not that none of my long-in-tooth images never get zoomed, they do. But I don’t think I’ve ever had 4 oldies zoomed this close together. (Too many negatives, there? ) Maybe it’s a one-off, won’t happen again. Maybe it’s my jittery brain making too much of it. This cuppa coffee oughta help. Meanwhile, I think I’ll keep plugging away at those oldies. Betty