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  1. CTR

    Thank you, Gen. We need good vibes to knock out the stomach bug running through the family. Not me, knock on wood, so the vibes/energy must be working!
  2. CTR

    You have 3 stars with me.
  3. CTR

    Yes, Bryan, traumatic. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and except for my husband’s Air Force hitch, have always been in the state. I’m an avid Oklahoma football fan, listened to Sports Animal (A call in and opinion show) every day on the radio. I’m just 160 miles north of where I lived, 60 miles from the Oklahoma border, but here they talk about Kansas sports. My radio station is no longer available to me. I’m an Okie transplant now. But I will adapt. I always do to new situations. I do the breaststroke rather than kicking and screaming. Thanks John, Paulette. I will be getting my computer back online March 1, so maybe I can again process images. Betty
  4. CTR

    Numbers jan 24 -feb 22 24 zooms ctr avg .54 total .52 last 7 days 11 zooms avg 1.37 total 1.19 this month 20 zooms avg .62 total .63 This after CTR both numbers being .36 for several months Betty
  5. CTR

    We are now in Wichita staying with our daughter and son-in-law. Our household goods won’t be here until next Tuesday, but we do have the keys to the house. The trip was foggy/rainy, then turned into thunder-sleet and hail at the end. We are living out of bags for now. For 4 nights, I operated on 3-4 hours sleep a night since I and my family packed up into the wee hours. 3-4 am and up again by 7 am. I’ve never been so tired and hurt so much. I logged on to Measures today and was surprised to see how many zooms I have and how high my CTR is. This after a couple of months of dismal numbers. I’m hoping these numbers soon translate into a few sales. I'm only posting to give hope to others who also have had low numbers. It’s a strange business. The tide goes out...the tide comes in. I’m hoping for a sustained high tide. Meanwhile, I need to book a contractor for improvement estimates on the new/old house, buy an electric clothes dryer, get the flooring guy out for measurements. And remember to take pictures of it. Life might become normal in 6 months. Betty
  6. I think your mistake was that the images passed QC, is that right? If so, they are forever going to show up in AIM. They will show as deleted, with the tags grayed out. Every image I ever deleted is a part of my AIM portfolio. They will forever be there. I believe someone said you can filter them out so you don’t see them, but they’ll still be there. Since they can’t be purchased, why do you care if they show as RF? Obviously you have set your images as automatic RF upon arriving in AIM, then you decide which ones to set as RM. So they arrived in AIM as RF. If you had changed them to RM before hitting the delete button, they would show as RM, even though the tags are grayed out. I have mine set to arrive as RM. Betty
  7. Help upgrading camera

    Very nice!
  8. Have you done your legacy images?

    I agree that just because I finished them all doesn’t mean they are perfect. Sometimes I worked at it too long...well after I was brain dead for the day. I’m sure mistakes were made or I got sloppy. I do know I’ve run across some typos. Like Geoff, I did work on a few topics. Then I realized that I couldn’t know how many were left to do. It seems I worked best when I could tell myself, “2009 is DONE”. On to 2010! When I saw a year finished, it seemed to spur me on. Betty
  9. Have you done your legacy images?

    Congratulations! I fully understand what you have accomplished. It’s not a fun job, but yet I got a strong sense of satisfaction from doing it. Kind of like painting the kitchen. You put it dread it, then you kick yourself into doing it. Then once done you stand staring at it with a smile on your face. Now you are ready for good shooting weather without that little black cloud hanging over your head. Betty
  10. Help upgrading camera

    And it fits in the center console of my Subaru. Forester? That’s what I have. Pretty light sage green.
  11. specific back pain starting 1 hr after standing-roaming

    My car was rear-ended about 20 years ago. I had whiplash pretty severe, a bulging disk and torn muscles that ran on each side of my spine. I had all the usual treatments including physical therapy. Once the muscles healed, the pain continued. Then, I had rolphing treatment. The guy used his elbows to dig into my muscles where the knots were then ripped downward. At least 30 minutes of agony while he broke loose scar tissue. After about 10 treatments I had to quit. The pain during those treatments was incredible...a 10 on a scale of one to ten. I’m tough, but tears leaked. I was bruised black and blue and had to soak in Epsom salts after. While my body can endure pain, it eventually broke down my mind. I felt like a prisoner of war must’ve felt before spitting out war secrets. I no longer could muster my mental defenses. That said, I would do it again because the treatment gave me back my range of motion and I could turn my head once again to look over my shoulder when changing lanes. The muscles are healed, but the injured disk in my neck still causes knots in my upper back around the shoulder blade area next to the spine. Pinched nerves will affect muscles down the line. I also have deteriorating disks in my lower back that sometime causes sciatica and nerve pain in the back or front of my thigh 12 or more inches below the source. I carry my camera in my hands while walking about. Sometimes an extra lens in a belly bag, but after awhile, that causes pain and I go home. The packing I’m doing right now isn’t helping. One more week of packing. Then I can look forward to unpacking! Just my 2 cents. Betty
  12. Those missed photo opportunities

    AAARRRGGGH! It’s one thing to miss a golden opportunity because you don’t have your camera with you, but another thing when you have your head screwed on straight but your camera doesn’t! Good restraint not spiking it like an American football. Betty
  13. Have you done your legacy images?

    I’m not getting sales, either. No fear, making them more easily found doesn’t make them not sell. I think travel to warm places sells well during the winter. Escaping the cold, you know. Things will pick up, says the optimist. But you are right. Plugging through thousands ain’t no fun. (Says she, tongue in cheek) Although I admit it was quite the revelation to discover how awful my tagging and captions were early on. I felt like I was pulling babies out of the flood. Betty
  14. Tags and plurals

    Yes. I do those. Good catch.
  15. Tags and plurals

    I’ve mentioned it before in threads about discoverability. USE PLURALS! I have an image of a man. I use man men male males person persons people retiree retirees pensioner pensioners Betty