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  1. Photo Plus Expo

    This shouldn't be a problem. As with heirs to the British throne, each member of the Alamy executive team flies over on their own private jet. I'll see if I can get you a seat.
  2. Photo Plus Expo

    Mickfly, I'd try to help, but I don't even know what country you're in.
  3. Photo Plus Expo

    I'll be there, but it doesn't look like I'll be bringing anybody with me. Oh well.
  4. Photo Plus Expo

    Who here will be attending the Photo Plus Expo in New York City at the end of this month? If there is interest, I'll be happy to facilitate a meetup on Friday afternoon.
  5. Sales ceilings?

    John, you didn't miss anything. I was defining the topic in a slightly different way. We photographers always have to be expanding our collections, but for certain subjects, you can just shoot the same thing over and over again and changes in style will take care of any updating for you. This is especially true with cars and clothes.
  6. Sales ceilings?

    Photographers of some subjects won't have to expand because changes in style and design will take care of that for them. But for the rest of us, there's always that challenge of doing something new and fresh.
  7. Sales ceilings?

    John, in my experience, there just isn't a strong correlation between collection size and sales. A tiny group of strongly in-demand images would easily outsell a huge bunch of similars or low-demand subjects.
  8. I am new and need a bit of help

    I'm going to disagree with you on this. In my experience (with very different subject matter than is usually discussed here), microstock is much more competitive than Alamy. Our original poster is in way over their head and needs some basic photography classes. I too, have taken those classes and when I got some solid experience under my belt, I taught a few. Everybody has to start somewhere and in my opinion, that somewhere shouldn't be the deep and encyclopedic collection at Alamy or the brutally competitive commercial battleground of the big micros.
  9. Tesla story - any relevance to stock

    Absolutely. I would love to see a Harvard Business School case study on stock photo pricing. It couldn't be more strange.
  10. New boss

    To me, this focus on selling and customer service is Alamy's real strength.
  11. That's only because my file sizes have gotten larger over the years because of upgrading. As I write this, my biggest regret is over-upgrading. I'd be fine with the gear I had seven or eight years ago.
  12. Promoting more than just the biggest sellers

    I for one think this is a great idea. I could imagine Alamy creating an almost magazine-like format for promoting its contributors, customers, and those images.
  13. No sales after 8 months here

    I doubt that buyers prefer photographers from the UK, US or Canada, but being in a native English speaking place gives certain advantages in keywording at the beginning. It's nothing you can't learn, it will just take a tiny bit longer. Even those of us who ARE native English speakers get a solid lesson in language and vocabulary every time we keyword. ... and welcome to Alamy!