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  1. Make the star shape Supertag area easier to hit please

    Ian, this is your best suggestion ever. No kidding.
  2. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    John, even this can't be answered from our group. What I find most interesting though is a comparison of results for "brick wall" on Alamy and on the leading micro site. Alamy has twenty times more results. Twenty. **** I too, would love it if there were more specialties represented here. I know that food is one of the most competitive subjects, but I'm the only one here. Science and medicine are huge, but do we ever have any of those photographers stopping by? Lifestyle is the backbone of the industry, but lifestyle photographers almost never post outside their own private groups.
  3. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    We don't know and can't know. The members of this group represent only a tiny sliver of Alamy contributors, who in turn, represent only a tiny sliver of stock photographers. Even our entire collective experience isn't one percent of the business. We may be a perfect cross-section, or we may all be outliers. Or maybe neither. **** And we've forgotten a whole other category: the specialist building and engineering agency that sells their photo of a brick wall for five hundred bucks a use because they can accurately describe the type of brick, the mixture of mortar, and the architectural era it fits into. There are people who's needs are so demanding that they need a second opinion when it comes to keywords.
  4. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    John, I often find that people will have a single, simplified idea of how the stock photo business works and it's always wrong in some way. Why? Because there is no single way the stock photo business - or the media business it's part of - works. Every possibility in this thread has almost certainly happened at one time or another and I doubt that they cover ten percent of what could happen. We live in a society that is defined by photos and everything we see has used stock photography at one time or another. Here in Pennsylvania, real estate brokers use them and hospitals do too. You see them in supermarkets and big box stores, and investment advisers offices. Every magazine and newspaper has at least a few, and sometimes books do too. Stock photos are constants in our lives. No matter what some people might think, one or two sales methods can't cover more than a small percentage of the possibilities.
  5. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    Fascinating answer Richard! And John? What about needing the correct paperwork? Using your one subscription for certain clients, but not others? (perhaps because you're moonlighting?) Clients who require a separate bill for each element in a project? We are just scratching the surface.
  6. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    John, things aren't always that simple. (Although, if I was shooting buildings and construction, I'd make sure I had some good brick wall images in micro just to make sure.)
  7. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    Rick, I think you're right on the money, but I suspect there's another factor too. Many buyers have the choice between paying for customer service and bringing in somebody - probably a freelancer who would require paperwork and a desk, and a workstation, and a coffee pot, and ... well, you get the idea. And let's not forget ... when you go for service, you can describe what you want in natural language instead of keywords and wind up with something much better than you thought was available. This sort of service has a real following.
  8. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    John, while the lack of need for a subscription is the biggest reason, there are others too. It's a really big marketplace out there. Remember, the fact that it is possible to buy a single image from the major micros, it doesn't mean that every customer will go there. My own theory is that they go to Alamy when they need customer service. And don't forget that there are many more customers than theories.
  9. Slow month?

    For me, most months are slow months.
  10. It's my same old story. It all depends on subject matter. Travel and outdoor subjects take longer to keyword, but sometimes foods and still life subject will require tedious multi-lingual spell checking. Fore me, the steady practice of keywording enhances my knowledge of subject matter and is an integral part of the process. I believe that photographers who see keywording as independent from the rest of the photographic process are like writers who distinguish between writing and re-writing. It's all part of our job, no matter how you label it.
  11. Do no forum contributors sell?

    I have suggested this forum to photographers I know that don't fit the mold; of a certain age, shooting travel or journalism and taking sides in various industry debates and they aren't interested. Nobody is stealing secrets - there are no secrets - it's just that like the rest of humanity, we congregate by age, background and interests.
  12. I will be blunt here - I think the Alamy QC system is great. It tells you what you need to know and quickly enough without judging your aesthetics or questioning your knowledge of the market. Nothing has kept my technique growing over the years the way QC has. I have gotten the message.
  13. Photographing small objects, lighting kit advice

    Marc, this is fantastic advice. I appreciate the time and effort you took to write it down and post it.
  14. FTP submissions merged for QC

    Ian, for future reference, many FTP software packages have scheduling features that allow you to upload the groups separately over a period of time. Waiting may well be the easiest way, but you shouldn't have to sit there there the whole time.
  15. Photo Plus Expo

    Well, Friday afternoon has passed and there was no meeting. We'll have to try again next year.