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  1. Copyright infringement in USA from UK based photographer

    Dogue, Small Claims Court in many U.S. States (including here in Pennsylvania) requires you to file in person and then make another in-person appearance some weeks or months later. There really is only one legitimate course of action here; the O.P. has to contact a local, specialized lawyer, who will hand it over to someone they know in the correct location.
  2. Failec For What

    Yes indeed. Every enthusiast you meet is a potential gold mine of subject matter.
  3. Failec For What

    How did this line work for you? The last time I tried it, I was treated to an oven feature and kitchen gadget tour that seemed to last for weeks. The guy I used the line on had six burners and two ovens including ones that only simmered and others that were hot enough for arc welding. He had every sort of implement that was ever intended to sharpen knives too. And ... since this was rural America, he took some time to show me the guns he used to kill the very meats he was cooking while I was getting the tour. Cooks are just as gear-crazed as photographers! Hunters and fishermen too! Be ready! Be very ready!
  4. Quiet out there

    No sales yet for me this month (or in the last two weeks of the previous month), but that's about normal.
  5. Help Ed Rooney

    What happened? What's the story?
  6. Phil, I'm waiting ...
  7. Phil, are you sure? Just as a way of checking - how rapid was this fixer of yours?
  8. Jeff, I have no idea how any of that would work. It could be very interesting to find out.
  9. Rick, the photo tour industry is almost as large as the stock photo industry (by many estimates). I suggest you look at the ads in Outdoor Photographer magazine to get a sense of what's being offered. What's booming though - at least in Pennsylvania - is the tour industry itself. It's amazing what sorts of tours there are.
  10. "Fixer" is the commonly used term for people who arrange access for shoots. Every major urban area has them. You can find them in film and video production directories. I have sought employment as a fixer (for food videos in New Jersey and Queens) several times in the distant past.
  11. Jeff, in my experience, tours that concentrate on a specialty you're interested in work better. Therefore; on my recent trip to Thailand, no photo tours, but two food tours. One took me to places I could never have found myself, the other concentrated so many destinations into one day that it was the equivalent of a week of self-guided shooting. It made me want to go into the tour business here in Amish country.
  12. Has stock lost its Mojo?

    To me it's obvious ... they love beer. Maybe beer and curry too.
  13. Photos that were deleted are now on sale as RF

    So I tried again, this time from the Alamy front page and saw a photo of a couple of tall buildings at night. When I tried to get more information, I was switched to an error page. And that's it.
  14. Photos that were deleted are now on sale as RF

    I tried several of them and none led to photos. Try entering these numbers in AIM and see what happens. My guess? You were seeing cached versions of images that are now deleted. They are vanishing as your cache expires.
  15. Photos that were deleted are now on sale as RF

    How about sharing some of the image numbers so we can at least see how they're cataloged? ... CR is Contributor Relations.