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  1. Team Imageclick

    I also received such an email. I'm thinking they must have gotten my info from another stock agency or POD site.
  2. Pre-holidays PU surge?

    No PU surge for me, but I was watching a Canadian women's lifestyle show on TV last week, and in the home decorating segment the stylist was recommending you buy holiday images from a stock agency and print them out to add to your home decor (they suggested another stock company unfortunately). That's the first time I've seen that suggestion.
  3. That's good to know, I hadn't realized that. I'm also looking into cloud based backup. Are you able to do other tasks on your computer while it's doing the backup? Maria
  4. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Shipyards Night Market in North Vancouver
  5. That definitely seems newsworthy to me. I don't understand why those images would be sent to QC.
  6. Hi JBross, The consensus here seems to be that you don't necessarily need to get out of the orange to have your images discoverable. If you keep adding keywords, it will eventually turn green from orange, but if those keywords aren't very relevant, your image will show up in searches that are also not relevant and you will get views but no zooms, which hurts your ranking, which makes your image LESS discoverable. It's best to just give the correct and relevant keywords and not worry about getting out of the orange. Maria
  7. super tags & tagging

    I've tested my own images in searches and the ones with super tags rank far higher than those without. If it's an important keyword, I would make it a super tag. Maria
  8. I never received a reply from CR as to why my Live News images were moved to QC. As far as I know, they met the criteria and had the proper headers, captions etc.
  9. How was your November?

    A couple of sales for me, a magazine and a presentation. Happy to see that zooms were double than the previous month and one of them showed up as a sale today, Dec 1.
  10. Presentation sale. I think this is my only sold image this year that was taken in this calendar year. Newbies take note, images uploaded this year may sell next year or later.
  11. A couple from the top of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver: A
  12. Search function

    You are not alone. I have the same problem when using Firefox on my Mac. I can only do alamy searches through the Alamy home page. I don't have Firefox Quantum, I would need to update by OS first.
  13. Advice on my portfolio

    I also looked at a random image, KCGA9K, which caught my eye as it is a lovely photo of a scenic lake. I would combine keywords "Lofoten Islands" together. Like others have mentioned, there are some keywords which don't seem very relevant, and will lead to views but no zooms which will hurt your ranking. For example, at least to my eyes, I don't see any hikers or people clearly in the image. I see a house in the image, but don't see a village. Is there a name for this lake? If so, add it to the keywords and the caption. You have some very nice scenic images. Maria
  14. DPS and “copy space” type tags

    I will also use the term "copy space" if there is obviously a lot of room for text in my image. I figure it can't hurt to add it. I don't use DPS, in fact I didn't know the term. Thanks for explaining it because it appeared in a sale a couple days ago and I was wondering what it meant.
  15. No Sales as yet

    It appears there's a lot of competition with generic Christmas images. In alamy there were over 100 000 images when I searched for Christmas gifts. If you look in A of A, most of the Christmas searches involve people doing things, or special events or locations. I think you'll have more luck with your brandy by the fireplace images as there is far less competition for those.