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  1. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    However Personal use is usually still an option when the Editorial use only box is selected. I got the email yesterday about a mural photograph , I just have one. Sure enough, Personal use is still an option for that image.
  2. Love some of the beautiful gardens people are posting! And lots of variety, such an interesting topic Wim! Here are my three. It seems I take a lot of food photos at home. Here's one of them. No special setup, just natural light. Someone brought those cupcake liners home from the UK for me. Demonstrating how to plant a flower on my back deck. My kitty.
  3. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    That's an awesome photo Keith! I had been admiring it on the home page.
  4. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    Memories of a summer garden
  5. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    How frightening! I'm glad to hear you are safe. Maria
  6. February over already?

    4 sales in February. Varied prices. Edit- and 2 small ones just popped in today, March 1.
  7. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Thanks. This is the first one of mine from last summer's smokeout that has sold. It was apparently of interest to someone in Croatia.
  8. Never on Monday (or Friday)?

    I had a sale pop up today (Friday) and I'm a West Coaster too. Maria
  9. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Forest fire smog over Vancouver from last summer. Was submitted to Live News and didn't sell, but 6 months later, a reported sale (distributor).
  10. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    BC Ferry travelling through Active Pass and the Southern Gulf Islands.
  11. A couple of Winter fun on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver And enjoying the frozen lake (a rare occasion) in Burnaby last Winter:
  12. Thanks for posting those Jill, you've really improve the images, imho. And very interesting to see the before and after. I have use ACR and CS5 but never used the radial filter. I'm actually not even sure where it is. Jeff, with the number of images you get out there, do you have much time for post processing? Maria
  13. January

    That's a good sign. But what also really matters is if customers are looking for those topics. Have you checked All of Alamy to see if the subjects you photograph and submit are being searched for by customers? It can take a while for sales to show up after you've submitted the images. Of all my sales in 2017, I think only one of them was taken in 2017. The rest were from previous years. Maria
  14. January

    I had a plethora of zooms in January, about twice the norm. CTR has shot up as well. But unfortunately no sales. Until today, Feb 1, when one of January's zooms showed up as a small sale. I'm hoping more of those zooms translate into sales later on.
  15. Slow month? 2018

    Lots of zooms, no sales yet for me.