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  1. In the green

    I have 18.2% of my images in the green. They only end up that way if needed. Interestingly, 7.5% of my green (highly discoverable) images have sold, and 2.6% of my orange ones. Most of these sales happened before these green/orange labels started, but I guess they tended to have more keywords to begin with.
  2. I noticed the same - no zooms for anyone in any of the searches for which I got views.
  3. Where Our Sommeliers Go Wine Tasting EBMTJY Gardens of the Jose Maria da Fonseca Winery in Azeitao, Portugal by Ros Drinkwater
  4. First Personal Use Sale

    I've had 7 PU sales, and only one of them was refunded. So based on my experience, most PU sales are not refunded. Maria
  5. October Challenge :: Failure

    Air quality failure (due to forest fires in the summer) And in case of brake failure on the mountain highways:
  6. Vancouver skyline.
  7. DACS

    I gave up too. Every time I checked that website I got a message as shown below. Not sure when the actual period for applications is, but I've never seen it open. Payback for Writers and Payback for Visual Artists The 2017 Payback claim period is now closed.
  8. How to improve image ranking

    From that screenshot it looks like 3 of your tractor images were viewed, it seems.
  9. How to improve image ranking

    It's too bad we don't get a record of images being zoomed after being put in a lightbox.
  10. I don't find the processing to be very meditative. However, like Bill mentioned, when I'm actually taking the images my mind can get caught up in the experience.
  11. Post your positive results here :)

    Some awesome sales here, congratulations!

    Went from my highest income month this year in August to no sales at all in Sept. Zooms are OK so I'm optimistic October will be better.
  13. Repurposing old images

    I've seen quite a few searches in AoA with the decade mentioned, e.g. 1980s, 1970s, etc. so I think at least those would be worth including if one had older images. Maria
  14. Capturing the sunset on a BC Ferry: And my own image of that sunset. With Vancouver Island in the distance. Happy to have now reached 1500 images
  15. Hello From Portland, Maine

    No, you do not need 50 keywords. It's important to have accurate and detailed keywords though. For example, your Arizona images should include the country too. Also include both singular and plural.