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  1. Canon g9x?

    I've got a G9x mk2, passes QC ok although i bought it mainly as a go everywhere pocket camera.
  2. I've never done that as i've never been told to, but Alamy always tag it onto my news pictures
  3. Here's a hungry Robin feasting on a mince pie
  4. Download Packs

    £180 for 30 pics, our cut is 3 manky quid. Is this a temporary thing or permanent? These deals are usually brought in to raise a bit of quick revenue to sort out money problems, I hope i'm wrong
  5. Have you found any Alamy images July 2017?

    Thanks for the spot Clare
  6. Was it worth it?

    If only he had said he clicked the shutter himself. Not saying its right but would have saved himself a whole load of grief
  7. Have you found any Alamy photos May 2017

    Thanks again Lisa, unusual to have people in my pictures!
  8. Have you found any Alamy photos May 2017

    Thanks for the spot Lisa
  9. Have you found any Alamy photos May 2017

    Thanks for the spot Bryan
  10. Geoff, in the FastPhotTagger app I use Headline for Headline, but description is called Caption/abstract. Here's a screengrab of my phone from when I was in Hastings for the Jack in the Green festival on May day. Pictures go through to News no problem, and this 1 got licensed too.
  11. Thanks for that Ed. I've installed it on my phone and first impressions are that the UI is terrible and I can't even read the menus. I'll put that down to my eyes that seem to be getting worse! I'll give it a try on my tablet later today when it's charged up, and see what I think. With the lack of options of other apps I can't be too fussy, so as long as it works I'll be using it. Thanks again, Geoff. Yep it is a bit small for my eyes too but can be changed in the menus. If you go into program settings you can choose which meta tags to display, I have only caption,headline&keywords visible. After that I changed appearance, set side-by-side panels to 1. This way i can select a pic then swipe to add captions etc. There is also options to adjust thumbnail and font size. When i 1st used the app it frustrated the hell out of me, but now i dont have any problems, just needed to set it up for my particular preferences. Hope that helps
  12. Try an app called FastPhotoTagger, pretty easy to use, can do batch edits etc. I've been using it for all my news uploads for when I don't have my laptop with me
  13. Used to use mophotos but now use fastphototagger,not much choice for android really
  14. Not my usual type of pic but this was Eastbourne seafront last week