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  1. How was your November?

    18 for the month - very healthy average sale prices
  2. Greetings from the Adirondack Mountains

    i like your images and congratulations on accurate and factual keywording
  3. hi folks

    Hi John I just checked out your images, maybe revisit your keywording as i noticed a couple of typos autumn and vegetables as opposed to autum and vegtables regards
  4. Workshops

    Someone needs to do online workshops!
  5. Advice on my portfolio

    me too
  6. Advice on my portfolio

    id like them to sort out blatant false keywording as a priority spelling mistakes seem to be a minor issue compared to the deliberately false keywording Alamy are in the business of selling images - so if reindeers sells images why take action?
  7. Keyword agency

    my keywording may not be perfect - and whilst im happy to outsource a lot of services - i do my own keywording because i believe i know best
  8. Advice on my portfolio

    I would suggest tightening up on some of your keywording I see keywords such as - beach, hiker, polish flag - used against some images that i cannot see in the image itself
  9. Tips required for a photo shoot

    Have fun - sounds like a great experience Been said above - but I would suggest make a connection with the subjects tripod no flash maximise any natural light Martin
  10. Seems Australia is in Demand

    Im always pretty sceptical of these lists - not convinced there is a genuine buyer demand
  11. Arterra???

    i agree - the red and indeed green arrows is very juvenile
  12. Totally Wrong Information!

    why leap to the far end of the spectrum with that comment - a little petulant don't you think we are having a discussion about an issue that concerns some contributors i don't like Donald Trump but i don't intend to become an american citizen and run for President but i can have an opinion
  13. Totally Wrong Information!

    but they don't fall down the rankings on a "new" search or in circumstances where there are only a few image for a search it also does nothing to enhance the reputation of Alamy - and we all want more buyers to visit Alamy
  14. Totally Wrong Information!

    sorry - what we have been discussing relates to contributors who deliberately falsely keyword images including with locations, cities and towns - its highly improbable that this is an error
  15. Totally Wrong Information!

    a polite correction is appropriate - whether the error is deliberate or innocent i written Alamy from time to time to point out errors For more serious cases I would contact the contributor directly