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  1. Totally Wrong Information!

    why leap to the far end of the spectrum with that comment - a little petulant don't you think we are having a discussion about an issue that concerns some contributors i don't like Donald Trump but i don't intend to become an american citizen and run for President but i can have an opinion
  2. Totally Wrong Information!

    but they don't fall down the rankings on a "new" search or in circumstances where there are only a few image for a search it also does nothing to enhance the reputation of Alamy - and we all want more buyers to visit Alamy
  3. Totally Wrong Information!

    sorry - what we have been discussing relates to contributors who deliberately falsely keyword images including with locations, cities and towns - its highly improbable that this is an error
  4. Totally Wrong Information!

    a polite correction is appropriate - whether the error is deliberate or innocent i written Alamy from time to time to point out errors For more serious cases I would contact the contributor directly
  5. Totally Wrong Information!

    JABC4C last one - same bloke again- would be funny of it wasn't so pathetic here is an image which simultaneously manages to be in three different australian cities, is the Mily Way, is a Kangaroo, is in Kiama, is a waterfall and best of all is a sunrise and a sunset what a joke
  6. Totally Wrong Information!

    yes here he is again - needs to be hauled to account who knew that this image JABABD is in Kiama, and Canberra and Nambucca Heads and oh its actually a kangaroo ridiculous and needs to be stopped
  7. Totally Wrong Information!

  8. Totally Wrong Information!

    that is an outrage and should be taken down
  9. Totally Wrong Information!

    look at this image of wild kangaroos it manages to be in Brisbane and Canberra at the same time JAAT75
  10. Totally Wrong Information!

    not in my wildest dreams nor does it look like a big cat!
  11. Totally Wrong Information!

    Here is one of my favourites - obviously the Sydney Opera House has changed shape in 2017 KDF3B9
  12. Totally Wrong Information!

    yes that outfit takes the same approach to images taken in Australia heres a recent one - bet you didnt know this was an image of Sydney - JB485G
  13. Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in October. (1 per day)

    hec - what a size
  14. Totally Wrong Information!

    I continue to bring this poor practice to Alamy's attention and they do advise me that they will raise with the contributor I have found a couple of classics this week DYN4JN It is indeed a photograph of Bondi Beach in Sydney However the following keywords are clearly not accurate Kangaroo Manly beach Melbourne - that city is a 1000 kilometres away I do hope that contributors will stop this practice
  15. 3 images not on sale?

    yes only images that are on sale will be visible to others easiest way to check that your images are visible to others is to enter a search term that is fairly narrow but which you know will display your images - then search by "new" and your images should be in the first few - when they are on sale