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  1. Falling sales values

    swings and roundabouts I've had a 3.44 distributor sale this month - but my average for this month is still over $60 some you win some you lose
  2. look im not a fan of anyone trying to promote books or other items on here, but well done for bearing the advice in mind - too many people come on this forum - ask for advice - then give two fingers to the advice they receive ( forgetting that someone has taken the time ( unpaid) to give that advice.) keeping the advice in mind - or even better using it - will go a long way on this forum i like the swimming pool shot - definately shows the heat and humidity - i wouldnt change it
  3. Hello from Italy

    something is very wrong
  4. Post your positive results here :)

    good start to the month- sales averaging above $60 - no $100+ sales yet
  5. DACS problem?

    Good idea And as you have also stated - i didnt complain as such - although i did moan that i wasnt receiving replies to any emails - i used the complaint route to bring the matter to another persons attention - and it worked
  6. DACS problem?

    I had the exact same problem earlier this year - DACS advised my spreadsheet didn't give enough information but it was the same format that i always send them. I wrote back several times and heard nothing - i was replying to a lady called Harriett. When she didn't reply i used the DACS complaint email i=on their website and the CEO contacted me. A day later my claim was accepted. Motto- escalate the issue
  7. How was your July?

    not a great month and only one sale above $100 but 1st august - some three figure sales dropped in - which make august already a better month than july
  8. Alamy poll - picture needs

    I would prefer not to advertise the gaps! Picture needs by forum suits me too - prefer these to be genuine buyer needs
  9. July has 31 days

  10. Sales ... up or down over the past 6 months ?

    If you read the posts carefully - you will note that my comment states facts - yours is referring to sending your exclusive images to micro stock agencies Therefore 2 very different posts with two very different intents. Hopefully I won't have to explain that further to you
  11. July has 31 days

    didn't happen for me - sadly
  12. Is this site alive ?

    oh dear - whatever next
  13. Sales ... up or down over the past 6 months ?

    sales up income/image dropping this month is the worst ever- less than $20 per image average
  14. Sales ... up or down over the past 6 months ?

    off you go then - no point in moaning - take action
  15. Post your positive results here :)

    5 sales dropped in on Saturday 1st July - nice start to the month