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  1. Christmas noise

    Colblimp You object to the banning rule and you say. "We're adults trying to sell our images to make a bit of money, it's not school!" and then you post "Giving advice, nurturing, helping, as opposed to plain banning them! An email pointing out where the contributor is going wrong, an invitation to ask questions as to where they're going wrong, making them feel valued. But no, stopping a contributor from uploading pics for 10 days is the way forward!!!" and that sounds exactly like your asking Alamy to be a school. Bottom line is do you want them to be spending time teaching people to take photos or out there selling your photo's ? Cheers and gone Shergar
  2. Advice on my portfolio

    100 images per page. Page 11 looks like you could delete a few.
  3. Sun flare, advice please

    Oh well! Not quite so much help if we are not looking at the version that was uploaded or the one that was looked at by QC. Lol I thought Betty was just uploading the single image.
  4. Sun flare, advice please

    If Betty just uploads this one image and it fails it would be nice if Alamy should cut her some slack and waive the ban . I'm sure there's a lot more than those that have posted on this thread that are interested in the outcome and we will all learn something from it. Happy thanksgiving Betty.
  5. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Hi Pearl! I'm in "Net revenue sales report" I don't see any image in there.. Could be just me I have a history of things that go missing.
  6. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    While we are tweaking bits and bobs in the sales report. Could the Alamy Ref be clickable ? Ta Shergar
  7. Amount charged by Alamy for images

    Oh sh!t! wrong place .
  8. Contributor Search

    Just click your name above. Its in your profile "Alamy URL"{92510880-38C3-415C-8E0D-CE05064E5EF2}&name=Stuart+Abraham
  9. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Would have rather seen them working on AIM than something that wasn't broken. Shergar
  10. Sagging CTR?

    I don't use it often, I keep it hidden away so Mrs Shergar can't get her hands on it!
  11. Sagging CTR?

    Wouldn't that be sad if Mrs Shergar mysteriously disappeared and was never heard from again.
  12. Sagging CTR?

    How did you know I had a macro lens? Have you been talking to Mrs Shergar?
  13. Sagging CTR?

    More bad news! I tried to explain to Mrs Shergar that since her CTR was sagging she wouldn't be getting as many zooms as she used to get......... She said that I would be sleeping up the garden tonight!
  14. Sagging CTR?

    Thank you Southmind Its starting to look like Mrs Shergar will need all the support that she can get.