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  1. Shooting in the US; are we allowed?

    My point was that he would need a SS# for the paperwork . Without that anyone from anywhere could apply for a business license or city permit in the USA. right?
  2. Shooting in the US; are we allowed?

    The problem applying for permission and permits is they may well ask for a business license and or a social security number . You can't get a business license without a SS#. In Laguna Beach they have a department out looking for people walking their dogs on the beach and photographers with lights and reflectors. They know tourist don't carry reflectors with them, The problem is if one of these guys decides he wants to be a *ick you could be into all kinds of problems working in the US without some kind of work permit. Things have changed in the good old USofA. Sorry I can't be a little more positive . Shergar
  3. Shooting in the US; are we allowed?

    Hi Lloyd You could well have a problem shooting in the US if like you say you are using models (paid or unpaid) I'm not sure what equipment you will be using but hopefully you have insurance, one accident here can be very expensive. What I think will be your biggest problem these days is City/business permits. Try setting up a tripod on the street in Hollywood and see what happens? More and more cities require a business license and a permit. Here is a link to one of the local city in So Cal (Laguna permit commercial or non commercial) I'm pretty sure Laguna won't enforce the non commercial but the fact they have it in their back pocket if you try to tell them the model is your daughter tells you they are being serious. It will all depend on your location for your shoot. Be lucky Shergar
  4. I have noticed a change in the shape to my plot as I've got older!! and yes, not as spiky as it once was and definitely a little smother. The wife said she noticed it awhile back. Cheers and gone.
  5. Contributors or agencies posting similars

    Yep! You're blind. Lol products.php About the Flower Egg Top...The “Flower Egg” top was inspired by the popular Dragon and Sun Egg tops. Beautiful in red, blue or left in natural pear wood, each top has a lovely flower-carved design surrounding its stem. The top is bipartite, clinch-gudgeon glued providing an inseparable bond of the various components, complete with a metal spike, stained and painted, and complies with European safety standards. You will also find the company’s trademark burn line along the equator of the top.
  6. Changes to the Forum

    Well, I'm happy you're happy Betty . The wife does that gnashing of the teeth thing and it scares the life out of me.
  7. Changes to the Forum

    Ere!!! What the ells going on in here then? Some bleddy posh init. I showed the misses she said "make sure you dun ave any shit on yer boots before you go in there" Cheers and gone Shergar
  8. Have you found any Alamy photos April 2017

    Few here from April Nat Geo Cheers and gone
  9. Wasson my bewtys? I have a question.

    Before I go I noticed no one asked what dogging meant and I didn't see wim posting any links to it. Hmmmmmm you all knew what that was didn't e !!!!!! Right ...... I'm off before anyone starts flogging a dead horse. Ave a bleddy ansum day everyone and see if e kant get your hands on a pasty for tea. Cheers and gone
  10. Wasson my bewtys? I have a question.

    Knew some bugger would get it dreckly. Proper job John. Far too fast for dreckly. LOL
  11. Wasson my bewtys? I have a question.

    Knew some bugger would get it dreckly. Proper job John. Here, and don't forget John tis also the dogging capital of the world. Just thought I better mention that. Cheers and gone me ansums.
  12. Wasson my bewtys? I have a question.

    Is that Dutch for "FO" ? No. Here's a good list though. wim Calm down boy tis only a bit of fun!
  13. Wasson my bewtys? I have a question.

    Is that Dutch for "FO" ?
  14. Wasson my bewtys? I have a question.

    Being a bit of both Im speaking ambidextrously ! "I fink"
  15. Wife don't normally let me ask questions so lets hope she dun read this. Firstly let me say me shorts are full of fear incase its bin asked before. If it has just leave a FO in the reply bit and I will know what you mean. With the new thingy I see that the search favors the caption, could this be because large press agency caption but don't seem to keyword? An advanced search on the contributor for "zuma" would be an example of what I mean. Ave a bleddy ansum day.