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  1. How was your November?

    Thanks, I just wish the royalty fees were reasonable
  2. 2017

    Alamy... 195 sales Average licensing fees are pathetic, (I'm not going to broadcast the amount, it's far too depressing) It's certainly not worth going out of my way to shoot for general stock. I just add the occasional pic from day trips, etc. Elsewhere... not quite so many sales, (I'm not saying where but there are other boutique agencies still paying decent prices for original work). Average royalties = $265 net. Maybe some togs need to look around for other markets to sell their images.
  3. So how was December?

    21 sales £ =
  4. How was your November?

    23 sales Usual amounts
  5. October

    Good month... 19 sales for $771 Which equates to around £15 net per sale, which seems to be the norm these days. Tony
  6. I too can't wait for you to announce your first sale.
  7. DACS

    I have just received an email from DACS in response to why the 28% drop. I'm sure they won't mind me sharing, there is nothing contentious, and it may answer a few questions. "We mentioned that you may notice a proportional decrease in your overall royalty payment this year, even though DACS received the majority share, almost 90%, of the monies available. This is because there were less funds available this year than in 2016 and also, we have received many more claims from artists over the past two year. As 2016 was an exceptional year for the amount available to claim for Payback, the number of claims did not overtly affect the amounts received by artists last year. However, this year's pot of money was a return to monies received in years prior to 2016 and so the number of claims has now started to proportionally affect some of the payments being made. As you are aware, we also had to introduce new changes to this year's application process. This year, 90% of funds were available through the traditional application process where everyone who applies and supplies their samples would receive a payment based on their claim. For the new publication history pot for the remaining 10% of funds available, artists here would only receive a payment based on the number of matches of their publication history that was matched to the Copyright Licensing Agency's list of photocopied or scanned publications. If you would like more information about the changes to Payback, please visit our FAQs. Regarding the 10% matches, I can confirm that you did indeed match both book and magazine publications with regards to the 10% pot – 4 book publications with 4 images in total and 2 magazine publications with 3 images in total. This royalty is included in your payment and the breakdown of this royalty payment will be included in your postal statement, which should be received to your address this week." So without the extra ISBN info my claim would have been even less, so it was worth the effort... well kind of.

    Alamy = 12 sales Revenue = pathetic (Elsewhere = 5 sales = £850 net)
  9. DACS

    So I did a days work to find out all the extra publication info DACS asked for. My reward... £165 LESS than last year!!!
  10. How was your July?

    26 sales $953 Nice
  11. How was June?

    Better month... 27 sales $750
  12. How was your May 2017?

    13 sales Averaging a measly £7 each net. Disappointing to say the least, surely our work is worth more than this. Come on alamy you can do better
  13. http://www.urban75.o...phy-advice.html Thanks for that Richard
  14. Yes I can...I'm an ex police officer. If the facts as reported are true the police staff and officers actions were unlawful. Section 43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 give an officer (not civilian staff) the power to stop and search anyone that they have a REASONABLE SUSPICION that that person IS A TERRORIST. Anyone going about their lawful business does not have to provide any personal details to an officer. And just because they refuse does not in itself give them reasonable suspicion. I cannot believe for one second under these circumstances the officers thought Mr Mitchell was a threat to anybody let alone a bona fide terrorist. Therefore the stop, detention (by taking him into the police station) and subsequent search and threats are not covered by the legislation, and unlawful. I find the Chief Superintendent's comments (If correctly reported) backing up her colleges also surprising, unless she also dosn't understand S43, which seems to be the case. I have a copy of an internal memo to all Met police officers (the same legislation applies to the whole country) from Assistant Commissioner John Yates. This was circulated in response to over zealous officers operating outside the law, with regard to street photography. A couple of salient points extracted are... There is no restriction on people taking photographs in a public place or of any building other than in very exceptional circumstances. There is no prohibition on photographing police officers The act of taking a photograph in itself is not usually sufficient to carry out a stop. Unless there is very good reason, people taking photographs should not be stopped. Officers do not have the power to prevent photography in a public place If the photographer is a journalist the images can only be viewed with a court order. (I can't seem to find a way of posting it here, if anyone can help I will do so everyone can have a copy) I too have been stopped several times in similar circumstances, I'm always polite and explain what I'm doing, but refuse to give out my personal information, telling them they can take down my description instead. I fully understand we live in challenging times, but a bit of common sense goes a long way. Maybe the police officer should have asked themselves this question...would a bona fide terrorist take reconnaissance photos openly or covertly? When I hear of these incidents, it makes me think the real terrorists are winning by eroding our civil liberties. Tony Watson
  15. How was your April?

    11 sales Normal depressing prices, inc one sale on the front cover of a national UK magazine for $20. Checking the alamy calculator thats over 95% discount. So I get £7.50 for a full page front cover, the publishers are laughing all the way to the bank! Tony