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  1. pseudonym: one or many ???

    I had a bunch of files (similars...too dark and redone, etc) to delete and they won't disappear for awhile, so I moved all the ones I am keeping to a new pseudonym. We will see what happens to my placement now.
  2. Quiet out there

    glad to hear John!
  3. Editorial or unreleased?

    I lean towards caution and put most in editorial, but that's just me. I read liability and indemnity clauses for a living. I am overly cautious.
  4. I have only been to Europe twice to explore...both last year...London in October and Rome in November. I have been a few places before for sports..Germany, Spain, England and Argentina when I was younger, but just starting to see things now. Taking Mom has been on the top of the list, so she gets the next trip. Hoping maybe Cuba this year as well.
  5. hi guys, travelling later this year...big world and small budget, so likely only going to see things once...any must sees you can recommend? not just to photograph, but in general. I am taking my Mom back to where her parents were born.
  6. Thanks! that was what I was thinking too. I was hoping to pick up one this summer before we go. We are going in September, so hopefully things won't be as harsh. We were just going to take the ferry over from Tallinn one day from Helsinki. As soon as I am done my exam in April, the planning begins. It's my Mom's first trip to Europe, so I want to make sure I have everything planned and ready for her. I want her to see alot.
  7. Depends on the treaty...
  8. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    I wobbled on that bridge it there.
  9. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    if it's the White House then for sure (couldn't help myself)...the people add to the creepiness...almost zombie like..I like.
  10. Slow month? 2018

    ya, I am happy to have 1 already this year given my small offering. I am just going to focus on getting my stuff up this year (and properly) and see what happens. I put down my camera for about 6 years, so this has me out and doing things it pays in different ways for me.
  11. Slow month? 2018

    why would multiple use have a lower fee? I mean, I am a natural blonde and all, but my spidey senses tell me that's off. What's the image (please tell me it was the bread in the tree), we can play find the print when I am stuck on conference calls...I have access to some hmm, interesting software.
  12. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    stumbled across these 2 on the weekend...listening to them was amusing. The filmmaker had no idea what he was talking about.
  13. Slow month? 2018

    my tiny portfolio and I don't feel so bad now
  14. Hello fellow Alamysts

    yup, tall building...but where? these guys are extremely helpful to us newbies and they know what works. And welcome!
  15. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    yup, doubtful, but alot of weird ass people out there.
  16. Slow month? 2018

    I have found previous financials online. Should be able to compare revenues over the same period.
  17. Slow month? 2018

    Public company so Q1 financials should be out in a month, no?
  18. can't add location

    mine won't work alot of the time either....I have to do the same...add it manually and not worry about the map.
  19. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    I'll try to put mine up tonight and see what happens.
  20. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    Interesting...I have some pictographs that I am editing, wondering what will happen to's really the same principal, just different period and tools.
  21. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    I do, but I mark them editorial as well.
  22. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    eating bacon at my desk right now...not even kidding.
  23. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    as I tell my friends, I can get bacon at Subway now
  24. I finally have one uploaded. I live in a condo...this is off my balcony. Working on number 2 and number 3.