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  1. You are absolutely right about guidelines...Sir.
  2. I have no intentions to upload mobile pics...Fujifilm is doing good for me...
  3. I did, I don't know, intentionally or not, I uploaded a batch of 3 to 4 pics all taken by my Huawei P10...and no issue with QC. I have no plan to provoke QC team...they are doing great...
  4. I do not encourage this but Alamy does pass images taken by mobile.
  5. Thanks Geoff, For such a thorough answer. I am listening to all senior contributors and learning good stuff every day... I will do the same, for the time being, focus on shooting good images and relevant tags...
  6. Thanks a lot, I am new to the stock Photography, and recently observed my CTR gone high with couple of zooms and now day by day going down, I have searched the forum and started to remove unnecessary tags from my photos so they only appear in wanted searches.... Thanks a lot for your response...
  7. As mentioned in the title; What to chose, Poor Discoverablity vs Good CTR...
  8. Yeah you are right, But common sense is not common, and I am not a common man...but now I will borrow from others to get things right... Just kidding, I got your point and will implement this into my portfolio... Thanks a lot.
  9. Dear Geoff, So you mean to say, I can keep these tags but not that much, in other words I can use those tags or phrases but with some limits?
  10. Thanks a lot. I will try to take shots and will include some buildings as well, Soon I will delete similar images, and will update captions as advised...I thank you again for your time to look into my portfolio...
  11. Good advice, Thanks for your time, I have changed it after you spotted the issue and that was a good one to look for future postings as well. Thanks again for your time.
  12. Thanks a lot Sally, I am glad that you looked into my portfolio, I am happy I found this group and You are write, I am going to Pakistan in August and I had Target to at least 1000 images before leaving Abu Dhabi ( just for a month) and I believe my Tour will bring another 1000 to my portfolio, but thanks God I did ask for critique, so Now I will be more careful in adding pics...In my workflow PC is not involved, Only my mirrorless camera, Memory card and My Huawei P10...and For Post processing I use Lightroom Mobile. And I might also want to get some decent advice in keywording and tagging as I just only use mykeyworder.com to get ideas and sometime I just copy all...
  13. Wow, so much information in message. Thanks for your time for looking into my portfolio, I have noted your advice and I will update accordingly... Thanks again. For keyword I use Mykeyworder.com, I am totally new to this stuff and with such guidance, I believe I will improve that pretty soon.
  14. Kind words... thanks a lot for your time to look and spot the issue...I will take note of all what you write and will update my portfolio as per guidance... Thanks again.
  15. Dear Allan, I cannot thank you enough for your advice and kind words, I do listen to every advice and I will take note all of yours...I love you guys...I will try to remove similar and will avoid in future...I do not have any Photoshop skills and I even don't have subscriptions to lightroom, However I did subsribed to Lightroom Mobile and All of my images are tweeked there, mostly Auto... By the way I have deleted 28 images which were similar and I think some more will go soon