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  1. Internet camera sellers

    My current DSLR is a grey import bought online from ProCameraShop who are sadly no longer with us. Probably purchasing from Panamoz next year. So long as you do the research it should be ok.
  2. New boss

    Like others here I have reservations about someone who appears to be a marketing and IT journeyman running a media licencing company, and am apprehensive of the motives for such a choice. However all we can do is wait to see how it pans out and hope for the best. He could increase profits and contributor goodwill quite easily by policing usage and shoplifting of our images. I'm sure an enforcement team would more than pay for itself especially if unreported usage was surcharged.
  3. Equipment talk

    The newer Canon 100-400 gets decent reviews, and if you buy grey from the likes of panamoz prices are just about acceptable. Will probably take this route myself next year when I can justify the expenditure. Otherwise the 1.4 converter is probably the way to go
  4. I much prefer 7 and had no intention of changing. Unfortunately my 7 machine died and I had to do something quickly so ended up with 10. It's a bit like the old aim which simply worked compared with the new one which is simply hard work.
  5. Thanks for the Vuescan tip, may need to try it in the future. Also keep an old Sony laptop running XP to run my Minolta Dimage film scanner.
  6. Maybe Sony have created the first female friendly camera.
  7. Sony rx100 mk3 opinions

    I don't believe images from your existing compact would pass QC mainly due to sensor size. I wouldn't go below a one inch sensor, although images from my, thankfully, long gone Canon G9 did pass I was never happy with them or the camera although I do miss the neutral density filter.
  8. The RX100 is an elusive little thing which will attempt escape at every opportunity. I learned the hard way to secure it to my wrist every time it leaves the lowepro pouch on my belt with the wrist strap that came with the camera.
  9. Sony rx100 mk3 opinions

    Also using Canon gear supplemented by RX100 2. Chose the 2 due to focal range and good price at the time. Faster and viewfinder would have been good but the range is more important to me. It generally lives in a lowepro pouch on my belt and allows me to get shots that wouldn't be possible with the Canon kit. Convert raws to dng in above raw converter. Hope this helps
  10. How was June?

    Four sales with a small port that needs some culling is encouraging. Unfortunately only one in double figures, but that's the way things are going. Strangely my sales graph is at an all time high while the ctr graph is about to fall off the end of the earth.
  11. Thanks again for your wisdom Wim. I'll check out your suggestions if I ever get any free time, (currently trying to get a useable workflow between a FlashAir card and IPTC app on android phone) it's more annoying than anything else but the gaffer tape sounds good. Cheers Joe
  12. That's good to hear. My 2 is also battered and abused, Hardy little things just a shame about the battery cover which opens at random, I reckon the Sony screen protector has earned it's keep.
  13. Thanks for that info Wim. I presume your dust bunny problem was solved.
  14. As stated above DSLR sensor cleaning is easy with the right, and actually cheap, gear. Had to do the 20d fairly frequently, but only needed to do the 60d twice in about three years. Unfortunately with the RX100 having a fixed lens it may be time for an upgrade if the spots are bothering you too much.
  15. ShutterSnitch

    Thanks LawrensonPhoto and TeeCee. Will check out these methods.