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  1. Slow month? 2018

    Thanks so much. I kind of figured this was a marathon rather than a sprint. xo.
  2. Slow month? 2018

    OMG you have more photos up than my whole lifetime photo collection! How did you ever find the time to do upload and tag all of them. I'm in awe - does a huge portfolio help re sales do you think?
  3. Slow month? 2018

    Boo, only 3 views in my first month! No zooms. I have 30 images up. Should I be uploading more? I think I have a good handle on the tagging and all the images are optimized to the full. They show up on the image search well too. Suggestions? Sorry the image is so big. Hope no one has a frog phobia
  4. Newby from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Hi All! I was little but I remember Elvis and the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, The moon Landing, JFKs assassination - we were a big tv family. Probably explains my early interest in B and W photography.
  5. Newby from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Hi Everyone Holly from Canada here. I am just getting used to my new DSLR and committed to shooting RAW as much as possible from here on in. Getting fed up with a certain other site (don't say it if you guess) and found Alamy in a search for the real deal. Hope I've found it. I like how this site is not focused on all of us joining groups and making contests and endless commenting and replying. Honestly, this isn't me since I am not attached to my phone, texting everything about my day. I am looking for a legit quality market for my images. Sorry if I sound like a social media luddite, but I'm old and remember when TV was black and white. I am actually very computer literate and jumped on board when it was just green lettering on a tiny curved screen. I see it as a tool, rather than a life style. In fact I just re-discovered the pics my dad took off the TV screen of the moon landing.
  6. Yet another Canadian

    Hi from Ottawa, Ontario
  7. Uploading IPhone Photos

    I just read the Alamy notice about postings about Stockimo, so I tried to delete -- I could only edit - so ignore this as if it was deleted, I guess.
  8. Site Security

  9. Site Security

    Yes, I noticed that, Even the payment page looks to be not encrypted. Anyone have any new info about this? I am just starting here and don't like to put in passwords etc. over a non-encrypted network.
  10. upload error

    Thanks so much! I use chrome and this was the problem. Now hopefully my images are good enough