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  1. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    You guys Rock and thank you all for advises!!! Ive tagged all words mentioned by you and now my photo is showing full GREEN light on discoverability bar! This is so grate!!! But still, I don't know if this could be called mist of heiz.?. I am still confused and suspecting this is some sort of other type of weather phenomenon we may not know about it yet or is so rare we haven't learned about and named yet.. Distance from camera to the furthest visible trees in the horizon is around 10 km.
  2. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    Thank you Sally, I've tagged your mentioned keywords to!, but still I am no so sure if this is the case?.. Maybe I am too naive, but without finding a single similar image, I suspect this is some kind of weather phenomenon we haven't learned about it yet, and I could be wrong..
  3. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    How can you recognise rook from raven if looking from bokeh? I named raven because I thought bird in my photo is larger than other crow family birds? Viewing original size photo I can see white pixels dominating birds beak and the bottom beak has more white than the top one..
  4. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    I may have found the way to copy writings to mobile phone and let's see if it works.. Thank you foOor Dorper Sheep! - my bad.! ..tho still thinking on keeping misspell as well., anyway Alamy is offering 50 tags and that is a lot, so why not? 
 Am not sure if word 'mist' is the right word for that image?.. mist is usually thick white/grey in colour mat instead of see through? Thought, mist is usually scatters around in random shapes, is bumpy and (whatever) light in my photo is so flat so clear and see throe,!?! 
 Pls allow me to describe this day and maybe this will help to crack this light phenomena code.X. 
 I patiently waited and was fully prepared to shoot on 7.7.17 from Tan Hill in Wiltshire for many reason. Weather condition around this date wore excellent and my instincts suggested to make time-lapse project while shooting nonstop for as long as I could stay awake. 777 was a number I was after as well 😅 Entire time-lapse lasted for nearly 20 hours from 6/7/17 evening till 7/7/17 after lunch.. 
 Most beautiful clear skies at night* with fog taking over Pewsey Downs National Nature Reserve in early morning hours .. This was the day I never forget.. 
 On the opposite side of this photo is a steep hillside dropping down with valley below. At the same time this photograph was taken the valley below was already filled with very thick fog o the top.. I was hypnotised by the beauty of fog taking over Tan Hill. When I turned around to see whats on the other side, I saw this light. Without a second thought I turned my camera around and to capture this beauty* ..soon after, the cloud I saw in the valley below reached my position and I dove in to Abbys of myst and cloud.. the cloud was so thick I could not see anything within 3-5 meters distance â˜ï¸ðŸ’¨ 
 I may post some more photos of this day later 
 in other words, no matter what direction I looked, this white blue plasma horizontal line left me in disbelieve and joy at the same time.. 
 This was one of most happiest days in my life!* 
 Speaking on language subject, yes you guessed right, I am Lithuanian and Russian was mandatory in schools as second language during soviet era.. This allowed me to understand many other Slavic family languages to.. Latin is alien language to me, and don't know any basics of it.. I only heard that Latin is very complicated for those who study and learn.. Wonder what all "ania" countries has in common? Albania, Armenia, Lithuania, Romania, Transylvania you name it.. and every place has some historical deep twist within each culture in various ways..? around 5 yrs ago I read rumours in NewYork Times that Lithuanian language is dating back to before Sanskrit.? not sure what to say about such speculation.. but our names do have lots of similarity to Greek names and we share some common words with cultures from India.. Interesting and confusing: where & how all cultures has came from usually I like blaming aliens for everything we don't have answer to! uhh, seem to be working just not sure what's with the front size is? Looking so large edited fixing text size..
  5. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    Ouch,, by the time I finished writing my reply to your message my Internet has stopped. Moving to new address this weekend. Love being here and will reply after few days time for sure.!.
  6. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    Wow Thank you Russel!, I didn't knew such bird name as 'Rook'. Indeed, this could be it.!. I know the place where these birds nest, and will have to investigate, and learn about it very soon! Sadly Alamy watermark covered entire bird and its wide open beak.. entire prey bird character is not there any more.. crucial detail.. errr, so not happy about watermark placement covering most important part.. how sad' 😰💧 Can this be somehow fixed/adjusted throe dashboard or els?? 🤔
  7. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    Thanks for advise Spacecadet! 🚀 thought using unique tag names only would help to direct google searchers on to Alamy images? Thought Alamy tags are highly connected to google search engine and not sure if I have to somehow to connect my google account to Alamy so that the tags are directed from Alamy to google with ease? What if I tag my image on Alamy using name that doesn't exist (lovespaceandeverythingaboutit) .. can images from Alamy with such tag name (no space between words) be found on google than? 🤔
  8. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    ha ha and thank you for asking.. Oxygen mist I called cause I don't know how to name this light blue light above the horizon.. I searched the net by going to various astro, meteorology science places and still could not find any clue what is that white blue layer is.?. I found only few images (!) on google with similar light visible taken by other photographers around mountains, but non of those images has any explanation for it. Later I researched and learned that oxygen is similar colour (pale blue) to the one in my picture so just named like that.. English is my 5th language and sometimes I can struggle finding right words for a search or tags 🤭 Could you advice if familiar - what could be called this white blue light in my picture? to name it? - Cornwall & solstice tags should not be there.!. and last night I already changed it (see first post) confuse why you still see this today.?. Everything is looking fine in my home page (confused). Maybe this is another 24 hour Alamy updating issue? ..and yes, yes, am only few inches away from cracking time travel code 💫 and hopefully will post some ufo photographs soon 𒀬𒁊 sending "Kraftwerk - The Robots" your way! 👽 🤖
  9. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    Thank you Paulette for reply and Wow! not sure from where to beguine.. - Your work is so fantastic*, I am taking my hat off for each of your images!*.. You are my idol no doubt.!!!, can only wish for an access to such wild locations.!. may I ask you something funky?. - Since my profile on Alamy was born only few days ago and work that you do is only my dream - Can I call you my Alamy's Godmother pls?.. 🤗😇 cause I would love to be like you when I grow up ..and thank you for tagSpell advises as well.. how could I not think of word lamb! 😳🤓
  10. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    Thank you Alan, and after another try last night seems like all tags got in to the right place and now everything is fine.. Maybe my tags got duplicated because that at some point I selected 2 images and all tags become grey. After I aded 2 more tags for both pictures simultaneously and only additional tags become black instead of grey. So I guess tagging 2 images after each was already tagged is not so good idea?
  11. Hello all, I am very new here and few days ago passed QC on my first 3 images.. After receiving green light from Alamy yesterday, I rushed to name and tag my photos. Today I've tried to search using title of my photos & tags but receiving same message: Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches Another issue is that I keep seeing one of my photograph is adapting another photograph tags. Why so and how this is happening? I spotted same issue last night and had to retag it all but today seems like all unwanted tags are back again How and why is this happening? What do I do wrong?