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  1. Thank you @Martin P Wilson and @MDM this was all very useful advice. However, i still did not manage to resolve the issue. What i did manage to establish is that the images which always looked ok, now viewed in standard windows viewer are much much darker and contrasty. Intrestingly when seen as large icons in windows explorer the darknes and contrast are normal. It is ONLY when viewed in windows viewer that they are wrong. When I open them in any other program, be it Capture One or Affinity Photo they dont suffer the same problem - they look ok.The difference is big, generally darker, with shadows very very dark and much more contrast throughout. I would like to be able to use windows viewer with normal results, therefore I want to get to the bottom of this.Later i will post some screenshots of my settings, maybe this will help. EDIT: Following an advice from other forum I re-calibrated using version 2 profile, as opposed to version 4. All works great now. However, the Colormunki Display Tray does not work - hasn't worked before too. Simply does not start up when I click it. I would like it to work to change display profiles between my office work and photo editing profile, Any experience in this field? (windows 7)
  2. Ok, i finally invested in monitor calibration device (colormunki display) and went ahead with calibration of my laptop and the main screen. The calibration process created two new icc profiles, one for each monitor. This is all fine. however, I am now looking at the pictures i edited before, on my C drive, and they look overly contrasty with very dark shadows. But when I view the same images on Alamy (exactly the same copies) they look fine. This confused me. So I went back to Capture One. The image looks good on the screen while editing, then I exported using sRGB and came out very contrasty (monitor still set to new custom profile). From this I gathered that it must be the difference between the sRGB and the custom profiles. So I went back to Capture One again, and this time exported using the custom profile. Exported image look good. My questions I have now: 1) Why do sRGB images look poor when viewed using custom profile? 2) What is the way forward? Should I be exporting using sRGB to upload to Alamy? 3) If I need to use sRGB for export, I will see all the images on my C drive over-contrasty, all the time. Surely this is not a way to go. What is the way to go? 4) If I export in custom profile, how will Alamy deal with it? EDIT: Just noticed that during export I can select a profile called "sRGB display profile with display hardware configuration data derived from calibration". When exported using this image also looks ok, but being sRGB gives me hope it would look ok in Alamy. is this correct? Thanks for any advice.
  3. I got this email today from Alamy: "As you may be aware we’ve recently seen an increase in the number of complaints we have been receiving from street artists. As part of an ongoing process we are sweeping for images containing street art as this seems to be a hot issue at the moment with the artists chasing copyright infringements of their work. Our lawyer has advised us to remove all images of murals that have little to no context, as this could be seen be seen as a copyright or trademark infringement of the original. As a result, we’ve removed the following images from your collection; Alamy Ref / Contributor Ref" Below was the list of my images removed. Any thoughts?
  4. This may alter what you photograph

  5. First Sale Ever

    Thank you for your kind advice. I think I will give up hoping for a sale until I reach 2-3k good images, and anything that comes in meantime I will consider a bonus Patience, not good at it
  6. First Sale Ever

    Same here, still waiting. I am starting to question my abilities... Patience and perseverance I think it is called. I need more of these.
  7. First Sale Ever

    Must be an amazing feeling. Congratulations. I had two sales back in 2015 with portfolio of circa 75 images. Since december last year I decided to move things forwards and started uploading again. I am in all time low as I am getting no zooms at all with over 600 images. I know this is not much, and I dont expect any sales yet, but would be good to see some zooms. Are my images that poor?
  8. Holy smoke!

    One can always learn something here Great post. Thanks.
  9. Holy smoke!

    Nice little post there, but why would you think that mirrorless cameras don't have issues with sensor dust? The only difference is they don't have mirrors, and mirror, if anything, will provide additional barrier protecting the sensor. Or am I missing something?
  10. Thank you all for your replies. This helps a lot. I will try more to shoot bot versions of each subject.
  11. Quick question. Do you notice any difference in which sales better? Do newspapers/publishers prefer one over another? Is landscape with dead space better than portrait with subject filling whole frame? ...ok, three questions
  12. color cast

    This was absolutely the case here - fluorescent lighting, but also mixed with a bit of daylight light and standard tungsten light. Nightmare. And yes, my images do look red in comparison to others. Fixing it now by replacing the affected batches.
  13. color cast

    Thank you for your assistance. I tried using eye dropper in Capture One on ice and neutral parts of fish skin, but it was resulting in a strong green cast. I ended up adjusting WB and Tint.
  14. color cast

    Thank you. I am re-working these files on different monitor. I ended up tweeking the WB and tint. However, I disagree regarding the blown highlights in the top image. According to the histogram these are not blown, and I think it looks better / more natural like this - it is a fish under the light source - it needs stronger highlights. Can you please clarify what is wrong with contrast on this image?
  15. color cast

    Thank you all. This confirms that my laptop renders much warmer. But the spare monitor is pretty close. Thank you again.