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  1. Will it be worth it?

    It may be a bit too late, but today I decided to go with Alamy exclusively, and started deleting all of my microstock accounts. It will take some time before they are gone, but I am hoping that focusing on Alamy only with give me better returns. And the fact that the same images cannot be found cheaper elsewhere I am hoping will increase sales. What is your view on this? Have I made a mistake here?
  2. Canon g9x?

    i would hope A6000 passes the QC as this is a 1.6 crop sensor. if this camera failed so would every crop sensor DSLR And we would not want that By the way my main camera is sony NEX6 - a predecessor of A6000. Again, a DSLR without a mirror, hence term "mirrorless camera".
  3. Do exclusive really sell better?

    Thank you. The similars you refer to I guess come from the two batches of news images I uploaded. These will be soon re-edited and reduced in number. Thank you.
  4. Strange algorithm.

    I am not an expert here, but I presume it also depends on the other images with these keywords - not yours - from other photographers. If others upload more images with these keywords, which become popular, yours will fall down. If other photographers edit keywords, so that the keyword you are talking about becomes less important, then these image will fall down and as a consequence yours may go up. Does this make sense?
  5. Hi I currently upload to Alamy, and large part of images elsewhere too. But started to think whether I should stick to Alamy exclusively. Hence my question - did you notice better/more sales on exclusive images that non-exclusive? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am looking for a compact camera that would pass the Alamy QA. i know Sony RX100 is ok, but it is not cheap, even the mark 1 version. Does anyone use Canon g9x either mark 1 or 2? It also has a one inch sensor. Thank you
  7. Thank you, but how does this help exactly? Does it inform Alamy to delete the old version, or it is in a hope that a customer will look at the keywords and work out that there is a new version? Thanks
  8. Hi i sometimes upload news images which go in unedited, straight from the camera. Later when these go back to stock, I often re-edit, re-caption and upload again. Now, do i simply delete the old ones? It say it will take 180 days before these are deleted. Some people here say to let Alamy know that I uploaded replacements. When/how do I do this? Thanks.
  9. Live News sales immediate?

    Hi, will i know immediately if my live news image sold, or this depends on the buyer? What is the latest the Alamy may let me know about a live news sale? Other question, after 48hrs when a live news image goes back to the ordinary stock, do you re-caption it to suit more generic use, as opposed to a specific news on the day? Thanks. Pawel
  10. You made me play with the app a bit more and explore the options, and it does all this indeed. Thank you so much, this was very helpfull. For some reason o cannot sert tye Gallery path to show images in the folder with long name (it sets the path but doesnt show images), and sony's wireless transfer app Play Memories has a default long name folder which cannot be changed. But this is small issue. Thanks.
  11. awesome work, and very valuable insight. Thank you. i am still looking for a perfect solution for Android device. So far i have PressIPTC app which I use to fill in the metadata, and then an FTP app to transfer to Alamy, but the PressIPTC does not support pre-captioning which is a shame and slows down the process a lot.
  12. Thank you Keith, I decided to try News images after reading few interviews with you. You are an inspiration, keep it up and thank you for your complete reply. PS - Do you fill the metadata for the News Images and upload all using your mobile phone while on location? Or do you use laptop?
  13. Thank you. English is not my main language and I used Polish spelling by mistake. So kind of you to point this out, thank you. Do you have any experience in News images?
  14. Hi, I am slowly trying to do some live news images, and currently working on streamlining the workflow to be able to submit within minutes of taking an image. As such, I would like to understand what is the difference between the Caption and Headline, so that I do not repeat the information where not needed. Also, do you keyword news images, or caption/headline only? Thank you
  15. Phone images allowed for Live News?

    Thanks for your replies. I asked just in case I don't have my regular camera with me. Thank you.