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  1. How to travel light?

    Sometimes you can charge batteries using the vehicle's cigarette lighter. In fact on one safari in Botswana, the company had a bank of sockets presumably attached to the vehicle battery where we could recharge on the move (as it was a mobile camping trip).
  2. How to travel light?

    My theft was on a flight to Nambia, but via Jo'burg which apparently has a bad reputation for this. I'll think about wrapping if I need to put anything into my hold luggage in future, but maybe it just signals "stuff to steal".
  3. How to travel light?

    It's a big problem (I'm a bird photographer too, though that's not obvious from my Alamy port). Way out in the boonies, there often aren't any options of airlines, you could be on a little bushplane with, in my case, as few as two passenger seats (though on that one they weighted the pilot, me, my husband and all our luggage, and I was scared they were calculating fuel to the teaspoon!). Some of the little Cessnas can only hold small amounts of luggage if they're full, and the fuel there is strictly calculated too. You are told about the weight restriction in advance (I don't know about Jetstar), so tweeting would be rather inappropriate. Also on these trips, there generally isn't anywhere to hire, and in some places hiring a big lens for a couple of weeks costs about as much as buying. If on a group trip, there isn't a possibility of getting to a hire shop (other than adding an extra day on either side of the trip). Still, I went through years of only being allowed 5Kg hand baggage - total. But that was film days before I had back ups of bodies and lenses and computing. My compromise is a netbook as someone above mentioned. It lets me see that the files are OK, and I can back up onto an external HD. It's too slow even to view RAWS at any decent size, so no keywording etc. However, if I shot jpegs it would be fine, though a bit slow, for that. In former times my carry-one bag was the biggest available, and I had small camera bag with my backup long zoom inside my hold case, and I'd use the little bag on a daily basis. However, the last time I had - of all things - my little G12 stolen out of its case out of my hold case - (but not my backup gear!) (i.e. the little camera's case was empty in my case when I arrived!), so I'm nervous about doing that in future. I see that for my next flight, the carry on allowance is so big I'd never be able to carry it (two carryons each weighing more than they used to allow for hold baggage!). However, they do say that they may take one bag as you board. The last time that happened, my lenshood broke, but as it was reversed on the lens, maybe it protected the actual lens from the crush. But no possibility of replacing the hood, which is more or less essential on safari. Has anyone tried having their hold luggage wrapped with that clingfilm stuff?
  4. RM and RF for the same image

    How is that different from Alamy? If a file has been designated RF, buyers can opt to buy it RM. If a file has been designated RM, perhaps they will be sold with a 'virtually limitless' RM licence, presumably if buyers have requested it.
  5. Tags Brit style vs American

    There are lots of 'vernacular' terms in Scotland, including 'lemonade' (meaning any flavour of fizzy drink) and, bizarrely and against the Trades Description Act, 'juice'. At least, the latter was said in rural Midlothian when I was a child, perplexing me when I went to visit relatives.
  6. Dead Animal

    The SWT 0131 312 7765 might be able to advise, but I suspect they might tell you to contact SNH,
  7. How to optimise the discoverability

    Has there been any evidence that you get more sales if you hit green? I've just been going over files in the Image Manager back as far as 2013 (lots more still to do), and I've only been able to turn a very few green, and that by adding some words which although probably relevant to the file are unlikely to be searched on. However, I'm correcting typos and separarting tags which were merged on the move to the new system. (One thing I've noticed is that if a keyword is particularly long (specifically "Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team"), it seems that almost every time I try to make it a supertag, it merges with another keyword, even when I tried magnifying to 200% in an effort to improve accuracy.
  8. RM o RF

    Huh? They can be RF-Editorial.
  9. Slow month? 2018

    Relative only to my own stats, I already have more $$ than in seven eight of the months of 2017, though I'm still below Alamy's stated average rpd. Zooms are well down, though.
  10. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    You can edit and remove your text. (Can't remember if it needs a . or a 'sorry' to work, or it can just be blank.)
  11. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    Putting unique keywords on images is good - but only if they're accurate. If they are not accurate (and I sympathise with anyone whose main language isn't English having to keyword on Alamy), that will just annoy potential buyers, and worse still could cause trouble if a less well-informed buyer buys an image and uses it to illustrate the wrong keyword.
  12. RM vs RF usage...again!

    As you wish, but I've several times had images reused by the same buyer*, even on the same day (including one pic yesterday bought with two uses by the same buyer). I've had over 40 uses of one file by the same newspaper publishing group (though I had to chase up over 20 of them) and 14 uses of another. That is arguably the BEST thing about RM, RF wouldn't have earned much, if any more (anecdotally from the forum, we all know that files seldom garner the amount suggested on the calculator), then they have permission to reuse. If the price was a lot higher for RF, it might make sense. *Once I had two near-identical sales of a file used for 'educational book' - someone on the group suggested that might have been a use on a pupil textbook and a use in the Teacher's Handbook. Again, one sale on RF. Choose RF if you like (e.g. if you are selling the same content on RF-only sites), but make sure you are clear about your reasons. RF is best for the buyer, and there are almost certainly buyers who check to search through RF files only (so RM providers would lose these sales); but not for the photographers.
  13. Tags Brit style vs American
  14. Tags Brit style vs American

    I've just looked it up and it seems that Tri-walker isn't a brand name, it seems to be generally used for a three-wheel walker. Apparently it can also be called a rollator, even in the UK (never heard that term used, but that just means Mum's was sold as a 'tri-walker').
  15. One thing I've noticed more particularly over the past week is that where I have several images in a more 'generic' search, my files are scattered right through the search, as are others I can identify who also have several images in the search. I can't work out any other reason why my files would be spread out in that way; maybe it's a policy to let buyers see more variety.