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  1. Searching for a thread about image theft

    Wiskerke, yes that's the one. Thankyou!
  2. Searching for a thread about image theft

    Thanks. I just did a search for 'infringement' but the thread I'm after did not show up.
  3. Some time ago on the Alamy forums, I was reading a very interesting post about a thief who had stolen a bunch of photos from different photographers (possibly through google image search or elsewhere.) The crazy thing was this guy's attitude. When the photographers found out and took action against him, this guy acted like he was the victim. He claimed that photographers were taking advantage of him by putting their work out there and luring people in. Ive been searching for this thread for ages but cannot find it again. Ive used search terms like 'thief', 'theft', 'stolen', 'steals' etc but it doesn't come up in the results.
  4. First Sale Ever

    Congratulations. I have not made any sales on Alamy as yet, though Ive just received my third payout from one of the microstock agencies. Hopefully, I'll make some dollars on here too one day.
  5. Inconsistent number of zooms in different sections of website

    Oh darn. I hope you're making the most of the photographic opportunities while you're here.
  6. Inconsistent number of zooms in different sections of website

    Yea I just realised my blunder. I didn't reset the date range. Good to hear from another Aussie by the way.
  7. For a little while now, Ive had a total of 3 zooms, according to my dashboard. This morning, I noticed that number increased to 4. So I went to my 'Pseudonym' and noted that I had 2 zooms recorded rather than 4. I admit I'm a bit puzzled by this inconsistency. The previous time, I checked my 'Pseudonym', I had 3 zooms recorded, just like my dashboard indicated. Just wondering why the number of zooms would drop down to 2? Edit: woops, looks like I didn't have the right date range set.
  8. RM vs RF usage...again!

    I recently took a photograph which depicts a lightning storm over a habour at night. The habour area would likely be recognisable to locals and could be regarded as a landmark more or less (though it is a very distant view.) I doubt most people elsewhere would recognise the location The lightning strike itself is quite dramatic - it is clearly the most impressive strike that I captured from the entire evening. I'm trying to decide whether to submit this image as RM and have it exclusive to Alamy or choose RF and make it available on the micro sites too. I'm unsure which direction to take. If it happened to be a lightning strike over a really well known, visually identifiable landmark such the New York city skyline or the Sydney Opera House (or lightning striking a tree) I guess I would probably steer towards RM.
  9. Put the Year in the Tags?

    Ah okay. Though I guess there's nothing wrong with using that caption format in editorial stock images?
  10. Selling prints

    Thanks! I just hope my 'good' days return. The last two markets (beginning of the new season) weren't that good in terms of sales.
  11. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    No zooms yet for me but of course I only have a tiny portfolio (less than 100 images.)
  12. Selling prints

    I haven't tried selling prints online but Ive had some success selling them at markets attended by tourists from passing cruise ships. My prints are available as home made greeting cards and as 8 x 10 and 8 x 12 inch prints in mattes at my market stall. Though sales vary so widely. Some days are crappy and other days are amazingly good.
  13. Put the Year in the Tags?

    In microstock, it's compulsory to use the date within a specific caption format on editorial images. So far, I haven't seen that same caption format used in Alamy. Maybe I'll use it on my city photos in Alamy - region / state, country, followed by date etc.
  14. Park bench, laptop and phones as property?

    Ive just done a search for "woman with phone" on Alamy and something surprised me. I see a fair number of submission where it says - "Releases: model - yes / property - yes." To me, this suggests that the photographer obtained a property release from the company who produces the phones. That's no easy task getting a release from a major company like Apple, Samsung, Nokia etc. Unless I'm reading this wrong?
  15. Ive done a series of self portraits of me sitting on park benches while holding various electronic gadgets such as laptops, phones and tablets. I guess all such items would need to be checked as property in the submission page? In a lot of the images, there are no company names visible on the electronic gadgets.