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  1. Deary me people really do get hot under the collar about advice and criticism. (I can see why Philippe left) why are you even on here if you can't take it eh? Search engine optimization it's been talked about quite a bit on here. I know similars when i see them and people on here will say the same thing. Taking a photograph of something from a diagonal composition close up and then walking away a bit and taking the same image is a duplicate. I don't see why pseudo makes any difference. thought it was if you had multiple people using your account to upload photos. Then each person would be under their own name. 3 years experience in photography means I'm not a newbie to the subject, even if i'm a newbie to the forum and alamy. Your welcome to criticize and give me advice on my photos/Keywords (I won't get upset) I have changed my tone since my previous forum post about not welcoming criticism. This forum is for giving advice and helping people regarding Photography and Alamy matters. I don't want to get into any argument or aggrieve anyone on here. Sorry for raining on your parade. PS: everyone on here was a newbie once dosn't mean you can't give advice. Aylish
  2. Only going on what I have read.... oh and you have far too many similar photos if not the same. Do you use SEO? You can go a long way with good keywords.
  3. http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20171004-why-armenians-love-strangers Alamy photos found on the bbc website Photographers: Kasia Nowak Alamy (Yellow bus) MehmetO/Alamy (Historic building) Oleksandr Rupeta/Alamy (Guesthouse) V. Dorosz/Alamy (Food)
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/08/cook-islands-faces-its-worst-case-scenario-being-granted-developed-country-status Aerial view of Aitutaki atoll and lagoon in Cook Islands. Photograph: Alamy Not sure who the photographer is though.
  5. Yes you can. You can see the thumbnails under each of your submissions.
  6. When you look through your camera at something. Do several dots light up? I think that's how you get sharp images. I try to check the images on my camera by zooming in and if they look clear you know they are sharp but if you see blurriness etc you know they are not good. Aylish
  7. Yeah you need good Keywords. Think if you were looking for your photos what keywords would you use to describe them. Put yourself in the shoes of a perspective buyer.
  8. Great advice for newcomers I have learn't something here.
  9. Where has Philippe gone?

    I have an auntie like that she's horrendous and thrives on conflict. I fully agree with what you are saying though. Aylish
  10. Where has Philippe gone?

    I know I'm new to the threads, and you can tell me my opinion isn't wanted but having read quite a lot on the forum about Phillipe it seems he was very knowledgeable about photography but couldn't keep to forum rules. I mean arguing with people on here? Getting upset over red rep..... On student room red reputation was misused but people didn't get upset over it. The facility was removed anyway. People just got their revenge and gave them red reputation back. It was always obvious who had done it. I would not take too kindly to some judging my keywords and Images without me giving permission or asking for criticisms/Critiques. As i know Philippe did. Aylish
  11. Re-hi - I am back

    Hello, How do you tidy tags up? I have a nightmare just coming up with tags in the first place let alone replacing them and thinking of new ones.
  12. That's what i do. Aylish
  13. I like to not edit mine at all. I think whoever buys the images should do the editing. Alamy says don't do too much editing let the buyer do that. Aylish
  14. I think the success of stock photography relies on the amount of images you upload and the effectiveness of your tags. People on here earn thousands. Marketing skills also make a difference to how many photos you sell. So I think you can make a living out of this if your persistent and consistent with uploads/tags and Marketing of your photos. Aylish
  15. How often does this occur? It's when two words are spelt the same but mean different things right? Please correct me if im wrong. Aylish