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  1. Excel

    I did try a bracket count, but that was earlier this morning, and I kept getting different numbers - my eyes don't tend to start working until after an hour or so these days
  2. First Sale

    Well done! You have given me hope - and I daresay a few other lurking newbies as well.
  3. Love this thread - a visual masterclass in what makes good stock photography - absolutely invaluable for a noob
  4. What the deuce?! I read the rules guv, honest, but that sounds mental. I have much to learn....much to learn.....
  5. No, but I've reached the heady heights of 15 views.
  6. Is there a regular cycle for the Alamy Measures bit of My Dashboard (e.g. same time every 24 hours), or is it variable?
  7. This week I 'ave mostly been playing around with Inkscape and Lightroom (with apologies to Mark Williams)
  8. About Vector files

    One (tenuously relevant) advantage is that they upload and get QC'd by some automated process, both on weekdays and weekends, thus making the whole thing go at rocket speed. Or at least that's been my experience - I seldom keep track of the day of the week, so was wondering why my photos and illustrations were proceeding a zillion times slower than the vectors - of course, today is Saturday *slaps forehead*
  9. Slow month?

    A zoom I can only dream of zooms.....

    You definitely get a +1 for this, as it sent me scampering to go all Elder Pliny on my Giraffes and Parrots. EDIT : Betty already advised me to do this, but I forgot
  11. Slow month?

    Slow month me arris - seven views guv, seven views. That is all.
  12. Your First (D)SLR?

  13. Your First (D)SLR?

    Amazing how many threads one starts after a few tipples - last one tonight, boys and girls What was your first camera? I don't mean Instamatic or Polaroid - what was your first SLR, or DSLR? The first time you held that big chunk of grown up picture machine, and marvelled at all its extra bits and bobs, ran your fingertips over the metal stuff, peered into the shiny lens thingy, and hefted its lovely, lovely weight and... anyway, what was yours? Mine was a Zenit 12XP, bought from a camera shop in Lambeth Walk in 1986 - I was mentored by a lovely lady called Jane Foster (shout out just in case she's on here) - who gave me a sprinkling of advice on lenses and general photography bits and bobs, and of course insisted I immediately subscribe to Amateur Photographer. Many unfeasibly sharp and sparkly photographs ensued, along with an undeserved but thoroughly abused reputation among family and peers as "the photographer". That camera stayed with me until 2000, when it was destroyed in a flood (well, not so much destroyed - you can't destroy a Zenit - more sort of waterlogged then slowly rusted to death over time). Of course, when I got back into photography a few months ago, the first thing i did was buy one off eBay. Alas, it was no good for Alamy, but will forever more remain my true love.
  14. Sunsets are ten-a-penny, and after you've fiddled with them, they don't quite look like "the original". This one does, however, and is dedicated to my long-suffering wife, who, as I desperately tried to beat sundown and get to a favoured beach whilst stuck in traffic, pointed out an easier option.