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  1. Chuckle - no I don't need one! The only reason I remember that particular camera is seeing it on Wex's email newsletter and out of curiosity clicking the details. Long time ago I had a lovely medium format 6x6 roll film camera (Mamiya C220) which produced far better transparencies than my 35mm (a Canon A1) for all its sophistication.
  2. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    I would use Solution 44 on those people if I could get away with it. Here's Bess, now 6, rehomed from the Retired Greyhound Trust after her racing career, and she likes the snow too. (You can just make out my reflection in her left eye!)
  3. If money were no object: and the quoted price doesn't include a lens! Thats what I presently have (using a Canon 70D) and would agree with you in the main. I find the 18-135 can be a bit soft at the edges at full zoom, and the 10-22 similarly at 10mm. That said, almost all my pictures on Alamy were taken with the 18-135, some of them at full zoom, and there are one of two taken at 10mm on the 10-22 as well. I guess its just a case of making the best use of what I've got, and being mindful of its limitations. One day I'll have a full frame and a couple of "L" series lenses to go with it, but that's not in current budget
  4. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    After what seemed like endless grey days, yesterday gave us some brilliant winter sunshine. Here's Low Force waterfall, Teesdale (two-shot panorama) in all its glory
  5. Images taken on National Trust land

    English Heritage also have a policy of No Commercial Photography on or within their properties and that is clealy displayed on a notice board by the entrance along with opening times, admission prices etc. I gather that within their organization is a commercial operation which hires out such venues for film sets, fashion shoots and so on, and for that sort of use I can quite understand they would want a fee (I would!). One would have thought though that an attractive picture taken in (say) one of their castle grounds, subsequently licenced from an agency such as this one and published in a travel magazine would have been welcomed - after all they want more people to visit their properties.
  6. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    The river Tees at Wycliffe with a good winter sky and reflections Duchess Bridge over the river Aln, Alnmouth, Northumberland
  7. This may alter what you photograph

    Has any reliable definition of "indentifiable" been produced? Identifiable to whom? I could see an argument that even a picture taken from behind - e.g. a street scene with somebody walking away from the camera - that person might try to claim that because they recognise themselves, and they have not given consent for that picture to be published, their rights have been infringed. Sigh - I think I'll stick to inanimate objects, animals and landscapes without people in them!!
  8. Panorama - how to force a merge?

    I've done a few in Lightroom recently without (yet!) finding any problems with the merge. The biggest was 4 images with not a great deal of overlap and it did take a fair while to create. I find that - depending on how much zoom I'used, two or three images is usually enough. In terms of visual result, I tend to use a focal length of about 35 - 50mm (Canon 18-135). Merge the raw files before any other post processing is carried out.
  9. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Local parish church: Home Sweet Home!
  10. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Alnmouth, Northumberland
  11. Alamy images watermark removed

    There was a piece about this issue in last autumn's issue of Canon's EOS Magazine - I've quoted it below with only slight editing to remove the name of the library concerned (it's not Alamy!): "If you have images with any image libraries you will be concerned to know that there is such a thing as automatic watermark extraction. It works using an algorithm that finds common patterns on photographs and removes watermarks leaving them exposed to unauthorised use. Concerned about the risk of theft of images in its library, a popular library with a collection of about 150 million images, asked its engineers to build a watermark technology that was resistant to pattern recognition algorithm. The team developed a watermark randomiser so that no two watermarks are the same. The shapes vary for each image and also include contributor names. By creating a completely different watermark for each image, it makes it hard to truly identify the shape and thus erase it. The new watermark has been proven to be successful and has already been rolled out to the image collection" I asked Alamy for their thoughts at the time and was told: "We are aware of concerns surrounding watermark security and whenever we redesign our watermarks all of the information including but not limited to that in this article will be taken into consideration".
  12. Music Talk

    He also had a great sense of humour. I remember hearing him interviewed on the radio once. At one point he described himself as "having Scottish blood in his veins". When asked to explain, he said that his great- great-grandfather had once eaten a Scottish missionary Sadly no longer with us, and a very hard act to follow. However, I recently came across another Canadian pianist, John Sherwood, whose bio cites a heavy influence by Oscar, and you can certainly hear it in his playing,
  13. Music Talk

    Likewise, can't stand heavy metal, and I'm the one who put the 'C' into rap music 'Fraid I'm not a country music fan either - but I am a great fan of another genre with US origins - jazz. All time favourites - in no particular order, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Oscar Peterson (yes I know he was a Canadian). Some time ago I discovered a wonderful internet jazz streaming service at Based in Tacoma, Seattle and run as a community radio station, so no commercials, and not too many station announcements, just good quality music 24/7
  14. LR Keywords - Tag Options

    You're welcome. Question for you - do you use the full database managment facilities of Lightroom, i.e. keep one or more catalogues of all your pictures, or (as I presently do) just use it to process raw files, and once exported, remove the images from LR altogether? If the latter, I can suggest a methodology for re-organising all your keywords externally from LR, but its no good if the former.
  15. Keyword structures in Lightroom have been discussed here a few times recently. I hope the following might be useful to those who follow that approach: If you select any existing Keyword, right click on it then select Edit, you will see the Tag Options of that particular word, e.g. Include on Export, Export Containing Keywords and Export Synonyms. OK for just one, but how could you easily identify all those where (say) you had created synonyms? From the LR Menu, click Metadata, then from that dropdown menu Export Keywords. Enter a filename of your choice (with the extension .txt) and OK it. Whatever structure you created in LR will be replicated in the file. This shortened extract shows part of mine. As you can see it follows my tree structure (no pun intended!) and the synonyms are shown enclosed in { } Trees Ash {common ash} {European ash} {Fraxinus excelsior} Beech {Fagus sylvatica} European Larch {Larix decidua} If you have also unchecked "Exclude on Export", that keyword will appear in the file enclosed in [ ] for example in this shortened extract: [Seasons] Autumn Autumn Colour Autumn Colours Autumn Tints Color Colors Colour Here I've deliberately excluded Seasons from export as I've used it as a Placeholder within my LR keywords simply to group together all those keywords that might be relevant to a particular season. The examples above were created by simply opening the file with Notepad (Windows PC) and selecting bits to copy and paste here. Colours have been added in this post just for clarity. It could also be opened with a spreadsheet or wordprocessor where the ability to search for a specific character or string might be useful.