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  1. No they were all taken in a 2hr session and submitted within an hour or two of getting home,
  2. I had some news pics rejected last week because the captions needed work but the difference that time was I got an email explaining where I’d gone wrong. Those all passed QC the next day too. This time no email so I was left wondering. I’m new to this, I’ll learn. Thanks 😄
  3. Yesterday I submitted 18 photos to live news. Half went straight through the other half got put into QC in batches of 1. Today the half in QC all passed and went into my main portfolio, the others are still available on the news desk. Why did Alamy split the batch? I didn’t get an email explaining and the half that went into QC are all similiar/ relevant content so I don’t understand what happened. Any suggestions?
  4. Metadata editor?

    What metadata editor do people use for pre-tagging live news images? I’ve got MetaGear which does the job but might not be the best. I was wondering if there was recommended software.
  5. Stock vs Live News

    I’m guessing fotoDogue was referring to Corbis and Getty - competitor libraries ?
  6. Stock vs Live News

    Just jumping in to follow this thread. Noob trying to learn.
  7. Will this do? 🍾🍷🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
  8. I'm right with you Atko, I've had lots of views and a couple of zooms but no sales yet. Be ready with a high 5 when we do. 👍
  9. Another in The Guardian
  10. What were you photographing to get that reaction?
  11. Bad Weather Pics

    That's a great image, very funny and somehow very British - the weather, the "we're going to sit on the beach regardless" attitude.
  12. Live news only showing 8/16 photos

    Half an hour later looked again. All 16 are back. Any idea what happened other than "computer error" ?
  13. A few here...

    What's the story with the refund? Are buyers allowed to change their mind after purchase?
  15. I had a batch of 16 photos accepted to Live News yesterday. All were visible for sale within 20 minutes of submission. Today only 8 are visible and the heading shows (8/16). What's happened to the other 8? All are visible in AIM and show as "for sale".