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  1. Upload error

    Painfully slow tonight. 30 minutes for three images and now upload is just stuck. Rest of household off the wifi. Wonder if it’s alamy’s end. update Abandoned and restarted. That worked, normal speed achieved.
  2. Second sale on Alamy!

    thanks 😄 Angela
  3. Second sale on Alamy!

    You’re right. I passed start up QC in 2013 then put in a few submissions which all failed and I didnt understand why so I got disillusioned and gave up. I decided to try again this summer and all but that first set have been added this year.
  4. Second sale on Alamy!

    Congrats . I’m waiting for my first. I still believe it will happen. 😄
  5. Last time I used Photobox I was disappointed with the product - too dark and poor generally. I have used recently for a largish print and I’m very happy with that.
  6. Selling prints

    I bought a picture from Alamy for personal use and got directed to
  7. Put the Year in the Tags?

    From comments I’m wondering if the answer is a mix of date taken, tags and caption. What will be successful depends on the customer, what they’re looking for and how well they understand how to do Alamy searches. Cover all bases! 😎
  8. Put the Year in the Tags?

    There’s a “date taken” field which gets populated from metadata. That’s searchable so buyers have got control over the age of images they see.
  9. November Challenge :: Iconic

    I read that the ski jumps are covered with solar panels. It’s right by MI6 so I imagined the ramps are for launching spies 😆.
  10. Advice on my portfolio

    Interesting. Anyone know Alamy’s position on this? Correct grammar and spelling only or should we tag anticipating common errors like this? What about US versions of English words eg colour/color?
  11. DPS and “copy space” type tags

    Thanks Wim that’s an interesting blogpost.
  12. November Challenge :: Iconic

    Vauxhall bus station.
  13. November Challenge :: Iconic

    London skyline.
  14. November Challenge :: Iconic

    Victorian red post box in Little Kineton, Warks UK
  15. Hi I’ve read an article by an Alamy contributor who includes in tagging words such as “copy space left”, “copy space top”, “DPS” (double page spread). The idea is that makes it easier for picture editors to find what they need. This is the first I’ve heard of this approach. I’m not sure I’d want to attempt it - how do I know how my picture will be used? I’m not a picture editor. I think i’ll just stick to tagging for the picture subject. What do you think?