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  1. Second sale on Alamy!

    Exactly the same path for me too. I joined Alamy in 2014 without uploading images . Then decided to try to pass QC this summer but failed my 2 first submissions : one because there was a problem with upload : only 2 files of 3 where uploaded, and the second because of 'no meta data' reason for one file (in fact there was metadata in all 3 files so I did not understand). Finally I passed QC in september. My target is to reach 1000 images before the end of year; and mainly exclusive images... I think I'll make it happen but I am still waiting for my first sale. Wait (work) and see...
  2. Last 2017 supermoon (357 495 km)
  3. fifty/fifty ? And in addition I offer a coffee after the (your) shower . About Raw files, I am currently testing DxO PhotoLab (the demo version can be fully used during 30 days) and I am impressed by the speed, the quality and the lens corrections .I feel like I changed my lens. I think I am going to invest in this software.
  4. What a pity, I would certainly make a nice picture of you running under the fountain ! Certainly a top seller . Glad that you had a nice weather for your short trip.
  5. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    Thank you John, but it was humor. I do not expect sales now, because it was just 3 months since I started uploading. However, I would not be against one zoom from time to time...
  6. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    Same observation, Zooms and CTR are down but sales were not affected, they stay to 0.
  7. Just to add a tips about calibration. For MacOSX users, in the last versions of the system the 'Expert Mode' is hidden when you want to calibrate your monitor. When you open the Monitor setup window, hold on the OPTION Key when you click on 'Calibrate...'. You will enter in 'Expert Mode' to setup you monitor calibration.
  8. Christmas noise

    Lol . Maybe it's better to repeat . I send you a green arrow, in case of...
  9. Christmas noise

    Can you upload your rejected photo on dropbox ? What ISO do you use to take your shoot ?
  10. Glad that you could take pictures. I hope you did not arrive Friday or Saturday because the weather was really bad ! I read that it was the coldest temperatures for a month of November since 1963. I am waiting to see the pictures of the Ferris wheel and the surrounding villages ! I just have one of the Ferris wheel/fountains years ago :
  11. South African newbie here!

    Welcome on board Warren ... I am from the South too but the south of France so it is something like the North pole for you !
  12. Yes , I use Rawtherapee to process my photos and I finish the last settings with photoshop before saving the file as jpg: RAW-> png-> jpg. I am more comfortable with PS to get the rendering I want. Plus, I have some filters that I use regularly , but they have more interest for my microstock activities than for Alamy images.
  13. Slow month?

    I certainly agree with you, but to be honest, one of my bestseller (since 2011) exceeded 1400 sales 2 months ago, and the licenses are not always at 50c (by the way it is rather 35c ... lol ) but for example, I got 2 licenses of this image at $13.50 and $20.62 on Sunday. Alas, this is not always the case and other times it is 35c or 1$. I would have liked to sell it on Alamy and that's why, like Kay, I upload now almost exclusively images here . It's been just 3 months that I upload for Alamy, but for now, unfortunately, the score is not in my favor... I will do my best during one year and see what happens.
  14. No problem MDM. Every one can use its own setup and it's good to share our experiences I just use an old version of PS so I don't provide any good advice on Lightroom. I fact, when I want to correct (save) an image , I create a Threshold layer to find the darkest area on my image. Same thing with the whitest, and then use Curves to set black, white and neutral grey points. Generally , the result is correct but it is just my point of view . As long as our images are accepted by agencies we tend to stay on the same procedures.
  15. Slow month?

    So true. I was not too familiar with editorial, except for sports events or festivals. I have to work on it.
  16. Slow month?

    It seems to me that Alamy advises against translating keywords (I received a questionnaire asking me for the solutions I used for translation, so they must work on something). But in fact, even when I started in 2006 on a French microstock, except at the very beginning when I was exclusive, I was doing my keywording in English. On microstocks my images sell pretty much all over the world but the conceptual side is probably more important in ms than the editoriaI images generally related to a country. I only use french for place names. In my "misfortune", I am lucky to live in a very touristy place with events of international scope. Thanks for informations Brian
  17. Slow month?

    There is some hope then . Thanks
  18. Slow month?

    ok, thanks !
  19. Slow month?

    I am convinced that the images I would sell here (may be) will be different from the ones I have on ms, but could I ask a european fellow if photos that are not taken in UK or USA have a little chance to be sold on Alamy ? ( that's my main doubt ) PS : it's a very slow month for me too AND i had a 500% Decrement on zooms ...
  20. With a black to 0 and a white to 255 you will not see details in black and white area. To setup the black and white point in PS : Open an image Set the mode Lab Color in menu mode Open the level Window Double click on the Black Eyedropper tool (sorry English is not my native language so I don't know if it is the correct word) then set the RGB values to 10,10,10 for black point Close the Dialog Double click on the White Eyedropper tool Set the RGB values to 245,245,245 and close the Dialog. Then back to the RGB mode. Your White and Black points are now saved as current setup for PS
  21. Slow month?

    Will the red arrow be stronger than the green one ? We'll know it at the next episode of the slow month's story.
  22. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    I started just 3 months ago so nothing significant, but I had 4 zooms the first 2 months (sept/oct) with half images in portfolio and 0 this month.
  23. Slow month?

    Thank you for sharing your sales contexts.
  24. Slow month?

    It's true . In my case I don't have problem to shoot people in case of sport events, festivals or crowd concentration but I have a hard time making a photo of 2 or 3 people in front of a shop or on the street without having their authorization. The few I have are with MR. I think it depends where you live. So, I certainly would not have much success here ...