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  1. Thanks for fixing the problem ! But in my case the more I upload images , the lower goes my CTR. When I started to upload 2 months ago it was over 1. It is now just over the average Alamy CTR (0.83), and more, it is under (0.29) on the 30 past days...
  2. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    I had a look (the Mac Version) . It seems easy to use. Thanks
  3. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    Ok MircoV, I 'll try it to see what I can do. Just to add something about RawTherapee: it is not specific to Sony .
  4. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    Sure. It was just because I am a Sony user since the beginning (mainly because I owned some good Minolta lens) and found their RAW software (Image Data Converter) very slow and not very useful. RawTherapee propose many post-processing functions and metadata edition and is fast.
  5. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    Thanks MircoV. I will try , but I use RawTherapee (Last version 5.3) to process my raw files and it's very powerful (and free...)
  6. Yesterday's Measures are not updated for me. I am still waiting for a miracle (i.e. : a zoom )
  7. Hello All

    Welcome on board Mark !.
  8. Image identification

    Many thanks for the explanation ! I corrected my 2 Austin-Healey photos.
  9. Image identification

    Sorry for this crime. Corrected. Now , I don't dare asking something about the next car I shooted : an AUSTIN HEALEY
  10. Image identification

    I prefer this one,.. . May be if I add the tag "Please buy my image" in all my photos ?
  11. Image identification

    Thanks wim ! I was planning to buy one with my royalties but I think I will wait...
  12. Image identification

    Is someone can confirm the car is an Aston-Martin DB Mark III ? (the James Bond's car...) Thanks for your help.
  13. Many thanks Kathy ! I corrected the typos and added some tags. Current tags were loaded from existing IPTC fields that need to be addressed. Thanks for your help.
  14. Let me know when you come, we will go for a drink (or a coffee).
  15. Lol . Ok, if one day you come in the area, the coffee will be free !
  16. New Beginner photographer from Canada

    Hello Anna, welcome on board. I am new too (despite the fact I joined Alamy in 2014 , I started to upload at the beginning of September 2017), so I can't help too much... I do not expect anything until at least 1500 images and one year of active presence. Do your best, vary the subjects and focus on the tags and descriptions. This seems to be the recipe... Good luck.
  17. You should have taken an espresso, it's cheaper...
  18. Love your sunset on Akamas Peninsula. Great shoot and place.
  19. Search in AIM not showing image

    u are welcome ! No star but I was software developer, long time ago...
  20. Your favorite blurry image

    During Ironman in July :
  21. Where has Philippe gone?

    Thanks for the English instructions book
  22. Search in AIM not showing image

    Try to clear caches. You first have to enable the "Develop menu" from within the App Preferences. Preferences > Advanced > “Show Develop menu in menu bar” then choose "Empty caches" in the Develop menu.
  23. Seeking opinions on post processing

    Nice pict. I would add sharpness only on some part of the image (head of the bird, eye). Just duplicate the layer, add sharpness, move the layer under the original. Then add a layer mask to the original and with a soft brush remove the less sharpness part.