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  1. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    Ill have a word with my guy and recommend some All-bran next time i see him.
  2. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    Im a bit slow uploading it from when i took this but its my favourite photo that I have taken for a while.
  3. Adobe Photoshop and Banknotes

    I have a few recent photos of the new £50 notes on alamy and had no problems editing them in PS, didnt even think it would be a legal issue. But there is some dot pattern hidden in the print that also stops them being photo copied. Imported them in to Lightroom, converted to DNG, and then right click them to edit them in Photoshop.
  4. Image identification

    Thanks guys Both look like viable options
  5. Image identification

    If any of the twitchers out there could enlighten me on what this bird is. Spotted on Tioman Island, Malaysia.
  6. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    Feeding time, taken from a local bird hide.
  7. How to travel light?

    I have not long come back from 11 months (Sept 16 - Aug 17) back packing around Malaysia, Malaysia Borneo, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia, taken many domestic and international flights between them all (mostly Air Asia) and have some how managed to not once have my carry on camera bag weighed. I am aware it happens and maybe once ignored the staff and queue at set of scales. Ive also noticed they seem to target people with those small wheeled carry on's. I always wear the backpack with booth straps and try to look relaxed wearing it hoping to give the impression thats 'theres nothing to worry about here.' The camera bag is a Lowpro protactic 450 and the big bits in it are Nikon D750 plus battery grip. Nikon 80-200 lens Tamron 15-30mm lens Tokina 100mm macro Nikon 50mm lens 13" Macbook pro 2tb Lacie HD All in weighting on the plus side of 10kg. Don't quote me on this but i am sure i read some where that laptops can be removed and not weighted as part of your carry on bag. I know ive got away with it for years but don't worry its all going to bite me in the ass one day, Ive recently brought a Sigma 150-600mm sport. This thing needs it own hold luggage. So like I am now thinking, instead of travelling lighter upgrade to one of those Peli protective cases and put some of it / all of in the hold. How did you like Borneo btw? Where did you visit?
  8. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    The snow and a new super zoom lens to test out
  9. My 3rd sale ever A stitched panorama of the active volcano Mount Sinabung on Sumatra, Indonesia. Zoomed and sold today as -Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts, or reference for artists. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.
  10. Second sale ever and the second this month. Im on a roll.
  11. Yes I saw that but I have a Nikon and using FoCal my 80-200mm has a negative setting at 80mm and positive at 200mm. Setting the adjustment half way between the 2 would be a slightly positive setting and I feel that would be counter productive to the 80mm focal length. Of course this is a problem with my lense and not the software and I do recommend it. Primes are dead easy
  12. I’ve very recently purchased the pro version. Enjoying the technical side of stuff I thought the extra cost was worth it and I do recommend the program. It certainly takes the guess work out of balancing a ruler at an angle and adjusting until your happy but it is still quite a process. I’m also a bit confused what to do with my either end of focal lengths of zooms being different setting.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out, at first glance that is disturbing, especially as 14 of the photos on that first page are mine, but click on them and they all link back to the MS site for purchase.
  14. MY FIRST EVER ALAMY SALE Only took 7 months and however many photos, but so happy to of made a start An Editorial RF sale for Personal use!! Netting me a grand total of £4.31. But why is it all displayed in $'s on my Dashboard?
  15. I'd love a Critique!

    Yes I did know copy space is important and when i remember I do keyword it in.