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  1. I'd love a Critique!

    Yes I did know copy space is important and when i remember I do keyword it in.
  2. I'd love a Critique!

    To give them a sharper look? Most of them are actually already cropped and i didn't want to push the quality too low. And my thinking the foreground shows the shallowness of the sea and danger to the surfers plus makes the photos less "just another surfer on another wave" but i guess that didn't work! lol.
  3. I'd love a Critique!

    I did actually do a search check for these photos but for "desert point lombok" and there was only 2 photos at the time. Maybe this was too specific for that many photos. Im learning and understand your point about not uploading images that wont be zoomed. Thanks for your feed back.
  4. I'd love a Critique!

    Size doesn’t always count the location is one of the worlds top surf locations and waves are of “the type I will most likely never see again.” But I agree a bigger zoom would of helped.
  5. I'd love a Critique!

    Thanks for feedback guys. I do see a common theme from it, more themes! I was kind of aware of this and have started deleting photos a while ago but have the 6 month wait. What does deleting the tags and captions first do? I’ve already deleted a fair few but just by deleting the photo!
  6. I'd love a Critique!

    I would really appreciate a critique and some feed back of photos. Im coming up to nearly 6 months and 1000 photos on Alamy and I know its a waiting game on here but ive only had 8 Click zooms and no sales so far! Would that be considered normal? I can see and understand that my mostly South East Asia travel photos are quite different from what the regulars of this forum mostly submit but please fire away with your comments so hopefully i can improve. Must point out though the travel photos are already shot (i ran out of travel money and i am back in the UK now) and the 10k loosely ear marked for Alamy are slowly being worked through.
  7. Favourite images uploaded in September 2017

    Cow Racing on the Indonesian Island of Sumarta.
  8. Let's talk about pics on Facebook

    Oh great idea I have a FB page that recently has been lacking in attention from myself, please check it out. https://www.facebook.com/PC79Photography/
  9. Namaste from England.

    Thank you for the advice Allan, it is appreciated.
  10. Namaste from England.

    Thanks for the welcome and the honest feed back. I fully agree with you, I got a better understanding of how it works a few weeks ago and have had a cull of quite a lot of images but am having to wait the 180 days delete time now. By similars i take you mean the likes of the white heron, golden retriever in the sea, field of corn and wild flowers etc etc. But what about the likes of the surfers, or Angkor Wat temples. All kind of different subjects but similar looking photos?
  11. Namaste from England.

    Thanks for the welcome guys. 1. Im busy at reading the forum and taking mental notes. 2. Is that a general comment or do see that mine need improvement?
  12. Namaste from England.

    Hello everyone. Im new to the forum but have been on Alamy for about 6 months now and have slowly uploaded 900 photos, but with zero sales and only 7 zooms so far. Ive joined the forum to try and understand Alamy better and to see if i am even heading in the right direction!! I have come in to Alamy with open eyes and understand its a slow start here and that it is considered that travel photography is over saturated, but after nearly 4 years of world travel its all I've got and I've got a lot!! Im back home now and the plan is to get whats good up on line.