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  1. Downloading sales report

    If you have excel, you can open a csv file and the re save in whatever format you want.
  2. FTP login not working:

    If you used: Host:upload.alamy.com Username: Password: Port:21 And it's not working then you'll need to contact them. J
  3. FTP login not working:

    Can you connect via the quickconnect option?
  4. Live News

    Yes, i've had it first appear with the first image and then change after a short while to a slightly stronger one. J
  5. Pseudonym

  6. Pseudonym

    Note to everyone... Let's try and get Allan's greens higher than his port too! J
  7. Pseudonym

    Ah bugger! Just when I thought I had a plan! So nobody really knows if your lower pseudos come into it? Suppose I'll just have to give it a go. (Very small port anyway) J
  8. Pseudonym

    Right OK, that confirms that I should separate and divide what I think should be separated rather than go for just a quick news vs stock sort of thing. Thanks both for your insight. As I said at the start that the most recent discussion on this I could find was back in 2014 and although that was before my time, I know a lot has changed since then so it good to have an up to date view. If anyone else has any thoughts... Cheers J
  9. Pseudonym

    OK, So I'm going to assume you have 1. Selling 2. Could do anything 3. Not That's a great help if that's the case and makes a good layout for me actually. J
  10. Pseudonym

    Hi. Just a quick question as there was a previous discussion about it before but it was back in 2014. Basically my ctr has crashed over the past few weeks. There are some key wording issues I need to address and a few reuploads of re edited images, but to start with I'm planning to move all ex news uploads to another pseudo (during a culling period). Is a pseudo for poor/underperforming images still a 'done thing'? And any further info on experience would be great if anyone could. Cheers J
  11. Free app for iptc data

    Pretty much a failure on all counts there then! I'll get my coat! J
  12. Free app for iptc data

    Actually, thinking about it, I may have paid for! it! J
  13. Free app for iptc data

    There is one called Press IPTC. It works fine on android and I'm pretty sure it's available for iPhone. J
  14. Changing re-edited images

    Brilliant, thanks for that! J
  15. Changing re-edited images

    Hi. Is there a way other than the 180day deletion route, of changing images for sale for re-edited ones? I have a number of images that look, well... awful to be honest. Regards James