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  1. Hi, Anyone else having upload errors at the moment. Or any idea what might cause this. Thanks James
  2. Betty....

    was it this post? http://discussion.alamy.com/topic/6333-my-x-t2-coming/ i was reading it the other day J
  3. News question.

    Thanks everyone for the responses... That seems to be the main factor. Why would they pay more on the news feed when they can get the same cheaper from stock. Thanks again. James
  4. News question.

    That was my understanding but the current news feed suggests differently.
  5. News question.

    Bit of a general question, but, do people 'bump' their stock onto the news feed for greater exposure when a vaguely related story hits the news. For example if you had a load of images of a particular shop and they went bust would you then put them on news even though there is the stock section full of the generic shop images?
  6. change created date

    all sorted! the wonderful people on the news desk have changed it for me. james
  7. hi, does anyone know if you can change the created date once uploaded. ive just taken news pics and had a struggle uploading due to location, and ive now realised that they are for sale with yesterdays date as i forgot to change it in lr. bit of a bugger because its taken 2hrs to upload 4 pics and its only now theyre on sale ive noticed the problem. thanks in advance if anyone can let me know (even if its bad news). James
  8. Easy Release app

    Excellent thanks. That has saved me a lot of time!
  9. Hi, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I've got limited Internet and can't search. Does Alamy accept releases from the android easy release app? Thanks in advance! James
  10. Hello

    Hi Hai Thanks for the welcome :-) James
  11. Hello

    excellent ok. Hmm... bit tricky that one. it is only mentioned officialy as 'international....' but it seems to be known as 'world...' by many people.
  12. Hello

    Hi. Yes thanks for that. Silly mistake with which ones I had selected I think. The world tag was related to "world balloon fiesta" as an alternative to international. Maybe I should have that as a three word tag (as one)? Any thoughts? Thanks for all this by the way, it's really helpful.
  13. Hello

    Ed, I couldn't agree more!
  14. Hello

    Cheers paulette, good tip!
  15. Hello

    Hi. I guess I need a few more pics on here before I get any replies. But I'm just trying to nip any problems in the bud to save time in the future. Any harsh words ae also appreciated.