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  1. Portfolio critique

    Ok cool. 1. Black and white: Although I recently had a nice b&w sale I'll safely say that it's best to keep images in colour as much as possible (unless light is absolutely terrible). The reason is quite simple: it's about flexibility for the buyer. If a client wants to go bw it's very easy but if a client wants colour, not so easy and he/she won't license your bw image. 2. Tulips: I was also at the tulip fields in the past spring. Too bad it was cloudy and your tulip pics don't show up well. In any case, they look snapshoty. I managed this shot which I'm quite proud of (even if it's never are an overdone subject). I had a bit better luck with the weather. There appears not to have been much effort to be unique. 3. Airplane pics look great. 4. Horses: I think it would be a good idea to find out which type of horse breed it is and include it in the captions/tags. Overall, I like your artistic style. You just need a lot more images and to be patient at this game. Good luck Alex
  2. Portfolio critique

    Oh captioning and tagging isn't my best suit. Would you like a critique of your portfolio?
  3. Oh yea, if you're in Kenya and shooting the animals in the wild...I'd imagine those images would do really well! Or documentary style images of war-torn places. It all depends. I recently got in touch with the director of a stock agency which specialises in only images from Africa (I won't give the name out here).
  4. Ah, that's my cue! Depends entirely where you live. @Martin Carlsson lives in Sweden and that's really expensive. I'm in Italy and costs of living are lower. Then there's the extreme low end south-east Asia where $500 a month goes a hell of a long way. Let's talk about most contributors on here who are based in Europe & North America. Is it easy to make $3,000 a month consistently? Nope, although I wouldn't say it's near impossible. I'm sure many posting on here easily make that every month. I don't make a living off stock (yet). Skip the Microstock temptation altogether, there's no decent money to be made there anymore and focus on Midstock agencies.
  5. I agree with your above list. Mine is using VSCO filters for stock photos. 9.5/10 times it's going to put off buyers. I got a harsh criticism once from a photo editor when making a sample submission to join his agency and I included many images with retro looks. I now try to keep these to a minimum. Once in a while I'll go crazy just fine art style just for fun - maybe there's a buyer out there as crazy as I am.
  6. Favourite images uploaded in September 2017

    Portugal: Praia do Guincho and Cabo da Roca, the Western-most point in continental Europe
  7. I agree. The light was way off and weird composition but seems to have checked all the boxes for the client (a brochure for a property development conference in Birmingham). Whereas my other traditional stock image of the bullring (below) hasn't been sold once. I give up trying to figure out what buyers want - best to offer different styles of similar places, I suppose.
  8. HDR / Clarity ++ hurts my eyes!
  9. Portfolio review please

    True, I pointed it out
  10. I'm on fire this week! This dutch bike was a small RF sale.
  11. Following the London authority's decision not to renew Uber's license, it's a great time for London based contributors to hit the streets and catch some of the action. Estimates have put the number of London uber drivers at 40,000 who have officially lost their jobs. Many will still carry on and this will lead to tension and perhaps violence. Methinks this is a great topic which should feature heavily in editorials for the next few months. Any thoughts and interesting angles on this breaking news?
  12. Portfolio review please
  13. Thank God for that!