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  1. Amount charged by Alamy for images

    No, Alamy have said our image was included by mistake! They generously waived their 50%commission.
  2. Amount charged by Alamy for images

    It can go lower than that. A recent PU sale here for $2.68 (even though we are opted out of PU)
  3. Personal use sale

    Unfortunately that is not the case. From what Alamy have told me, any images with restrictions are out of ALL distribution.
  4. Personal use sale

    Exactly. We are technically still opted IN to distribution but because we've put the PU restriction on all of our images they are "removed from the distribution pool".
  5. Personal use sale

    I thought that was the case but I've just checked with Alamy as I couldn't find any reference to it on the website. Their reply says: "This information is not part of our contributor help pages but it is explained under clause 11 of the contributor contract which you can find here: ‘11.2. Images which have any restrictions in place may be excluded from the distribution scheme at Alamy’s discretion.’" So as we have opted out of PU we are no longer in the distribution scheme. Confusing because on our dashboard page it says 'Distribution IN'
  6. Bottom level achieved

    Ours wasn't a distributor sale, it was NU. (and shouldn't have been) A distributor sale would most likely have netted more!!
  7. Bottom level achieved

    I agree, what's the point of opting out of price cutting schemes if this can happen anyway.
  8. Bottom level achieved

    Just had a response from Alamy - probably a 'cut and paste' reply as they called me Genevieve!! Apparently Alamy realised their error and withdrew the images but our image had already been used so they billed it as NU. I wonder how many other contributors have lost out because of this. Alamy certainly hasn't!
  9. Bottom level achieved

    I accept that fees vary wildly, we've had recent sales anything from $9 to $90. What I am not happy about is Alamy licensing an image of ours under a scheme we have opted out of.
  10. Bottom level achieved

    And someone has the image file anyway for less than $3.........
  11. Bottom level achieved

    What did Alamy do about it?
  12. Bottom level achieved

    Sale just in for $2.68. Usage is shown as 'Novel Use Scheme2' As we have been opted out of Novel Use since 2007 this should not be possible!
  13. Can't see the content in the blog

    So many problems with logging in to Alamy! Can't log in on iphone at all. (frustrating if you're away) Safari on ipad remembers my log in details but won't log me in. Just reverts to log in page again. I can log in on Chrome on my ipad but it won't remember my log in details so I have to re-enter them every time. There was a time surely, when you could stay logged in on mobile devices? Even the forum doesn't keep me logged in any more! Only my mac does this. And I can't access the net revenue page at all, on any machine.......
  14. Saïd Business School.
  15. Newspapers also licence images outside of the scheme....which means you will probably have got a slightly higher fee! We are not in the scheme either and our last sale was to the Daily Mail.