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  1. Can't see the content in the blog

    So many problems with logging in to Alamy! Can't log in on iphone at all. (frustrating if you're away) Safari on ipad remembers my log in details but won't log me in. Just reverts to log in page again. I can log in on Chrome on my ipad but it won't remember my log in details so I have to re-enter them every time. There was a time surely, when you could stay logged in on mobile devices? Even the forum doesn't keep me logged in any more! Only my mac does this. And I can't access the net revenue page at all, on any machine.......
  2. Saïd Business School.
  3. Newspapers also licence images outside of the scheme....which means you will probably have got a slightly higher fee! We are not in the scheme either and our last sale was to the Daily Mail.
  4. Odd situation with found image

    Yes, Alamy tell me they do have a relevant download for the usage by The Daily Mail. Can't see that chasing this would be worthwhile.....
  5. Just come across this reported usage from August of an image of ours. However the image online on the Daily Mail's website isn't CW0RK2. I've just done a Google image search for CW0RK2 and it appears on about 8 other news sites although I have no record of a recent sale. Is it likely that the DM initially used our image and the other sites lifted it before it was changed to a different image? I can't think of any other explanation!
  6. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    Thanks for reporting this usage.....but the image online now isn't CW0RK2.
  7. Photo Oxford Competition

    From Alamy's tweet! 'We are delighted to announce the results of the Photo Oxford Open Call 2017. Having received 1,005 entries from 357 photographers across the globe, the jury have agreed on their Top 20, which will be exhibited at OVADA as part of Photo Oxford. They are: Jocelyn Allen, Zsofi Böhm, Jessica Hoad, Matthew Finn, Karina Jacenko, Aleksei Kazantsev, Corinna Kern, Erik Klein Wolterink, Walter Lewis, John MacLean, Derek Man, Antonio Maria Storch, Francesco Merlini, Ian Murray, Paulina Otylie Surys, Tom Pope, Erin Solomons, Alison Stolwood, Dafna Talmor and Feiyi Wen.'
  8. payment method

    As far as I know your SWIFT code should have a combination of letters and numbers so the one you have entered must be wrong as it is only numbers! For example - BARCUK55 is Barclays Bank UK plus two numbers.
  9. UK distributor commission.

    Apparently they are now
  10. UK distributor commission.

  11. How was your August 2017?

    One sale in August but for nearly twice as much as 4 July sales added together!
  12. How do you decide where to go for Stock?

    The photographer in my case is a professional and has been for 40+ years!
  13. How do you decide where to go for Stock?

    9 sales locally and also sales from several places we have been for work/holiday! No, we could not live off our Alamy income....luckily we also run a successful print business that keeps us quite well. Alamy just pays towards our holidays!
  14. How do you decide where to go for Stock?

    Looking at our sales for the last year, 5 were images taken in our home studio, 1 in our garden and 3 in our need to go far!
  15. Cant login

    Signed in to Alamy about an hour ago on problem. Now I can't sign in whatever I do. successfully complete captchas but then end up back at log in page. So frustrating! ALAMY PLEASE FIX THIS!