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  1. Hi, Bridge,...I would want the keyword list in the prog though, select the image, select the keyword hit allocate, rather than hop between progs, also I want the prog ideally to also catalog my other files, CAD, Video etc. Msoft office etc. ACDSee is best contender but crazily wont indicate which folders have had content added or amended, so they say, and we all open up raw files, edit them then save etc. Portfolio did that, the need goes without saying in fact. Lightroom , if anyone can shed light on the issues I found ? my test notes say:- doesnt support bmp unfortunately, as well as not doing 'non photos'. Doesn’t indicate which folders are being shown,having all D drive folders listed when only one is (or was) looked at is confusing. Finding original file... R/C preview no options, reduce to thumbs r/c show in explorer, launches explorer but image not picked out. Colours same as Photoshop....NO, unable to see colour profile setup. Interface...Unable to see folder names and subfolders full as unable to expand side window. Just generally confusing as to everything ! What else is there to consider ? BoBman
  2. Hi, I need a new file cataloging software, that does photos and ideally also non photos for PC inc its removeable media such as Cd DVD usb HDD etc. Not £1000 a year or £70 a month but a one of 'affordable' payment, something like £100 or so. For photos I had been using Extensis Portfolio but they have stopped the program and also the server version $6000/yr wont open the standalone catalogs. user forum closed and no tech support. A very thorough kick in the teeth to users of the prog. I have photos with a need for keywording with many KW's, I want to keep my keywords in user created fields such as villages, carTypes, AircraftTypes, EmotionalTerms, peopleNames and so on as done in portfolio (customFields). Advantage being I can be aided in remembering what keyword to give by seeing it in a short list, else I have to remember the keyword before ploughing through thousands in one very long drop down list to find it. Especially useful if I wish to allocate a descriptive term such as Moody or Magical , seeing the list gives me ideas on what to tag the pic with. Reminds me of the name of someone else I have to remember the name before finding it in 1000's of keywords. Ability to search on the KW'a using multiple methods 'and 'or' 'include' 'exclude' etc. then open the image full size on screen SAME QUALITY AS ORIGINAL. What program is there that will do this, and indicate folders where content has changed and needs thumbnailing and keywording ? To also have it catalog non photos, excel files docx pdf sound files, cad files, etc etc would be good as my catalog prog for those has ceased also. BoBman
  3. Hi, all keywords were applied with Portfolio, far better than photoshop as the lists are there to pick them from. Photoshop will only allow viewing of a few pics at a time and I would imagine application of keywords one image at a time., whilst I do many. I have heard of use of Lightroom, though folk say not as comprehensive as Portfolio, but will Lightroom import the Portfolio catalogs, thumbnails and keywords ? What do I need to do to get it to show me the thumbs and the keywords of all the files already cataloged and will it create and populate with the keywords the Custom fields such as names, Car types etc that I had ? I will also not do subscription as the pricing assumes its my main player of a program and as I use many progs the concept of subs is totally crippling and financial suicide, one never owns a single byte of the prog after many years. I will if it does standalone buy that instead. Obviously Lightroom wont deal with all PC files but just raster images. Cheers BoBman
  4. Hello, I have been a user of Extensis Portfolio standalone creating thumbnails, keywording them, using its custom fields such as Location, People names, Car Type, Aircraft Type etc which help in reminding me just what the exact name was I applied last time. Now that I am contributing to Alamy I can embed these into the image before uploading to Alamy and these become Alamy tags. That aspect is important. However Extensis have discontinued Portfolio standalone, the price for Portfolio server is well beyond most individual users pockets. It still works on Win7 and 8 but there will come a time it may not, so before procedding with a vast backlog of cataloging and wishing to get away from the practice on non camera taken images, of placing the same image into different subject matter folders, duplication triplication or worse not being good practice ! I need to rethink my approach with a new program, using it on all my raster images. One prog (Phase One Media Pro SE) mentioned as an alternative is not able to embed edited metadata to JPEG or TIFF files in the same way that Portfolio was able to, so thats no good ! What is there I can use to import the Portfolio catalogs and continue to do this ? To have to re-thumbnail thousands of images and apply their keywords all over again is out of the question ! This move by Extensis is soul destroying. I am hoping to also use the same program to take over from WhereIsIt which again is discontinued, it made thumbnails of every image, vector file, video etc I had on all my removeable media and allowed me to search on folder and file names and find where a file was. These thumbs one didnt keyword by the way, it just used the file and folder names., such caused me to do the duplication etc I mentioned. The new program must allow other progs to take over should that prog go the way of Portfolio and WhereIsIt. Thumbnails and their keywords for the photo library must be able to be seen and work as before. So either a prog to just replace Portfolio or also conveniently thumbnail and catalog all my files and folders. I eagerly await your suggestions. BoBman
  5. Hi, not quite sure of that manoeuvre ! Not able to get choccies to the USA easily, probably melt as well, I'll blow you a kiss, will that do ah yes, clicking my Pseudonym opens up a world. Fascinating. Might enable me to seek out what I have yet to upload, that many peeps are searching on. Establish what bait the fish are also interested in , might be worth a try if I am after sales, plug some gaps out there etc. many thanks not forgetting the choccy substitute x ! BoBman
  6. Hi, I wasnt aware of Alamy Measures so that may well suffice., however... I see I have 77 total views but how do I find out which images were involved ? for zooms 1, I clicked on the number 1 (only been contributing a few weeks) and was shown the image. returning to that data page the 1 is no longer clickable. I also see indication of the most used search tags for all of Alamy, girl smiling for the default date it offers if I click on view to put the max number at the top, selecting a different date range, such as Aug 1st 2016 until now sees nothing happen, there is no refresh button, but after some time, it suddenly changed to show Donald Trump as max searched on. UCO is useful as one can see the most interest number of people in that tag, so e.g. Donald Trump Playing Golf has UCO 3 zoom 1 71 views. Can I just check....bit that 3 unique searchers given 71 views. Clicking on the wording Donald Trump Playing Golf shows 12 thumbnails, many of which are him nowhere near a golf course !, so how do 12thumbs constitute 71 views for 3 unique searchers ? BoBman
  7. Hello, I would like to see data of some kind on which of my images have been viewed, how many times, which were zoomed, search tags used, etc and maybe geographical location of viewer. So for one or more of these , is this possible and how ? Any further way of seeing trends, search terms used, and when, would also be useful. A means of entering a tag and seeing when its been used for example. BoBman
  8. Hello, Q1 answer. ok, wait a day to see where I erroneously applied a tag to. Q2. notepad, write down supertags for one image, deselect them, then apply as normal tag to another image, then reselect them for the source image, or just deselect the one i wish to apply, then reselect it. Now if it was that clicking on the star applied it to the recipient image as a tag and also a supertag, and on just its name as normal tag, that would be better, just as in when it first was applied to the source image. BoBman
  9. Hello. Q1 How can I find all images I have given a certain tag to ? I just used the word Ramp then found two images had maybe been selected, searching in the tab next to where it says 'filter', it finds zero results., yet I am looking at one image that has tag 'ramp'. Does the tag not go searchable for buyers or even myself until next day ? Q2. If I wish to add an existing tag to an image and that tag is a supertag for that existing image, when I select both images and click the tag it warns me I have 10/10 supertags already, I dont want it as a supertag, there is no option to just allocate it as a normal tag it seems ? BoBman
  10. Buildings, cars etc are property, something owned by someone. Q1. One could argue a field is thus property, but shots of just landscape etc without buildings and people do not need a property release form for commercial use, am I right ? Q2. What if there is e.g a dog or horse in the landscape, does that get declared as Property yes and require finding the owner to get a Property Release form signed ? Q3. Is property equipment owned by somebody and being worn by them, such as scuba gear or flying equipment ? If someone is wearing such, is the answer people 1, property yes. ? BoBman
  11. so if I say people 5+ to my 'pixel peeps' and model release no, and buyer says ' Naw, they are not identifiable, I shall use it commercially ', do I get more money from him than normal. He would have to pay Alamy for me to get paid, then they would wonder why when it says no model release. Would he declare to them he hasnt a problem with the 'no model release' and say he needs to pay extra. ? or does he decide this after paying a non commercial fee ? How would it go as such in the payment process ? BoBman
  12. Its the one with the pixel humans looking at the sunset that adds a certain extra to the shot though, thats the commercial one I feel. The one I would like to see used. Such pixel humans also add scale at times to a photo. If the choice thing was not so simple, and said any identifiable humans, then all would be well. Its the simplification of its wording that is the problem. so if something a few px tall is in shot....and needs to be there to make the shot. I am tempted to say humans 0, they might be cardboard cutouts, or edited into shot using a brush. They are not identifiable as such so 0 !!! BoBman.
  13. So should I, when it says are there people, how many,...say no ? If I say yes then it asks for model release, for which I cant say yes as no form to upload, and I dont want to say no, else I am denied commercial usage. what should I select ? BoBman
  14. I am finding my idea of a tags drop down list almost vital as I am trying to remember what tags I used, as such they would be all there. Typing out tags when entry could be a simple click, the time saving would be TREMENDOUS, One would just select and hit enter, FAST AND EFFICIENT, SAME TAGS, CONFORMITY, CONTINUITY, NO SPELLING MISTAKES... To filter them also valuable, just see those that have names, or geographical features, or colours, or emotional terms, etc A no brainer surely. Who else would like to see their tags in an easy to select way and save on hours of tagging ? BoBman.
  15. Hi, If recognition and ability to apply a name is the criteria, then this wins through. I dont think the person or mother would recognise what is a very dark brown blob atop an elongated blob atop two sticks, 47 pixels is as good as a smudge, a sensor spot. To lose all chance of commercial use on something that would defy a name being given to it, is a shame. I could in fact paint them out then paint in something the same, no one would know. It might even be this was a picture where I edited in using a paintbrush a few pixel-humans. Is that the official criteria by which to decide, ability to apply a human name or identify someones dog ? Cheers BoBman